Fit for Success, Riding on Luck: The Strategy of Winning the Lottery

Strategy of winning the lottery

Decoding Your Lucky Lotto Numbers

What is your strategy in picking lottery numbers? Do you use the same old numbers week after week, thinking, “They gotta hit eventually!” Or do you take the easy street and go the “Quick Pick” route? What if I told you there is a science to picking the numbers that are right for you?
It’s called Numerology – part science, part mystical-powers-beyond-your-control.

I See Dead Numbers

I’m using a cliché from a movie to get your attention—sue me. What I’m talking about here are those numbers you keep seeing on a weekly, daily, or even hourly basis—I like to call them Mystery Numbers. For instance, a friend of mine says she sees the numbers one thousand twenty-three all the time. She will look at the clock and there it is—10:23 a.m., or a bus drives by and it’s bus line “1023” en route to Disneyland. The number I see frequently is one thousand two hundred thirty-four, and it truly is something I’m not looking for; it just seems to capture my attention when I least expect it. Now, my favorite number is 8; it was my jersey number playing baseball as a kid, and I was born in August— the 8th month of the year.

Finding Your Chi with Numerology

So I’m a geek—it rhymes. Some say that it’s a game of chance, but I say, why not use everything in your power to pick the right numbers that fit you. Numerology is one way to feel good about the numbers you select. It can be daunting to stare at the long list of numbers on a Lotto ticket and pick the winners. For me, certain numbers I’d never think to choose, like forty-seven or thirty-nine, or the lonely fifty-one. The science of numerology may guide you to discover that the numbers you blow right by on your game card could very well be the right fit for you. In my search for the meaning of numbers, I’ve learned that my life number is four, which was a surprise to me since I always favored eight. However, it takes two fours to make eight—interesting! What pecked my interest was that my life number is one of the numbers in my so-called mystery numbers I see all the time—one thousand two hundred thirty-four.

Having Fun with Numbers

Here is what I did with my numerology number – I took my mystery numbers along with my life number and turned them into my Lotto numbers. I selected one-four-twelve-twenty-three-forty-three and selected thirty-four as my Powerball number. For giggles, I then selected the next number group using eight within my mystery numbers: four-eight-twelve-twenty-three-forty-three and eighteen. I can report that as of the date of this writing, I have yet to hit it big. That’s OK because it’s a heck of a lot more fun to pick your numbers than to fill the Quick Pick dot. By the way, feel free to use my numbers, but if we win, you’ll have me, and Numerology to thank!

History Can Be Fun, Too, If You Enjoy Counting Sheep

So, with all that awesomeness out of the way. (Sorry, was that too fuzzy?) Allow me, myself, and I to catapult you into a brief (hopefully) history lesson on where this ancient concept originated. We can thank our Egyptian and Babylonian friends for being one of the first people to stumble upon this hypocrisy all those millenniums ago. And, yes, if you know anything about anything, they were the ones who developed the Chaldean System, with a little assist from the Hebrews. Hebrews. Here’s more: Greek philosopher Pythagoras (590 BC. Yes, that guy. The guy whom your high school geometry instructor nailed into your head. The same guy who captured fame and glory in the Olympics. The same guy who created a school / secret society of sorts named “Semi-Circle” whose central focus was on the study of mathematics, astronomy, and music for the sake of sanity.) In case you haven’t fallen asleep yet, the students of Semi-Circle had to go through an extensive period of some five years without the utterance of a word or any noise whatsoever so they could deepen their concentration and faith, like monks but darker. A lot darker, but still. See, Pythagoras looked not to solve primary principles behind mathematics itself. His vision was broader. Pythagoras felt the universe could be expressed through numbers. It should be made clear, he never once took credit for inventing numerology, but his theories and contributions to it brought it to a higher level of thought.

Yadda. Yadda. Yadda. All you need to know is black magic sucks but can be useful, I guess. I mean, its concepts have been used to access once forbidden information and predict the future. I hope you feel safe walking around now, knowing some sorcerer could tap into your private self and tell you things you don’t even know yet. To me, that is fine so long as he or she can guarantee me a quarter of a billion dollars and a half as a tip.

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