Watch Out When You Buying Lottery Tickets. Here’s Why. AMAZING.

Buying lottery tickets with risk

What Was It?

When it comes to winning the lottery, we generally expect large amounts of money and all of our financial burdens to disappear. While that is the case for some, Marilyn McDaniel won a different kind of lottery while purchasing a lottery ticket from a vending machine at her local Farmers Food Basket in Chicago, Illinois in April.

Whether it was Lady Luck, Divine Intervention, or sheer coincidence—Marilyn could have been killed if she had not moved away the exact moment she did.

As you see in the video, the very moment that Marilyn steps away from the lottery machine, a truck drives through the window of the store and pins Marilyn between the wall and the ATM.

Luck Be the Lady

Abed Zayyad, the store’s manager, told WGN-TV that if Marilyn hadn’t stepped away from the counter to see what the noise was outside, she might not have survived.

She heard screeching tires outside, and that is the moment the truck went through the store and pinned her between the ATM and the wall. People rushed to her aid to lift the ATM off of her.

Woman escapes death while purchasing lottery ticketsChicago woman narrowly escapes death

Footage from the store’s surveillance cameras shows that before looking out the window, she was checking out her lottery tickets.

Marilyn only sustained a broken leg and a small gash on her leg. She wasn’t the only one who escaped death because the manager left his post behind the counter a few minutes before the crash to help a customer.

The truck was said to have sideswiped two other vehicles before slamming into the store. The driver sustained no injuries but has received a different kind of a ticket—one that carries a hefty fine rather than a payout.

Lotteries + Accidents = Statistics!

Whoever said you had to win money to win the lottery never met Frane Selak—another lottery player who cheated death. Although he escaped death an astounding seven times throughout his life before he won a million dollars in the lottery.

In 2004, 73-year old Carl Atwood from Elwood, Indiana won $73,450 in an Indiana lottery game that was taped for television. Merely hours after he won, he was hit by a truck when he was walking to the grocery store at night. Unfortunately, Mr. Atwood didn’t survive the accident.

Chances of dying on the way to buy lottery tickets

Perhaps that statistic is accurate? Or at the very least you are likely to be involved in some accident before you will win the lottery. It’s a scary thought, isn’t it?

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