3 Most Romantic Lotteries Worldwide! Yeah, Folks, You’ve Heard That Right

3 Most Romantic Lotteries Worldwide

Let’s Bring Some Romance to the Lottery

Love and romance have a strong influence in every individual’s life. In the modern age holidays like Valentine’s Day celebrate love and the passion we have for our SOs. Some say it’s just a marketing stunt to change the habits of the consumers and to force them to spend a small fortune to show their love. However, I tend to disagree with this way of showing love only one day of the year. I love my wife and I love her every day of the year. So what about lotteries? Has this notion of romance affected certain lottery providers in some way? Regardless what they will turn out to be you should give them a try, at least for Valentine’s Day.

In glory and defeat, in good and in bad love the partner as they deserve it. You never know what the future holds. Let’s take a look at what the top romantic lotteries that can make your honeymoon worthy of remembering. Some of these stories may have a bitter ending, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a slight touch of romance.

EuroMillions – Europe’s Most Generous Lottery with Highest Jackpots

What’s Powerball for Americans is EuroMillions for our neighbors over the ocean. EuroMillions has two weekly draws taking place on Tuesdays and Fridays. The place where the magic happens is none other but Paris. The city of lights and one of the most desired destinations for newly wed couples, but for married couples as well. Virtually all lottery winners have at some point in time visited this arguably capital of love. Romance has two ends. On the one side, there’s the jolly experience full with pleasant emotions and unforgettable moments. On the other hand, there are the disappointments. Despite these mixed emotions can be overwhelming, we should keep a cool head at all times.

EuroMillions turned a father of two into a millionaire. John Gill said goodbye to 2015 with a £2 lottery ticket for the EuroMillions Mega Friday draw on Christmas. Lo and behold, he won the £1m jackpot. Today he lives as any lottery winner should. John enjoys his fortune with his beloved wife Patricia. The funny thing is it was her idea to buy that ticket, John only executed it. Who said that romantic things happen only on Valentine’s Day? However, it takes two to love. Their love brought them a million pounds, that’s it.

Camelot – Romeo and Juliet is a Romantic Story, a Tragic One

Not all romantic stories have a happy ending. Think of Romeo and Juliet coming from the city of Verona. Yes, that’s Verona, not Venice. If you’ve visited Venice and you think you’ve visited the home town of the most famous couple that ended badly, you were wrong. So, what’s the matter with a sad, romantic lottery?

Well, to be frank, the lottery operator did not do wrong. It just wasn’t meant to be, I guess. How would you feel if you’d find out your numbers are the winning ones? You’ll be thrilled, right? Now, how would you feel if you find out that although your numbers just won, the ticket wasn’t processed and is not in the system? Most likely you’ll be devastated. This actually happened to a couple from Fleetwood, Lancashire. This story is about Edwina and David Nylan. 3 days before Christmas Edwina bought a ticket with a mobile app. Here’s the catch. When you buy a ticket online you actually receive a confirmation e-mail. She states she can’t remember if she received a notification or not. Nevertheless, they’re left with empty hands. Since it’s a tech problem the villain is difficult to identify. At the moment they’re trying to settle with Camelot. Hopefully, the tables will turn and Edwina and David will be able to enjoy in carefree with their grandchildren. Personally, I don’t know what’s worse. To think that you’ve won the lottery, but you actually didn’t buy the ticket or to forever not get into this kind of situation. I feel like the latter is way more devastating.

British National Lottery – One’s Fortune is Another One’s Misery

Do you have that one ex that you think deserves to feel regret? Like, you did everything you could, but that person was just not feeling it. So they decided to move on and see if the grass is greener elsewhere. Well, this grass just got whole lot greener. A few years ago a young couple, Grant Robinson broke up with a soon to be daughter of the record breaking jackpot winners.

That’s right, miracles do happen. Carol and David won a whopping £33m, that’s a little over $40m. Can you imagine the face expression of Grant at the moment he found about this? He got mocked so hard he had to admit his regret. His ex-girlfriend was living across the world, down under in Australia while he’s in Canada for the time being. You don’t have to be together to create some fun and somewhat romantic moments. Who knows? Maybe one day they will get together. For the time being Grant is probably the unluckiest ex-boyfriend in the whole world. Whatever the reason for their break up is their story must be put in this category of romantic lotteries. Note she’s their only daughter.

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