The Lottery and the Martingale System – Can They Go Hand in Hand?

The Lottery and the Martingale System

Before the introduction of the lottery as we know it today, thrill seekers enjoyed other games of chance, primarily roulette. It originated in France, in the 18th century, and ever since, players have been enchanted by it. How to overcome the probability factor? Great mathematicians have made their contribution to this cause. And so, the Martingale system was created. Whenever lottery players hear the terms system and strategy, they get their hopes up. I was excited about it as well, but after I did my research, I knew this wasn’t what I was looking for.

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What Is Martingale System?

I think I gave you the proper introductions. It comes from France and it was designed, and tailor-made for roulette players. The Martingale system works best with large volumes of quantity, and an infinite budget, but there’s also another rather important factor, which literally takes the system off the table in regards to the lottery. You have to know the probability of a given outcome.

In roulette, common folk assumes that the chances of hitting Red are 50%. However, if you do the math, the chances are in fact a little over 46%. Furthermore, if you’re playing American Roulette, the chances are even lower, due to the presence of the double zero. This is the main reason why you cannot apply it when you’re devising a lottery approach.

However, not all is gray. There is a silver lining. Then again, it’s not the brightest “silver” lining I’ve seen. Nevertheless, before I give you my final verdict and advice on how you can apply the Martingale system to your lottery play, let’s learn more about the system itself.

Designed for Roulette, But It Proves to be Useful Elsewhere As Well

The Martingale sees a lot of attention in other areas, it’s not limited to entertainment and gaming only. People have made attempts to apply it in investing, science, and social sciences as well. You see, it all started with roulette, but if you take the basic principle, and apply it elsewhere, it can work, but not as well as it does if you were to play roulette.

This basic principle I just mentioned, is the only thing we can use to win the lottery. It’s not the best idea, but it can be the refreshment you needed to get one step closer to the jackpot. Keep in mind, the Martingale system requires an infinite budget. That’s the assumption when you put it to the test. When you’re going to apply in the real world, in practice, things will get rough eventually.

I tried this a couple of weeks ago and got the results I expected to get. However, it worked because it crossed paths with another, easy-to-understand tip, many lottery players have told you about. I’m pretty sure you know about it as well.

Can the Martingale System Be Applied to the Lottery?

The short answer is: Partially. The Martingale system states that you should double your bet when you lose. For example, you bought 5 lottery tickets for the last draw, and you lost. In practice, there are two outcomes, even in the lottery. You either win, or lose, that’s 50/50, but in some strange world. You are going to lose more often than not. However, for the purpose of finding the only way how you can apply the Martingale system in the lottery, this has to be it. After all, this system was initially designed for roulette. I have to give it some leeway.

So, where was I? If you lose, you double the number of lottery tickets. 5 tickets become 10, 10 tickets become 20, 20 tickets become 40, and so on. As you can see, eventually you will need an infinite budget.

I’ve said it many times before. The more lottery tickets you buy, the higher your odds of winning become. It’s a straightforward reality that’s easy to grasp. However, should you buy more lottery tickets with the same combinations? If we were to copy and paste the system, you should simply copy the numbers and get more tickets with the same lottery number combinations. Then again, this is the lottery, and I will recommend coming up with more, new lottery numbers.

The Advantages of Playing the Lottery with the Martingale Strategy

As I view it, you know where you’re going. Lottery players who apply an existing strategy, and who fail to win, can blame it on the system. Once that’s settled, the player usually goes to the next thing. Now, the Martingale has potential, even in the world of lottery players, but it’s an undeniable fact that it needs more work. I wish some top-notch mathematician could come up with a reworked, revamped Martingale System that’s going to work as it should, even when used for lottery purposes.

Another advantage, at least, as I see it, is that you’re headed in a direction. You have the hope it takes to win the lottery. Basically, any system that comes your way deserves a shot. You never know what it takes to win the lottery, at least in your case. That’s why it’s better to try than to live in suspicion, wondering if you ever could’ve won if you only gave it a shot.

The Flaws of the Martingale System

Playing the lottery with the Martingale system costs a lot of money! In fact, if you were to start playing the lottery at this very moment, following the Martingale strategy, you will be definitely breaking the bank. In addition to this rather big requirement, Martingale calls for a different rule set. By this, I mean it does not target the specific needs a lottery player has.

In all honesty, the flaws outweigh the advantages it has. You have to be a big-time lottery winner, who has already accumulated a big lottery budget. It’s necessary. If we lived in a perfect world, where the costs of playing the lottery were way lower than they’re now, then the Martingale would definitely sound like a good idea.

As I mentioned earlier, it needs more work. Maybe some additional guidelines, additional rules that can clear the water further, so you know where to fish for the lottery prizes. I imagine frequent lottery numbers are a good start. Betting on them showing up sounds promising. A few more of this kind and the Martingale might become the best lottery system there ever was.

Should You Devise a Martingale Approach for Lottery?

I cannot recommend it, but if you want to test it, do it cautiously. I’ve seen many players in the past, who have gotten carried away by the enthusiasm. The beauty of the Martingale is that the prizes always come, eventually. The price that you have to pay, and believe me, you will pay it, is a large investment. If you’re in the game long enough, with steadily increasing numbers of lottery tickets, the profits are inevitable.

I will definitely give it another month-long run. That’s almost 10 draws, which will get me to almost 1,000 tickets per draw. I know the stakes are high, but I already went in too deep to pull back now.

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