Top 6 Fastest-Growing Lotteries in the World. Put Them in Your Priority List.

Top 6 Fastest-Growing Lotteries in the World

There are thousands of various lotteries in the world, but only a handful of them actually reach worldwide fame. By fastest-growing lotteries, I mean lotteries with jackpots that increase the fastest. These should be on your priority list. However, they do attract a lot of attention and there’s a very good reason for that. A lot of players are in the race to win the all desired jackpots. Sadly, you might have to split the amount with several lottery players. Regardless, the amounts come in 8+ digits. Even if you share it, it doesn’t mean you care about them. Sharing is not caring when it comes to the lottery.

So, let’s take a look at the fastest-growing lotteries!

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Powerball is without a doubt the most popular lottery in the whole world. Furthermore, it’s the lottery with the fastest-growing jackpot. Once the jackpot reaches the half-a-billion threshold, the number of players that actually play Powerball grows rapidly. This increases the jackpot that much. I’m playing Powerball because I hope that I’m a one-hit-wonder lottery player. That one major jackpot that half the world wishes for can be mine, at least, I can hope as long as I play.

It has a long history. A lot of players have become rich, and wealthy, just because of Powerball. You ain’t a lottery player if you haven’t played Powerball. Moreover, you can’t be a lottery player if you don’t play Powerball.

EuroMillions is Europe’s equivalent of the Powerball. It’s the most played, most rewarding lottery grounds in Europe. If you happen to be a player from the EU, you must’ve heard about it. Otherwise, if you’re from the US for instance, consider participating in it. Why? Well, you know how I say that eventually, your numbers will be the winning ones. In order to win a big prize that’s worthy of pursuing you need to play a lottery that always comes with a juicy jackpot. By juicy jackpot, I mean at least $20m. So once your moment comes, you will become a multimillionaire, even after taxes!

Unlike Powerball, EuroMillions has a relatively short history. Despite being on the market for a while, EuroMillions has hit the news spotlight on multiple occasions.

Mega Millions – Powerball’s Little Brother

Well, If you haven’t heard of Mega Millions, you’re not a real lottery player. Mega Millions is the pillar of the lottery in the US. It takes only a matter of a couple of draws for the jackpot to reach 8-digit amounts. And that’s what we want as lottery players, right?

Mega Millions has risen as the 2nd most popular lottery in the US and among the top 5 in the world. It has grown rapidly over the course of its existence. There’s nothing not to like about it. We expect it to grow even further. With the surge of lottery players joining the lottery every day, the share of the jackpots gets smaller and smaller. You better start playing Mega Millions as soon as possible if you’re not already.

The Florida Lottery – A Jewel with Appreciating Value

Although it’s a state lottery with a presence only in the US, the Florida Lottery is placed on our list because of its recent exponential growth. Most of the revenue that’s generated is reinvested in local projects, yet there are enough funds to keep the jackpots beyond the digit count. It’s surprising that a state lottery manages to attract so much attention, both from lottery players and common people. Yes, lottery players are special, at least in our eyes. It’s been in operation for 28 years. However, the most prosperous period is currently ongoing. No one knows what its peak is going to be.

Regardless, I recommend you give it a shot. If you like it, good for you. If you don’t, well then, you can take it off your mind. The Florida Lottery is the reason for 1,800 millionaires. You can become part of this big millionaire family. All you need to do is buy a lottery ticket for the upcoming Florida Lottery draw.

EuroJackpot – It Looks Promising, and It Is Rewarding

Here’s yet another lottery that comes from Europe. It’s the EuroJackpot! You can consider it as the equivalent of Mega Millions of Europeans. It’s become part of the top 10 biggest lotteries in the world. Due to the rise in popularity of the lottery in general, it’s also on the rise. It’s definitely one of the fastest-growing lotteries in Europe. If I were to speak the numbers you’d be just confused. But, believe me when I say that this lottery has the potential to become the main rival of Powerball on a global scale. Europe is not as fond of the lottery as the US, but they’re getting there.

It’s a modern, still-evolving lottery with rules that change on a regular basis with the objective to stay competitive, not just in the EU, but globally.

Delaware Lottery – Yet Another Great US Lottery

Although it’s the smallest out of all lotteries I already went through it deserves a spot. The Delaware Lottery is on the right course to become yet another great US lottery. The prizes may be modest, but the number of players who are taking part in it keeps on growing. All it needs is a bit of polishing in the budgeting department and it can become an amazing lottery. Despite these changes not being implemented, it’s an eye-catcher.

It doesn’t revolve solely around lotto players. Instead, it brings a whole range of games that you will find entertaining and rewarding. You can play it online or if you’re located in Delaware, buy tickets in the local retail shop.

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