Sometimes Beginners Really DO Have All the Luck. Amazing!

First time lottery players

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Have you ever watched the news broadcast and you see some lucky schmuck on the television hold that massive check? They have just won the lottery and, surprise, surprise; it was their first time playing no less! It is enough to make your blood boil, is it not it? You are a faithful lottery player, and you have put in your share of the jackpot—it should be your time to win something.

Unfortunately, that is not how the lotto works; however, would not it be great if it were? Those who are new to the game should not be able to win the huge jackpots, and those who have played faithfully day in and day out should have a leg up on the newbies.

Ah… It is nice to dream, right? These following winners are probably glad that the lottery does not work that way either!

Meet the $90 Million Powerball Winner

Lisa Quam - the first time lottery player

A woman in Seattle, Washington won the Powerball jackpot on December 4, 2014. Lisa Quam and her husband, both first-time players, purchased their lottery tickets on Thanksgiving and stuck the tickets on the refrigerator so they could be checked on the Sunday after the drawing. When she learned she won, of course, she was ecstatic.

As of right now, she has not decided how she would collect the winnings—a lump sum of $56.8 million or in 30 installments.

$5 Turns into $5 Million

Mi Hyun Moon - the first time lottery player

Back in November of 2009, Mi Hyun Moon went into a deli in Queens to get five dollars’ worth of change. Instead of the change, she walked out with five million dollars!

When she was visiting friends, Moon purchased her very first lottery ticket on a whim, and she won the large jackpot. The longtime resident of Queens forgot to check her ticket until four days passed after the initial drawing.

Moon decided to take a lump sum payout, which equates to $1.8 million after taxes.

Screw Scratch Offs, Get PowerBall!

Skylar Uhren - the first time lottery player

Lady Luck surely loves first timers, as a woman in Blair County, Pennsylvania won $1 million, while playing Powerball for the first time. Skylar Uhren initially wanted to play a few scratch-off tickets, but her friends convinced her to pick up five Powerball tickets instead.

I hope that Skylar took her friends out for a lovely lunch after she received her winnings! If it were not for them, she might not have won anything!

Woman Wins $100k with First Ticket

Jamiela Hardrick - the first time lottery player

In September of 2014, a 21-year old woman in Greensboro, North Carolina purchased a Mega Bucks scratch-off ticket. To her surprise, Lady Luck was on her side, and she won an incredible sum of $100,000—$69,200 after taxes.

When she was asked what she was going to do with the money; she said that she would use the winnings to attend nursing school.

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