4 Oldest Lottery Winners to Have Walked the Earth – You Still Have a Long Way to Go Before You Win the Lottery!

4 oldest lottery winners

Oldest Lottery Winners with Rock Hard Luck

So you think you should give up just because you’ve never won the lottery, is it? Sometimes I look at the number of tickets I’ve bought and I wonder if I’d ever get to bring home a nice, big jackpot, my loot to loot from, my very own pocket money… ah, the mere thought makes me tingle. But, I’ve never won a single three-digit lottery, so should I assume that winning 6 or even 7 digits are impossible? Like I always say, be positive! You might ask, “Years of playing the lottery and never a win, how can I be positive?” Well, the answer is simple my friend… Lady Luck can’t tell apart a young lottery player from an old one! So this list is dedicated to some of the oldest lottery winners to have lived their lives and even cracked the jackpot!

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Oldest Lottery Winner #1 – Nguyen Van Het

Oldest Lottery Winner #1 – Nguyen Van Het

In 2010, the world saw its first oldest lottery winner in Nguyen as he was 97 years old when he won the lottery! Originally from Vietnam, a poor peasant, Nguyen won a solid £235,000 and what he did with the cash was incredible! Being 97 years old, Nguyen admitted that he would have to spend the fortune before his stay on earth runs out! He also stated that he would have trouble spending the cash as he had been poor all his life. As soon as people found out about his win, they swarmed his place asking for money, and poor Nguyen gave a large portion of it away and banked whatever was left afterward.

Nguyen said that the ‘lucky money’ (known as Tet) that was given to him by his relatives to celebrate the Lunar New Year indeed proved lucky for him as he used 100,000 dongs (£2.50) to buy the winning lottery ticket. His neighbor stated that he had to call the local officials to stop the generous Nguyen from giving away all his money! One of the officials reported that Nguyen and his wife, before becoming rich, were receiving financial assistance from authorities because they were living below the poverty line in a small shack. So what did Nguyen buy for himself? He bought a TV, ate some meat, and finally bought a sack of rice for everyone living in the same alley as him!

Oldest Lottery Winner #2 – Omer Williamson

This chap, now deceased, won a lottery jackpot in January 1992 for a whopping $3.5 million! At that time, Fulton resident Omer was 85 years and 187 days old, thereby becoming the oldest Missouri lottery millionaire.

Oldest Lottery Winner #3 – Gracie Vera Coulson

Not very sure if she’s still around, but she surely topped the oldest lottery winner list! On the 11th December 1999, 87-year-old Gracie, who was part of a syndicate, won the lottery jackpot and shared £5,451,939 with her four syndicate members!

Oldest Lottery Winner #4 – Gloria C. MacKenzie

Oldest Lottery Winner #4 – Gloria C. MacKenzie

This 85-year-old is also a proud owner of the second-largest lottery jackpot in the history of lotteries! In 2013, Gloria took the sole ownership of a whopping $590 million Powerball jackpot, making her the second largest lottery winner of all time. Late July this year there were rumors that Gloria would be donating $2 million to a Maine school and in the same month, she bought a home worth a whopping $1.175 million! Talk about living the life of a millionaire…

Best Age to Win the Lottery?

So here are the questions that are always debatable! When’s the best time to win the lottery? When you’re still young or when you’re old and weak? I asked my fellow lottery players, and I got mixed answers, while some say old, a lot say young. Why I ask? Well, here’s what I got from one of them, “Well, see mate, if you’re young and you win the lottery, you’ve got enough time to spend the cash, enjoy your life, do the things you want to do without worrying if you’re going to survive the thrill! If I win the lottery, I’d like to go to Disney Land and ride some roller coasters… what’s the fun if I go there when I’m old? I will probably sit on the coaster, but die in the air!”

I thought that made sense, but another person quickly came up with another answer, “Hey, wait, sitting and enjoying a roller coaster is a one-time thing, what if you’re old and you have no money because you used it all in Disney Land?! I think if you win the lottery when you’re old, you die peacefully because you don’t have to worry about what to do to earn money.” That made sense too, I guess I’d like to win the lottery when I’m 35’ish, so I can enjoy a roller coaster ride and invest something for when I’m old! Case solved! Your turn, when do you think is the best time to win the lottery? Would you prefer winning when you’re young or when you’re old? Let us know because we’d love to find out!

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