The Biggest Loser Among the Lottery Winners — The Mistakes They Did Will Drop Your Jaw!

The biggest loser among the lottery winners

If Money Can Bring Joy, Does It Kick out Common Sense?

Who doesn’t love the thrill that comes jam-packed with becoming a millionaire? Everyone does – we all want to be lottery winners, but can we all be lottery winners? Nope, unfortunately and sadly, no we can’t, because if we could, and if it was so easy – we’d all own cars enough to jam the traffic for months! In the history of the lottery, there have been many, many winners – some of whom have won staggering amounts of dollars. Where are they now? Are they in business? Have then completely changed the way they think about their lives and the lives of others? The problem is that with money comes a trust issue – probably the biggest drawback of becoming a millionaire.

The other problem of becoming a millionaire is that you no longer know what to do with your life. Let me explain, before you win the lottery you have dreams, lists of things you want to buy, places you want to visit, but as soon as you take home that big fat check things change – sometimes for the worst. But what’s the use of winning the lottery if we make mistakes that even a dumb person questions our sanity? It’s true that the joy of suddenly becoming a millionaire can blind your brain temporarily; does it also affect your common sense? Well, presenting to you, the biggest loser among the lottery winners. The question, “Does money kick out common sense?” begs your answer!

Jack Whittaker – $315 million

What’s probably one of the most popular places a rich man would go? The strip club, yes dude. Now in 2002, a shocking incident happened to a Mr. Jack Whittaker, a rich beyond dreams person. Now he wasn’t poor before he won the Powerball lottery for a whopping $315 million, but when he won, he lost his marbles. He lost most of his money at strip clubs, a loner at heart I presume. Anyway, Jack was having a wonderful time dropping large amounts of cash on strip dancers at a strip club, and this attracted unwanted attention to him.

One day, while going to his favorite strip club, Whittaker was found carrying a suitcase of a solid $545,000 ‘because he could’ and stupidly left it in his car. The thieves broke in and instantly became rich! The strip club managers also drugged him in an attempt to steal his suitcase loaded with cash. Leaving suitcase in the car? Really?

The Biggest Loser Among the Lottery Winners – Jack Whittaker

Billie Bob Harrell Jr. – $31 million

In 1997, Billie won a jaw-dropping $31 million and invested the money for the betterment of his family’s lives. Just like any millionaire, Billie made lots of purchases like houses, cars, investments, donations, and other luxury items, but soon his spending habits increased. He bought bigger houses, bigger cars, branded stuff – he no longer had a limit to what he could spend. In less than two years he was broke, which led to his unfortunate suicide. If money can buy joy, it’s not worth it if your life is at stake…

Lottery loser - Billie Bob Harrell Jr.

William “Bud” Post III – $16.2 million

Earlier in this article, I told you about some problems lottery winners face – the trust issue. You can’t trust anyone, even those who are very close to you. In 1998 William won $16.2 million in a lottery, but as soon as his brother found out, he hired a hitman to execute William and his wife so that the evil brother to enjoy the winnings himself. Although the hitman didn’t succeed, William suffered from the curse of the lottery (a curse where money can’t buy you happiness) and sadly died in 2006. What happened to the money? Before he died, he declared for bankruptcy because he had invested in a business that didn’t work as planned. What about the brother who hired the hitman? For all we know, he was arrested and sent to count the bars…

Lottery loser - William “Bud” Post III

Michael Carroll – $15 million

I’ve never come across such a story, I tell you. What a way to waste money I say. When you win the lottery, what is it that you will do? Buy a house, maybe a car, profitable investments and so on and so on… but what does this guy do? Demolition derby parties for his new cars – that’s what. Michael had bigger plans for his $15 million that he won in 2002. For those who don’t know what demolition derby party is, let me put it in one word, it is “stupid.” There I said it. To elaborate ‘stupid’ a demolition derby party is a ‘sport’ where drivers smash their cars into one another. You know, like toddlers play cars with each other? Same way.

In the end, there’s one car left running and nothing else but smashed parts of other dead cars all around the place. Michael loved buying cars to host and play the demolition derby parties, and what’s more, he wasted some money on drugs and women. He has seen some jail time in his life too… The Lady Luck showered money on Michael probably so he could lead a better life, but when he started smashing things around and spending like no one’s business, soon she took it all away. The once big deal was soon too broke to be bothered.

Lottery loser - Michael Carroll


Okay, so who do you think deserves the title of the biggest loser among the lottery winners? I’d hate to say Michael Carroll, but that’s the truth. He could have saved the money, used it more carefully. He took it for granted and ended up broke – totally penniless. Is that why you win the lottery? So you can live your life for a few months and end up broke? Well, it looks like for these guys, it was just a treat from the Lady Luck… this was their opportunity, but they screwed it. A lesson to be learned for those who win lotteries – keep your common sense from running out!

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