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Nick Silver
Tue, 4-Dec-2012 14:40
post thumbnail – A Big Thumbs Up! is an online lottery ticket website that allows players internationally to take part in lotteries all over the world from the comfort of their homes. In first opening their site, this looks good, really good. Okay – that made me suspicious. Scammers generally polish their sites. Looking deeper, these guys look for real.
By the way, Wintrillions is one of our Trusted Lottery Ticket Sellers.

What does offer? does not sell lottery tickets directly to the player but works as an intermediary between the players and lottery companies. You pick your numbers and they get your tickets and winnings for you. What makes them different from some other online lottery facilitators is they send scanned copies of your lottery tickets via email. It’s a nice feeling to be actually holding your ticket when the draw occurs! I can see it – I win! I win!

Games! Games! Games! offers a wide range of lottery games to play. Access to almost all the biggest and most popular world lotteries are on their site. From the comfort of their homes, lottery players can play US Mega Millions, US Powerball, SuperLotto Plus, SuperEnaLotto, EuroMillions, EuroJackpot, Oz Lotto, Mega-Sena, UK Thunderball and much more!

How to Buy a Ticket from operates like most online lottery sites. You have to register an account, top it up with cash, pick the lottery you want to play and pick your numbers. agents physically go to a certified lottery agent and purchases the ticket for you. Your name is printed on the ticket to confirm that you are indeed the owner.

The game is linked into nine languages though it looks like these are different sites that are affiliates and not itself.

Spending and Getting Your Money at uses a 256-bit cipher SSl encryption for all financial transactions so you can deposit and withdraw funds to/from your account with confidence. This ensures your account is safe and out of the reach of hackers. Load Your Account

Major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard and American Express are supported by the site. Debit cards and E- Wallet options such as Skrill, Neteller, Click2Pay and WebMoney can be used.

Customer Support at offers an extensive FAQ as well email, online form and live chat. Their Live Chat is business hours GMT-3 though you might have to queue to get a response. The guy I actually talked to said he was in Uruguay! I particularly like their Lottery Scams area under their Help. I hadn’t seen this before.

Lottery players also have the option of subscribing to get online lottery tips, promotions and the newsletter delivered to their email’s Site did a great job at creating a simple yet user friendly website. It is colorful with a professional layout. Okay – I love green! Makes me think of money! It is easy to navigate through the site. Players can get quick information about online lottery games like the jackpot prize on offer and the time left to be able to play.

Hang on – Who is

The site was established in 2005  and is fully owned by Ledonford Ltd, an Internet messenger company.

Promotions, Bonuses and Extra Stuff has a whole bunch of bonuses and promotions. There is a page specifically dedicated to listing these.There are no permanent promotions on the site therefore players should frequently visit check out the latest options. In addition to this, all purchases at earns lottery players lotto points. The lotto points you accumulate can later be redeemed for lottery tickets or subscriptions. Players can also use the site’s referral program for free tickets. Each referral will earn a player free lottery tickets. Check out Wintrillions deal of the day promotion page and the Vip lottery Promotion. Complaints

All popular websites that offer lotteries online will have people that gripe and bitch especially if they don’t win regularly. is no exception. But most of the complaints seem to be some confusion between and [] and involves a lot of griping in Spanish. is linked through their languages list so maybe not all their affiliates play on the same page!

The Bottom Line at

This site looks and feels professional. Information is easy to access and the games are all internationally renown lotteries. I like that they offer a scanned copy of your ticket. I did ask the question on how this is done. Before they send it to you, they put your name on it. This definitely does provide confidence on who owns the lottery ticket!

pros Secure (256-Bit Encryption)
pros Available in nine different languages
pros Allows US Citizens to play
pros Powered by Custom Software
pros Many lottery games available
pros Good Customer Support including live chat
cons Live Chat is only available during business hours
cons Deciding which game to play first
cons Automatic syndicate renewal (thanks, David)


Our team gives them a thumbs up though it would be good to get the eight other languages options investigated!
Stay for a while and check out our Amazing Lottery Promotions page.
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Hello everyone, my name is Nick and you can find me on Google+. I am a founder and a primary author of the Here we are exposing online lottery agents, software and syndicates. Only on our site you will find a real truth about the lottery. Playing lottery is in my veins, writing about it makes most of my time. My life motto is: “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.” So start doing and stop dreaming!

