Sentenced Rapist Won a £2.5M Jackpot with Fake Lottery Ticket

Sentenced Rapist Won a £2.5M Jackpot with Fake Lottery Ticket

Over the past two decades, I’ve witnessed on many occasions how a jackpot finds its rightful owner. However, fortune is a mysterious lad, few have learned her ways. A couple of months ago, one case in particular caught the attention of the lottery community, but by the general public as well. This case takes us in the United Kingdom.

Before I jump to the details, I have to be straight with you. The lottery is a great game, and I love playing it. I compete with a huge number of players, and one tough to beat the natural law of uncertainty. What’s my opinion on a rapist winning the jackpot? I think that this kind of people shouldn’t be allowed to play the lottery.

Edward Putman – 51 Year Old Fake Lottery Winner

Edward Putman, a jackpot winner who won the lottery in 2009 is now accused of claiming a £2.5m jackpot providing a fake lottery ticket. This sure isn’t the first case when a lottery player attempted to scam a lottery operator. However, this is probably the only scammer who got away with it. That being said, it’s been 7 years since, when he claimed the lump sum prize. Ever since then, he has enjoyed his real estate of roughly £1.2m and a whole line of racing cars.

Back in 2009 the public was furious because the jackpot went to a notorious rapist, a person who has wounded his neighbor and an individual with a rather bad reputation in his home town. This person managed to trick the system and take away a prize many players had dreamed of.

Edward made attempts to remain anonymous, but he failed, mainly because he was a sentenced rapist, not just accused.

New Allegations – It was an Inside Job

I totally agree with this one. Putman couldn’t have pulled this stunt all alone. He must’ve had help from the inside. There must’ve been a person working in Camelot, which validated the ticket so he can run away with his scam and the dear £2.5m. It’s difficult to bring the co-conspirator to light because many of the people who worked at Camelot at that time have moved on to other positions, other companies. Many don’t like to cooperate; they simply don’t want to get involved in this mess. Eventually, the one who helped Putman to get the prize will be found, although the current situation leads me to believe otherwise.

If say Edward didn’t attract so much “heat” because of his sentence from almost a decade ago, he would’ve run away clean. Fortunately, people are envious. I guess this is the first time I’ve said this. The public prying eyes have since then looked for a way to dismantle him from the title “jackpot winner”.

Camelot Has Not Received a Single Penny from Putman

Although the accusations have gone public and Mr. Putman is aware of them, he hasn’t paid back a single penny to the operator Camelot. In addition, Edward has remained silent. I’d be silent if I were him.

As it turns out, Camelot has no evidence to support this allegation that Edward has provided a fake lottery ticket. Why was Edward Putman accused of providing a fake lottery ticket?

There was a whistleblower that remained anonymous. These accusations are based solely on the whistleblower’s statement. Until no additional concrete, physical proof can be brought to light, Edward Putman is in a safe place, enjoying the benefits of the £2.5m jackpot.

To be honest, if he hadn’t raped that 17 year old girl back in the 90s, I’d totally support him! He found a way to crack the lottery, although by employing unethical means.

Spirits from the Past – Edward Was Sentenced to 7 Years in Prison

It’s safe to say that the only pitfall of Edward Putman is his act which took place in the 90s. Besides that, he is a lottery jackpot winner, one way or another. The spirits from his past put him in an unenviable position, made him publicly criticized for winning the jackpot. Several years later, he’s accused for another borderline criminal deed. I’m not sure on what the law says about providing a fake lottery ticket. However, I think that this is all Camelot’s faults. After all, it was they who failed to catch Putman in the act. Their security systems failed to deliver.

Considering the fact that Putman claimed the jackpot only days before the 180 day expiration period, he was sure nobody was going to argue that he’s not the rightful winner of the jackpot. However, I’m not sure that this was his idea. I think that the inside man/woman he had was the creator of this scheme. Putman just doesn’t seem like a guy who can come up with such a devious plan.

Camelot Has Since Improved Its Security Systems

With the objective to not allow something similar happening, Camelot has undertaken many activities which should result in it having improved security systems. I don’t think that anyone will come forward with another fake lottery ticket and try to scam any lottery operator on the ground in the UK. Their US counterparts are safe because they’ve always put in a great deal of effort and resources to ensure that the operations are run smoothly. Bear in mind, this was not a management mistake.

This scheme worked because the employees in Camelot trusted each other. Regardless of who came up with the idea, both Putman and the co-conspirator from the inside did a great job, sadly.

The authorities are reassuring the lottery community and the general public that they will come to the bottom of this case. It’s doubtful whether they’ll remain true to their words.

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