The US Powerball Will Soon Change Forever! Are You Curious?

The US Powerball Will Soon Change Forever!

Prepare for a Big Change!

The US Powerball lottery is one of the most popular games among lottery players. The marketing team behind it does a great job as it gets plenty of widespread publicity, and many people know about it, even those who aren’t avid players.

For those of us who do play the lottery frequently, we are familiar with how the game works. However, those loyal players are about to get a surprise from the New York Gaming Commission, something that will alter the way Powerball is played.

Announcing a New Set of US Powerball Rules

Early in July, the Commission announced a rules tweak which will increase the overall jackpot that can be won. The best part? Eventually this jackpot could reach $1 billion! Can you imagine how that could change your life?

On the flip side, the US Powerball rule change reduces your overall chances of winning. Before the rule change, a player had just about a 1 in 175,223,510 chance of winning. After this rule change, players have approximately a 1 in 292,201,338 chance.

So, how does the new Powerball game work? Currently, players choose from two fields of numbers: 59 in the first line, and 35 in the second. After the rules change, players will choose from 69 numbers in the first field and only 26 numbers in the second field.

The US Powerball rule change goes into effect in early October.

How Will the Rule Change Effect My Game?

Even though your odds of winning the big jackpot are lessened, your overall chance of winning any prize is increased with the US Powerball rule change! Before the change, your chance of winning any prize was 1 in 32. After this change, your chances improve to 1 in 25. This seems like a pretty good excuse to get in the game if you haven’t yet! This fact also means your chances of doubling your initial investment from $2 to $4. Even if you aren’t feeling the Powerball after buying one ticket, it is likely you can make a quick buck to reinvest in your lottery playing.

Using the Rule Change to Your Advantage

So, what is the best way to take advantage of this rule change? Since your overall chances of winning are greater, if you have the money, it would be good to buy a higher number of tickets. Not only will it bring you closer to winning the big jackpot, but it will also increase the odds of bringing in a minor win for extra cash!

Why Change the Rules?

I wonder why the Gaming Commission decided to make these changes. I believe they are trying to spread the wealth a little and lessen any inequality amongst players. Perhaps it is a stint to increase ticket sales, as more people can win prizes, thus bringing more interest to the game.

Don’t Lose Hope!

Do not ever be disheartened by these odds. Many loyal Powerball players are pretty unfazed by the US Powerball rule change. After all, when you win, the odds don’t matter in the long run. Even if you have never played the Powerball before, the increased odds of winning any prize can be a great boost to your confidence. Be sure to browse our site for tips to improve your lottery playing and discover all the games out there.

Remember, those who don’t play can’t win.

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