Winning $100 Million Sucks! Learn Why

Winning $100 Million

You Can Never Have Too Much Money

Winning the lottery is a life-changing experience. Unfortunately, what many past lottery winners have found out the hard way is that the life-changing experience isn’t always a positive one. Sure, we all dream of winning the lottery and dwell on what we’d do with all the money and all the people that we’d help (well at least hopefully you think about what you’d do for other people with the money). But what about the other side?

There are hundreds of stories about the once simple lives of past lottery winners and how everything changed the day they became a millionaire. People you barely knew become your best friend overnight (for obvious reasons) and people that were once friends become hound dogs, begging you to help them out. It’s an incredibly stressful process no matter how you look at it.

You probably think that I’m an idiot. You’re thinking, ‘Look at this dumbass, he’s claiming that winning the lottery would be stressful, what a f**kin moron.’ Well, let me take this craziness even a little bit further. I would much rather win $1 million; then I would win $100 million. Yep, I said it, and here’s why:

You’ll Lose, And Gain Friends in Herds

Winning $100 million will most likely mean two things. First, you’ll probably lose a lot of friends that you were once close with simply because your friendship has become about the fact that you’ve won $100 million. They no longer care about that time in high school that you and your buddy pranked the principal and almost got expelled. There’s an automatic expectation from them that they’ll be taken care of financially and that immediately puts your friendship in a different light.

Secondly, you’re going to have all kinds of people jumping out of the woodworks to see if they can get a bite of the change. The guy that was your high school quarterback that you haven’t talked to in ten years, yea, he’ll be giving you a call to ‘congratulate’ you. That guy that’s your aunt’s mom’s dad’s kid, yea he’ll call too to claim the two of you are blood and that you owe him.

Winning a million dollars would be life-changing, but it probably wouldn’t put you in a position to make any extremely drastic changes in your life. People will talk about you, and in ten years they’ll probably still give you the, ‘hey you’re the guy that won the million dollars a few years ago aren’t you?’, but most people will understand that a million dollars aren’t enough to start giving away thousands of dollars left and right. It’s enough to go on one helluva vacation, buy a new house and start your own business but it’s not going to ruffle too many feathers.

You’ll Spend Too Much, Too Quickly

I’m sure you’re thinking right now that you’re different than all those people that won the lottery and let it ruin their life. You ‘know’ how to handle your financial situation and you wouldn’t let it get out of hand. Your friends and family are ‘different’, and they wouldn’t just be after your money. There’s a good chance that that’s what they thought too. Hell, I’m guilty of thinking the same thing.

If you win a million dollars, your first reaction probably isn’t going to be to go out and spend a fourth of it on something stupid like a Lamborghini. Your first reaction will likely instead be, ‘sweet; I can finally pay off my mortgage and credit card bills.’ A million dollars is a lot of money, don’t get me wrong, but you’ll be in a much safer spending mindset with it than if you were to win $100 million.

Simplicity Will Be Out The Window

Winning $100 million is going to change the simple world that you once lived in completely. Going to your favorite breakfast joint every Saturday morning to shoot the shit with a few buddies? Well, good luck striking up a conversation about anything other than your money at this point. Everybody is going to know who you are and everybody is going to want a piece of the pie.

Your life turns into the life of a celebrity literally overnight and your privacy while out in public is no longer possible. Think that would be awesome? Well, ask a celebrity how awesome it is not to be able to communicate with regular everyday people in a normal way. There’s a reason celebrities fall into a depression so often and get lost in a world that isn’t made for everyone.

Listen, I know that most of you just read this and thought that it might’ve been the dumbest thing you’ve ever heard. You can’t wait to go and comment how much of an idiot this guy is that just claimed he’d rather win $1 Million than $100 Million. You can’t wait to have that discussion with your friends about how you would know how to handle that money because you wouldn’t be stupid with it.

Well, I hope you comment that I’m an idiot and I hope you have that conversation with your friends, but I’m standing by my claim.

Winning $1 Million would be much better than winning $100 Million. Winning $1 Million would be much better than winning $100 Million. Yea, see, I’m still in the process of convincing myself that my claim makes any sense at all. Anyways, play the lottery right now (I mean right this second, I know you got the urge) so I can have a few case studies for my claim.

  1. If this is the case, you either need to find new friends or suck it up. Do you know how to say ‘no’? Why do you even have to tell them? 100 million dollars is enough to fake a business or start a new life. Or you can tell them you won less than you did, like I won 2 million dollars or 1.5mil. You need some help.

  2. What a ridiculous article. If you’re that much of a pussy that you’ve filled your life with shallow people who are capable of suddenly switching from true friendship to money hungry gold digger in a blink of an eye, then you don’t deserve $100 let alone $100m. Can’t exercise self control? Then give $99m away to those less fortunate. Or setup a trust to do some good elsewhere that means you won’t be tempted and do not have easy access to the funds.

  3. Is this a joke? These are all extremely petty “problems”. All you would need is a little self control. I would do almost anything to not have to worry about paying bills and surviving anymore.


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