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24Lottos Exposed — Something a Little Different!

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24Lottos Review

It was a breath of fresh air to go into 24Lottos.com and see something different. This is an online lottery provider that offers players eleven international lotteries. Moving around their site is straightforward and it’s easy to find information. Even the “Lottery News” is updated on a regular basis. So, is it as good as it looks?

Games at 24Lottos.com

The 24 in the name does not refer to how many lotteries there are at 24Lottos. This online lottery provider has eleven of the international games and yes, they include the big boys of US Powerball and Euro Millions. It’s great as they allow players to purchase single tickets. Players choose their ticket lines or use the “iForecast” which is a quick pick button. There are no discounts, subscriptions or multi-draw plays. Their customer service did say that subscriptions will be “coming soon”. There are also no syndicates.

So What Is Different?

Clicking on the “play” button parallel to the name of the lotto, a ticket card appears immediately below. Pick your numbers and hit “play” again and your ticket line appears under “Confirm your Tickets”. Add additional lottery tickets and they appear on this list. I like this as it’s clear what your numbers are and what you are purchasing. Click on a lottery that is closed (too close to the draw) and a “Sorry, Unavailable” message comes up. Again, I like the clarity and the fact that my numbers aren’t simply rolled into the next draw.

24Lottos and Winning

Winnings will be credited directly to your account with no commission taken. There is no info on how quickly this happens. If you do get that mega lottery win, you have 15 days to decide whether you want it into your account or to make alternative arrangements for where it should go. 24Lottos will process the paperwork/claim form and then they receive a check in your name. The alternative is that they will open a US bank account in your name. Not sure about that one. Plus, any 3rd party costs in getting your winnings will be charged back to you. Again, not sure about that one. If you have to claim the prize yourself, you have to go to their office and get the ticket. Does that mean going to the UK or a local office where the ticket was purchased?

One Other Cute Feature

Looking at 24Lottos.com, all lotteries are shown in the currency that they operate, but underneath those figures are the amounts in the currency where you are. We haven’t seen that one before. In the terms and conditions, all purchases are processed in US dollars though you can use a credit card in any currency.

Getting in Touch with 24 Lottos

I was a little annoyed when I checked out their telephone number and it doesn’t work. Then again, this is a new site. Players do get an immediate confirmation that any questions sent my email has been received. They did respond to our email in less than 24 hours and the info was direct and to the point – yes, answered the question. Customer service is available 9:00 am to 4:00 pm GMT. 24Lottos.com is owned by Maxton Ltd, registered in the UK with a UK snail mail address.

The Bottom Line at 24 Lottos.com

It was a nice experience to see an original site versus the usual clones. It’s clear and straightforward and the team particularly liked the way the ticket process occurs. Players see immediately what they are buying without having to go to check out. We also liked the fact the news is current which means someone is there paying attention.


No Commission

Ticket Purchase Summary

Single Ticket Purchase


No Subscriptions or Multiple Draw

No Syndicates

Telephone Number Doesn’t Work

The site gets a thumbs up which we normally wouldn’t do because of the phone number, but the confirmation by email that they received our questions was good. We’ll have to check back and see what they add next.

Overall rating for 24Lottos.com: Great 4.9 from 0-5
Based on 11 reviews