The Lottery Meets Casino Gaming – What Do They Have In Common?

The Lottery Meets Casino Gaming

Before I dwell into the details, I  must come in clean. I’m strictly into a lottery. I’ve tried playing casino games before, but I realized that’s just not my thing, from the very 1st minute. I don’t know, maybe you will find it amusing. Regardless, certainly, some of your friends have called you a “gambler”, just because you’re into a lottery. To be frank, you’re not a gambler, you’re a player, a lottery player.

Now I can jump into the details. Let’s take a look at what they have in common, and how they differ. You’ll be surprised by the similarities, but there are also quite a lot of differences that, to be honest, give the lottery a clear edge.

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The Lottery Works Differently than Casino Gaming

Well, duh! But, how? Well, first and foremost, the systems are different. Casino gaming is based on a random number generator. The outcome of all virtual casino games is determined by a simple random number generator. If the random number generator is not on your side, you can’t win in the long run. Most importantly, these random number generators work in the favor of the casino operator. Yes, the prizes come in more often, but you also place more bets. It’s like a vortex for money.

On the other hand, the outcome of the lottery is determined strictly by chance. It’s all in nature’s power. In other words, it’s natural! Each number combination has the same odds of becoming the winning one. If you’re an experienced lottery player you know this is not the case. It takes skill and knowledge to come up with a number combination that actually has a chance of becoming the winning one.

Casino Gaming Can Make You Poor Overnight – Lottery Can’t

I’m 100% positive that you know of a person that’s ruined their life because they’ve had gambling issues. Yes, issues, you got that right. Casinos are made, designed to take your attention, to make you forget about time. Have you ever seen a casino with a clock on the wall? No, that’s because the gambler must not be aware of how much time he/she has spent on the casino’s premises. The authorities are struggling with the control of casinos and the protection of casino players.

You have to be really, truly out of your mind to spend a whole fortune on lottery tickets. The lottery community is different than the casino one. The latter values alcohol, and hedonism, whereas the lottery is all about excitement, dedication, and long-term benefits.

Casino Action Is in the Moment – The Lottery Takes Days

I think this one’s pretty straightforward. For example, if you start playing some of the infamous video slots that are available both in bricks and mortar casinos and in online casinos, the beeping sounds, and the dazzling, mesmerizing animations can put you in a state of trance. You place a bet of say $1, you spin the reels, and you get your outcome. If you lose, you just lost $1 in a matter of seconds. Say you make 10 spins with $1 bets, you lose $10 in a matter of seconds as well. Let’s say that you want to play for 2 hours. Considering that you will win a couple of times, you’re going to bet at least $2,000, you’re going to win $1,500 on average. That’s $500 in losses over the course of 2 hours.

Playing the lottery takes more time, instead of money. This is one of the reasons why I prefer the lottery over casino gaming. With $500 you can play the lottery for weeks and still be excited, and thrilled. Not to mention the fact that you can actually become a multimillionaire.

The Returns and the Entry Costs Differ Greatly

It all comes down to this. To take part in the lottery it takes only a few dollars, usually $1 or $2. If you want to take part in the bonus features you might have to pay an additional $0.50. On the other hand, let’s consider roulette or blackjack. The prize you can win is based on the bet you place. For example, you bought a $1 lottery ticket. You can still win the 1st prize of a couple of million of dollars, whereas with roulette or blackjack you’re capped. Say you bet on a number on the roulette wheel, the prize will be multiplied by 36 only.

Casino gaming puts a lot of limits and rules and it takes serious computation if you want to have an edge. Note, you can’t be at an advantage if you’re playing a virtual casino game, you simply can’t. The system, the game is programmed to make the house wins. Yes, the lottery operator makes a profit as well, but not to that extent.

The Lottery Can Turn You into a Multimillionaire Over Life – Casino Can Do the Same, But in A Different Way

Lastly, yes, both can turn you into a multimillionaire, but in two different ways. By playing the lottery you can become a millionaire after a few years of playing. When that magic moment comes, your life will turn upside down. You’ve spent thousands of hours trying to come up with an approach, with a set of number combinations that will win you the much-desired jackpot. You’ve spent thousands of dollars playing it. You’ve won a large share of that money back. But this was your Sistine Chapel.

Playing casino games can also turn you into a multimillionaire if you are a billionaire. Otherwise, I’m sorry to say this, but you can’t beat the house. If you want to win casino games, you should open your own casino.

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