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365Lotto Exposed — What Do You Actually Win?

365Lotto Exposed

365Lotto Review

Betting on lotteries seems to be gaining popularity. The fact that it doesn’t involve dealing with the official international lotteries does make it attractive. But, it is essential to check out any site on how it works. 365lotto.com is a betting site that offers 28 international lotteries to bet on and a combination of syndicates – and their own game of Travel Chance. Digging into the small print, things just started to get weirder and weirder.

Is TheLotter legit? And can you win a lot from it?

Games at 365lotto.com

Most international lottery games are available including the mega lotteries US Powerball & Mega Millions, EuroJackpot, and EuroMillions. Keep in mind this is betting on lotteries versus purchasing tickets through an online provider. Players can play single tickets or multiple tickets though there aren’t any discounts for playing more. The timing of the close of play for each lotto is not based on where the lotteries take place. Actually, this is kinda weird. Take US Powerball – they say it is played on Thursday and Sunday when it is played on Wednesday and Saturday. The same goes for Canada’s 649. Very strange.

365lotto Syndicates

There are a heap of different syndicate options starting with Popular 1 with 600 lines and 300 shares, 500 lines and 300 shares, and 400 lines and 300 shares. These all involve different lotteries, each with a specific amount of tickets. The buy of each syndicate varies depending on the ratio between lines and shares. 48 syndicates depending on what combination you’d like to jump into.

Winnings and Jackpots

For single-line bets, all wins including jackpots are capped at €100,000,000. For syndicates, the maximum that will be shared for any win including jackpots is €10,000,000. There is no actual information on whether 365lotto.com pays out all the tiers of the official lotteries. There is no information on what they pay.

365lotto.com and Getting Your Winnings

All winnings are deposited straight into your account. If you are withdrawing more than €2,000 (or equivalent in SEK), they will require additional verification steps as to your identity. They might do this for lower amounts also. There is a minimum withdrawal amount of SEK 200 (est USD 32). There is a charge of SEK 50 (USD 8) for each withdrawal. There is a maximum of €5,000 withdrawal for every 24 hours unless 365lotto.com authorizes it. Withdrawals can take up to 1 month to get to your bank account.

365lotto.com’s Travel Chance

There is a monthly game played on the 4th of each month. The cost is €9.90/month (SEK 99). Winners are contacted and expected to respond within 2 days, or another winner is drawn. The winner gets a travel cheque worth €2,500 (SEK 25,000) that can be used for up to two people.

Who Can Play at 365lotto.com?

Besides the fact you have to be an ‘actual person’ to play at 365lotto.com, you must be 18 years or older depending on the country you are playing from. You also cannot play from a long list of countries, so make sure you check it out before you register.

Customer Service

365lotto.com can be reached by telephone, email, and online form, Monday to Thursday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, and Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. There is a snail mail address in Curaçao. They respond fairly quickly by email. 365lotto.com is licensed by a company in Curaçao.

365 Foundation – Lotteries and Charities

10% of the first lotto purchase goes to the 365 Foundation. As 365lotto.com says, “We are working with charities and good causes across the world to make changes that improve lives, untapped hidden potential, and protect, conserve and improve our natural environment.” There are a bunch of examples on their site supporting projects in Malawi, Cameroon, Malta, and Mallorca.

Why You Should Register with 365lotto


28 International Lotteries to Bet On

Good Response by Email from Customer Service

Interesting Syndicate Combinations

Why You Shouldn’t Register with 365lotto


What Do I Win?

Caps on Winning Jackpots

Caps on Daily Account Withdrawals

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Is 365Lotto Legit?

This site is just a little too weird. This is a betting site for international lotteries, but there is nowhere they describe what a player wins. The only reference is the fact that there is a cap on winning any jackpot.

This site gets a thumbs down. It’s just a little too weird with no real information on what players actually win!

  1. They call you and sell you an “account” where you pay 40€ via invoice that they send you at home and 20€ to keep your account and to be included in some raffles. When you want to close your account it’s pretty much impossible. They don’t have “self-exclusion” on their site and if you want to opt out from the site due to gambling problems or any other reasons, you need to send them proof before they do so.

    Under no circumstances sign up for this casino. They are not following proper methods what comes to closing your account, they will send you invoices to your house and they charge 20€ even if you don’t use the site. You have been warned!


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