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Numbers to Pick: 7/39
Days of Draw: Tues., Fri.
Average Price: 80,00 Din ($0.7)
Odds of Winning: 1 in 15,380,937

Serbia Loto Exposed — Can Tickets Be Purchased Online?

Serbia Loto Exposed

Serbia Loto Review

Serbia has given the world a lot more than beautiful women and the most delicious grilled meat on the face of the planet (although these are achievements one could never underestimate). As far as lottery enthusiasts are concerned, Serbia is the motherland of several cool games. Loto is one of them and the focus of today’s article.

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Serbia Loto: Introduction

Loto is a more or less standard game that has one cool benefit – its 7 out of 39 format. The smaller pool and the bigger number of digits that players can choose both determine the odds to be much more favorable than in standard national games that feature the 6/49 format, for example.

According to its official presentation, Loto is the most popular game in the portfolio of Drzavna Lutrija Srbije (Serbian National Lottery). The fact that 50 percent of proceeds are used to pay out prizes to players could be one of the reasons why.

How to Play Loto Serbia?

Loto Serbia is easy to play. All that you have to do is choose your 7 favorite numbers from a pool of 39 and mark them on a ticket. The cost of a single entry is 70 Serbian dinars or approximately 0.7 USD. The drawings take place on Tuesday and Friday and are broadcast live on television.

Other than the main drawing, there are two additional opportunities that come with Loto – Loto Plus and Joker.

If you want to activate Loto Plus, you have to mark the option on the ticket. It will cost you 10 additional dinars per combination. Joker is another add-on game that can be activated for an additional payment of 20 dinars.

Loto Plus is the newest game in the portfolio of the Serbian National Lottery. It was introduced in 2011. There is a separate Plus drawing that can produce a top prize (there aren’t lower prize tiers with the Loto Plus drawing). The game comes with a minimum guaranteed top prize of 10 million dinars that can potentially increase in the absence of a winner.

Joker was introduced in 2009. The Joker combination is a six-digit number that allows for the winning of an additional prize. The guaranteed minimum Joker prize is one million dinars.

Prizes and Odds

To win the jackpot, a player will have to match the 7 numbers drawn on a respective day. The odds of this happening are 1 in 15,380,937. The game comes with a minimum guaranteed jackpot of 35 million dinars (0.37 million USD).

One of the biggest jackpots drawn recently was 4.4 million euros. The jackpot fell in December 2017 and the lucky ticket was bought in the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina.

A massive jackpot has already been won in 2018. A player had bought a Loto and a Loto Plus ticket for approximately eight euros. The amount that they won as a result of a combined prize from both games was 1.75 million euros.

Apart from the jackpot, Loto has four additional prize tiers. Players who match 6 digits will get 25 percent of the prize fund distributed among themselves. The same applies to those who match 5 numbers. Since more people are likely to get such a numerical combination right, the individual prizes are obviously going to be lower.

Can You Play Serbia Loto Online?

You can buy Serbia Loto tickets online if you are a Serbian resident. The lottery’s official website features a convenient ticket-buying option.

If you are an international player, however, you cannot play Serbia Loto online. There aren’t lottery agents that carry the game at the time. You’ll have to be in Serbia, in which case you can get your Loto ticket from an authorized retail venue.

Some Information for Serbia Loto Winners

Players have 60 days from the date of the drawing to collect their Loto prizes.

Keep in mind that lottery players in Serbia have to pay an income tax on larger lottery prizes. The non-taxable amount changes each year, which is why you may want to talk to a lawyer or an accountant about the prize. The non-taxable amount is subtracted from the sum won and the player has to pay a 20 percent income tax on the remaining amount.

International players should keep in mind that after paying taxes in Serbia, they may eventually have to pay an income tax in their country of origin, as well.

The Bottom Line at Serbia Loto

Serbia’s Loto itself is pretty simple and straightforward. Some people will like this fact, while others will not. What matters is that Loto is completely legitimate and safe to play.

If this is a lottery you are considering, keep the following list of advantages in mind:

Why You Should Play Serbia Loto


A national lottery that has a long and well-established history

Two drawings take place per week

Ticket prices are very low

There’s a minimum guaranteed jackpot that will roll over in the case of no winner

There are two additional games – Loto Plus and Joker

Loto has 5 prize tiers

The odds of winning the jackpot are much more favorable than what other national lotteries have to offer

Serbian citizens can buy Loto tickets online

The shortcomings don’t really have to do with the game itself. Rather, here are some of the ways in which Loto misses the mark:

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Why You Shouldn’t Play Serbia Loto


International players cannot buy tickets online

The lower prize tiers aren’t that impressive

There’s a 20 percent income tax that applies to larger prizes in Serbia

The minimum guaranteed jackpot isn’t that high and you may have to wait for several rollovers before playing

Is Serbia Loto Legit?

Being the country’s most popular lottery game, Serbia Loto is in no way a scam.

Serbia has had a national lottery entity since the 19th century. At the time, the results were presented in the national newspaper and the prizes were commodities. It was not unheard of for someone to win a horse, a cart, or a watch with jewels on it.

Following World War I, the lottery returned in a renewed form. All the capital generated through the system was destroyed during World War II. A revival of lottery games was experienced in Yugoslavia, under the reign of Tito. An electric drum was purchased for the drawings. The number of people interested in the lottery grew a lot in the 1960s and the number of drawings increased. In 1966, the interest was so profound that a weekly lottery drawing started taking place.

Today, Loto is as popular as ever. Luckily, the name of the official game hasn’t been used by scammers. If you are in Serbia, you can confidently give it a try without worrying about being defrauded.

Serbia Loto is easy, legitimate, fun, and cheap. What more could you want from a lottery? Together with Loto Plus and Joker, it does provide some pretty great ways to test your luck and win some cash.

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