Unemployed Lottery Winners: When Job Hunting Turns Out Better Than Ever Expected. This Is Unbelievable!

Unemployed lottery winners

Looking for a Job? Buy a Lottery Ticket Instead

Less than 12 months ago, Margaret Loughrey went out to find a job at the local job center. When she left the center, she stopped and purchased a EuroMillions lottery ticket. This particular ticket was a winner, thus turning Margaret into a multi-million dollar winner overnight.

How much did she win? Oh, just a measly £26,863,588.20. She isn’t hard-pressed for money or a job anymore.

When she was asked, Margaret revealed that she didn’t have immediate plans for the winnings, but she does want to “make a lot of people happy,” but does not intend on leaving her hometown.

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Margaret said to the Mirror: “I left the house on Tuesday because I heard there was a job advertised and I wanted to apply for it.

“So I went to the Jobcentre and printed out the job application before going to Supervalu.

“I can’t always afford to do the Euromillions, but I had a couple of extra pounds in my purse, and just on the spur of the moment I did a Lucky Dip.”

Margaret Loughrey - unemployed lottery winner

Down and Out Locksmith Turned Millionaire

Margaret isn’t the only unemployed person who has won the lottery. In Maryland, Rodriquez DaCosta bought a PowerBall ticket and won a second-tier prize amounting to $1 million. Not too bad for a former locksmith.

At the time he purchased his ticket, DaCosta had lost his job earlier in the year and also lost his apartment. Because of this, he had been staying with his friends in Elkton, Maryland. He decided to purchase a ticket at the Happy 40 Liquor store.

When he talked about his plans for the winnings, DaCosta intended on using his winnings ($650,000 after taxes) to pay off bills, go on a vacation, and then enroll in a technical school or community college to study computer sciences. He also intends on setting up a retirement fund and living off the interest.

Rodriquez DaCosta - umployed lottery winner

Goodbye, 16 Years of Employment—Hello Millions!

Massoud Ardalan purchased a winning lottery ticket in March last year and won an astounding $33 million in the SuperLotto Plus jackpot.

Ardalan had been out of work since November 2012, when he was laid off from a company to which he dedicated 16 years of his life to. When Ardalan decided he was craving pumpkin seeds, he hopped in his vehicle and drove to the Heather Farm Shell Gas Station on Ygnacio Valley Road in Walnut Creek, California.

His winning ticket was the only winning ticket, and if they were to choose the payout, they would get $23.8 before taxes. There is no word on what the couple plans to do with the winnings.

Massoud Ardalan - unemployed lottery winner

Questions For You

What would you do if you were unemployed and won the lottery? Would you take this opportunity to rethink your career? Or would you say screw it and never go back to work?

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