Remembering the Iowa Lottery Hack – Everything You Need to Know About This Latest Scam. This Is Unbelievable.

Iowa Lottery Hack

The Iowa Lottery Hack – An Overview

Mid-April 2015 a brain-wrecking hack surfaced in the world of lottery and it has been circulating the web under the term “Iowa Lottery Hack”. It has been reported that a 51-year-old Iowa lottery worker called Eddie Raymond Tipton was accused of manipulating the lottery system in order to win a whopping $14.3 million (!). Residing in Norwalk, Iowa this Iowa lottery worker was first charged with 2 felony counts of fraud and arrested in January for illegally playing the Iowa lottery and insisting his friend collect his prize, but this time he used a complicated system to guarantee a win for himself.

A Self Destructing Hack Program

According to officials, the Iowa lottery worker tampered with security cameras in the building so that he would not be caught installing a self-destructive hack program. He wanted to make sure that the Random Number Generator selected the numbers he picked for the December 2010 draw. According to prosecutors, “There is sufficient evidence for a jury to reasonably conclude from the evidence that Defendant tampered with lottery equipment.” Now new evidence has emerged so the defense lawyers requested the jury to delay Eddie’s trial, which was set to start Monday so that matters may become more evident.

In 2011 the authorities were trying hard to identify the winner of the $14.3 million Hot Lotto ticket, but since Tipton sent his friend to collect his ticket, he thought it would just be a piece of cake and that he could get away with the robbery. However, the authorities refused to pay his friend simply because he refused to name the real winner and then claimed that he didn’t know the winner’s identity! Anyway, long story short, the authorities analyzed Eddie’s voice from when he bought the ticket and matched the license plate in the parking lot and the cat was out of the bag.

An Act of Robbery – Caught

According to officials, Eddie contacted two men in Texas to help him claim the jackpot anonymously, but then that didn’t work out. When he was arrested the police began to investigate the issue and came to a conclusion that Eddie had in fact tampered with the equipment by using his computer skills to make sure that he won the jackpot. How did they come to that conclusion? Well, apparently Eddie told a co-worker that he had created a hack program shortly before he won the Iowa Lottery, a self-destructing hack program that can do anything and disappear without a trace. As for the security cameras, according to Iowa Lottery officials and the prosecutors, that day the cameras were programmed to change the way they record, and coincidentally Eddie was one of the five people who could program cameras. Although Eddie’s lawyer claims that security cameras were not manipulated the evidence states something else altogether.

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