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  1. Not sure what is going on but I wanted to take a look at this site and it doesn’t seem to connect any longer. Their extra, special features looked interesting especially the fact winnings are insured. The other thing was to see if the live chat was active. It could have been a good combination – if it worked.


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365lottoworld Exposed — What Makes It Different?

365LottoWorld Review

Does 365LottoWorld look familiar? It’s yet another site by Lottotech. I wonder if they sell the system in group discounts. Each of the different online lottery sites powered by Lottotech does have its own special features. This one operates in English, Spanish, Dutch and German though given it is owned by a company in Bulgaria, we wondered why no Bulgarian. They offer 17 international lotteries and a bunch of promotions and deals. Let’s go see.

Games at 365lottoworld.com

365LottoWorld offers the usual big mega lotteries including US Powerball and Mega Millions, EuroJackpot and EuroMillions. Lottery tickets can be purchased as a single play or multiple plays with increasing discounts on how long you take a subscription. There are no syndicates.

Combo Deals

365LottoWorld offers two combo deals. Lucky Europe gives a 25% discount on 3 draws of 3 lines of EuroJackpot and 5 draws of 3 lines of EuroMillions UK. There is no mention of the Millionaire’s draw. Lucky USA offers the same discount on 8 draws of 5 lines of US Mega Millions and 3 draws of 3 lines of Powerball. Both are a one-time offer.

365LottoWorld Promotions

365LottoWorld’s “Frequent Player Points” is a little confusing. Players can either “exchange them for more tickets or cash them in and use them at your convenience”. Either way they aren’t cash in the hand. There are the usual VIP levels for more a “higher degree of exclusive customer service and privileges”. They don’t say what their Welcome Bonus is and it does change occasionally “but it is always generous”. Some of the lotteries will at different times offer a free line for each one purchased. You don’t get to choose it; they do. Then there is “Multi-draw Discounts” which sounds a lot like their Combo draws. Oh – and the usual “Refer a Friend”.

Coupons & Vouchers

Okay, this is a little weird. 365LottoWorld offers freebies, discounts and bonus grants for players. Not sure what this is all about, but it sounds a bit like advertising. They have a “Vouchers” a means you can send a free ticket to friends and family including using their digital cards.

And There’s More

365LottoWorld offers a bunch of special features including Double Your Jackpot, Jackpot Guaranteed, Schedule, Subscribe, Buy-out, What Ifs and Live Bet. It looks like these are features that are accessed once you are a member. Basically, they are insured through a German company called Emirat to be able to cover these additional features and they only apply for insured tickets.

Winning at 365LottoWorld

Winnings under USD 600 or the equivalent in any other currency go straight into your account. For winnings over USD 600, 365lottoworld.com will deliver the ticket and claim form to you. Any costs for the delivery and the claim process are your responsibility. Yes, they do say they will help though not what that will entail. There is a minimum account withdrawal limit of USD 50 and though it can be made by check, wire transfer, credit card and any other manner 365lottoworld.com chooses, they will try and do it the way you want. They don’t charge a commission, but do state there could be third party costs.

Customer Service

365LottoWorld is owned by GL International NV, a company based in Bulgaria. They offer a snail mail address, Bulgarian telephone number, email address, and online form. They do have that annoying “leave a message” pop up window in the bottom left-hand corner though no indication on how soon they will get back. They also claim a “24/7 Chat Assistance” but so far we haven’t seen anyone around.

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The Bottom Line at 365lottoworld.com

It really does almost feel like they’ve thrown everything at this lottery site excluding the kitchen sink. Though they offer all kinds of special features, there is nowhere on their site that provides a real explanation of how they work. Players have to actually register to get into seeing what really goes on.


No Commission

Promotions and Bonuses

17 International Lotteries to Play


Special Features?

Go Get Your Own Winnings


Na – thumbs down for 365LottoWorld. Bouncing around the different discounts, coupons and special features, it just is all too confusing. I’ll stick to getting my tickets through one of our approved lottery providers.

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