The Crazy Life of the Transgender Taxi Driver and Lottery Winner Melissa Ede

Melissa Ede Exposed

Do you have a curious obsession with lottery winners? Welcome to the club! If so, you know that the most unusual of people can become millionaires in the most unusual of circumstances. The story of Melissa Ede is the absolute proof of these claims.

Who is Hull Lottery Winner Melissa Ede?

Before becoming a lottery millionaire, the transgender Melissa Ede worked as a taxi driver.

Her life changed in January 2018. Melissa was on her way to work on December 30, 2017 when she decided to get a scratch lottery ticket. She bought a GameStore by Blue National Lottery ticket just to test her luck. Little did she know that destiny had finally called to turn her life around.

The 57-year-old said that her life story was truly unbelievable – a confirmation of the fact that real life is often much, much stranger than fiction.

Melissa Ede was born a biological male and she fathered four children before making the decision to transition in 2011. The family is currently estranged. According to one of Melissa’s sons, he was seven when she decided to walk out of their lives.

While Melissa’s children blame her for the breakup of the family, she has a different story. The lottery winner said that her former wife left the family and the relationship ended because of infidelity.

At the same time, Melissa reports that none of the family drama has anything to do with her transition.

Yep, the story is interesting, but it’s definitely the most exciting one on the face of the planet. The information that Melissa has revealed after becoming a millionaire, however, is a whole lot juicier.

Lottery Winner Melissa Ede

What Will Melissa Do with the Money?

Melissa Ede participated in an extensive press conference during which she told the world some curious things that she planned to do with the millions.

For a start, Melissa is currently planning a wedding with her girlfriend who popped the question some time ago. She also plans to dedicate some of the money on fixing her teeth. The winner has already changed her hair and she has gone on a shopping spree to “rival [the] Kardashian clan” (her words, not ours).

Interested in fashion, Melissa is looking forward to eventually developing her own fashion brand. She’s dreaming big – making her own clothes and even perfumes. According to Melissa, she has a lot of following on social media. Her followers are the ones pushing her to pursue a fashion career.

The list of wishes, however, doesn’t end here.

For Melissa, an autobiography could also be in the making. She said that her life was curious enough to warrant the creation of a book. Melissa even imagines her rags to riches story being turned into a movie. Who would be the person playing her character? Well, it couldn’t be anyone else apart from Lady Gaga, of course!

According to Melissa, she has already been contacted by producers curious enough in her life story. Some of the rumors circulating also state she may be working on her own reality series. It does seem that life is currently treating Melissa pretty well!

Controversy, Controversy, Controversy!

Melissa Ede & Too Fat to Work

Did you think that Melissa Ede’s story would end without controversy? Not a chance! Shortly after her major win was announced, Melissa became involved in a rather controversial story that hit headlines across the UK.

Have you ever heard about Too Fat to Work? It is a documentary focusing on the people relying on benefits due to the fact that they can’t find work (in relationship with obesity). Too Fat to Work documentary participant Stephen Beer apparently knows Melissa and there were even rumors in the past that the two have had an affair.

Beer created a media bomb by saying that Melissa had promised to give him 11,000 pounds for gastric band surgery in the event of winning the lottery. Melissa has denied making any such promise.

Recently, Melissa has become famous with her Facebook videos. Needless to say, she used the social media to address the controversy and share her side of the story.

The video that has been seen more than 11,000 times already states that Melissa hasn’t made Stephen financial assistance promises. Instead, Melissa offers Stephen food supplements as an option for getting his weight under control.

After winning the lottery, Melissa announced that payback time had come for her close friends and the people that remained by her side over the years. This announcement prompted Stephen to make a Twitter post about the alleged promise of financial assistance that Melissa had made.

The local community expressed its support for Melissa in this story. Many people have also gone to Facebook, posting lengthy opinions about Melissa’s right to spend the money as she pleases. Some of the posters have even expressed explicit anger with Stephen’s plea for surgery money. Stephen has been called both greedy and lazy by Melissa’s supporters. Most have also said that the money belongs to Melissa and she is the one to decide about its fate.

So this is the story of Melissa Ede – a transgender cap driver who has said that money is not the answer to everything. Still, her life will now be transformed due to the power of money. And while some people may be trying to get easy cash out of her, becoming a quick millionaire is definitely a positive experience. We will now be waiting for Melissa’s movie and Lady Gaga in the main role.

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