Why Alexa?


Alexa – Who is She?

Alexa is an Internet statistic engine that was created 15 years ago. It watches old and new websites and ranks them based on how relevant they are and how many visitors they attract every day.

Those who use Alexa do so because they need a set of reliable tools to decide which websites are popular and which claim to be so without actual proof.

Alexa monitors traffic on websites. It’s one of the most accurate indicators in determining the popularity of a site – and if it’s not popular then it’s time to start asking questions. Keep in mind, this is not the only mechanism LottoExposed.com takes into a consideration for analyzing an online lottery or lottery provider.

What Makes Alexa So Good

Alexa’s interface is user-friendly and the charts are easy to read, so pretty much anyone can understand the information available. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know which websites are popular and you can even narrow down the search to particular countries or niches.

Other factors are also taken into consideration, including statistics on pages viewed. This is important as it tells us how many visitors simply leave after seeing the home page and how many continue to look at other pages including how much time they spend there.

Why does Lottoexposed.com Count on Alexa

Part of the research LottoExposed.com does in investigating online providers for lotteries is their statistics and popularity. It’s just one factor in a plethora of information that is gathered – but an important one.

Alexa provides us with relevant and reliable information on all of the lottery vendors listed at LottoExposed.com and several others that haven’t yet made it to our list. We keep one eye open to all companies that might offer online lottery services as well different lotteries available around the world.

It’s our job to investigate online lottery services and present the information in a format that makes it easy for you to understand. Alexa helps us do this professionally.