10 Responses to Exposed

  1. user avatar Julian :

    You mention : “I’ve bought lottery tickets in many countries and I have never seen any ticket that provides an option to put a name on it.” …

    Actually I think this is quite incorrect, as most (if not all) lottery tickets I’ve purchased (mostly in the UK) actually expect you to sign and print your name on the back of the ticket. (And I’d imagine all tickets would/should provide this function). It’s actually what proves that the ticket is in fact your own. (Otherwise anyone can basically just pick it up, sign it, and just say it’s theirs.) – So yeah, you’re supposed to name & sign your lotto tickets.

    • user avatar Nick Silver :

      Julian – you are correct when it comes time to cash your tickets but the actual ticket isn’t printed with your name on it at site. I like that does it. Thanks for the feedback! Nick

  2. user avatar dennis chaquette :


    I have been using Wintrillions for a few months and they are getting worse and worse.

    Now I am lucky to get my scanned ticket before the draw, on the last draw it was sent 3 hours AFTER the draw, with no ‘property of….’ typed over the top, like they usually do.

    this could have been any random ticket that didn’t match a single number because it was emailed/posted hours AFTER the draw.

    For all I know, they kept my winning ticket for themselves, cashed in and emailed/posted a losing ticket to me.

  3. user avatar Cassanova :

    Nick I am glad your here man. I live in a state that don’t have a lottos. So what do I do. I join I have had no problems. And I have had many small wins. People must realize even if your state have a lotto they don’t have’em all.
    The only way I am going to get my hands on 150 million is with the lotto not ObammaCare.

  4. user avatar Cassanova :

    Hi here is a tip about syndicates. I have played them many time over the years, and won. 15 50 and 75 cents. Let say the win is big $500 and split 100 ways= $5.00. Well you can thanks but will you get a cigar?

  5. user avatar david :

    There’s a key point that you and, unforgivably, Wintrillions don’t mention.
    If you enter a syndicate, it automatically renews!!
    This detail does not appear to me to be mentioned in the FAQs nor “How it works” sections of the site (it is however buried in the terms and conditions) so realistically the first you’ll know about it is when you get the email telling you it has been renewed.
    Two things that make this worse – 1. It auto-renews even if you have not stored any payment details in your account (it seems to just charge it to the payment method you used to first enter the syndicate) and 2. I can’t find any details anywhere on the website that explains how to unsubscribe meaning you have to contact their support service, which means cancelling is not in your control.
    This is really really bad practice in an industry with a dubious reputation. This drives a coach and horses through Wintrillions trying to position themselves as trustworthy and IMO is a hairs breath away from scamming.
    It would be great if you could check the above out, but I’m pretty sure what I say above is true (obviously I have just checked the site, hence my comment)

  6. user avatar david :

    Sorry to spam comments – happy for you to remove this if you wish.
    However, I forgot to say that details on how to cancel are not included in the section where you can review your subscriptions i.e you can review what you have subscribed to but there’s no way on that page of canceling them or details of how to cancel them. Again really poor practice.

  7. user avatar Pablo T. Ortiga :

    Is legitimate?

    • user avatar Daisy Morgan :

      Pablo, have you read our review? Approved = legitimate. Daisy

  8. user avatar Daphne Foster :

    I spoke to a gentleman a few days ago who was asking me to play. I refused and told him I have retired and live on the state pension. I now find I have been bought lottery tickets. No price has been given and money seems to have been taken off my credit card. Unless this is refunded to-day I will advise my bank and their fraud department what is going on.


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