Stuff You Should Know About Lottery Syndicates

Lottery Syndicates

More Luck with Lottery Syndicates

Lottery syndicates are very popular whether it’s a bunch of friends that get together and pool their tickets or jump in one of the syndicates offered by online lottery providers. The name of the game is increasing the chances of winning by being a part of more tickets without spending more. Let’s look at what a syndicate is.

Lottery Syndicates – What Are They

A syndicate is a group of people that pool their resources and share the risks of a transaction. In the case of lotteries, it means instead of purchasing a single ticket, with the price of a single ticket a player can buy a group of tickets. Some of these are based on sequential numbering and some simply let people bring their favorite numbers into the syndicate.

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Lottery Syndicates Privately

Remember back in the news in 2011, there were the seven New York winners that won $319 million in the Mega Millions lottery. The article said that they were still deciding on whether to split it with the five unlucky co-workers who had opted out of their private syndicate. They’d been playing as a group for 4 years. Next, what happens if one person doesn’t ante-up their money? Who holds the tickets? Most private syndicates are formed verbally which can cause problems.

Lottery Syndicates Online

That’s one of the reasons syndicates online have become so popular. Most online lottery providers offer a set amount of entries with a specific number of members. The biggest thing is to look at the number of tickets versus the number of people that any winnings will be shared. and Syndicates is one amazing site that offers a whole bunch of syndicates including the big jackpots down to EuroMillions Mini (though it’s not that mini!). For US Powerball, they offer a lottery syndicate of 80 tickets for the cost of one with 250 shares.

Power Combo Syndicate

Many online lottery providers also offer combinations of some of the big lotteries. The syndicate is packaged to include two or more lotteries. offers a mega combo called ‘Power Combo Syndicate’. It combines US Powerball (twice a week) and Mega Millions (twice a week), and Italian SuperEnalotto (three times a week) into a syndicate with 20 entries/70 shares (members). This is a serious value for money on chances to win. and Syndicates offers syndicates for three of the big international jackpots including US Mega Millions with 46 ticket lines/60 members, EuroMillions with 55 ticket lines/100 members, and SuperEnaLotto at 86 ticket lines/90 members. They offer this through subscriptions of 1 week (3 draws in a week), 1 month, 3 months, and 6-month subscriptions. Feedback on this site, says to make sure you care what you click as the system automatically selects a subscription when purchasing a ticket. and Syndicates is another place to go for syndicates – that’s all they do. They offer US Powerball at 35 lottery lines/70 shares, Mega Millions at 46 lottery lines/92 shares, and EuroMillions at 55 lottery lines/130 shares. It’s a good balance of tickets and shares/members to share in the winnings.

Numbers and Lottery Syndicates

Many of the syndicates offered by lotteries use a sequential number system. They change one number (either the bonus ball or one of the main numbers) in the lines owned by the syndicate.

Lottery Syndicates and Draws

Most lottery syndicates offered by online lottery providers do so in some form of subscriptions either broken down at a weekly or monthly cost. Most of the big jackpots are played twice a week. Weekly means that you are automatically subscribed to your syndicate for two draws a week. Monthly means that you’re subscribed for eight draws.

Complaints and Lottery Syndicates

Winning is great but fighting among friends or co-workers is not great. Most of the complaints on syndicates involve arguments on who actually owns a share. This is complicated by the fact most private lottery syndicates are done verbally and not in writing. Playing an online lottery syndicate provides a safe and secure platform to ensure you own your share.

Lottery Syndicates and the Small Print

But read the small print. Most lottery subscriptions have an automatic renewal policy. Some offer a bonus of free entry into another lottery syndicate and in the small print is the fact that after the first draw, players will be automatically charged for the renewal. Actually, this is probably one of the biggest complaints about lottery syndicates.

Why You Should Register with Lottery Syndicates


Increases the Odds of Winning

More Changes to Win with the Same $$

Lots of Jackpots to Win

Why You Shouldn’t Register with Lottery Syndicates


Sharing your Winnings with Your Syndicate

Private Syndicate Spats

Choosing What To Play

Are Lottery Syndicates Legit?

Most agree that lottery syndicates should increase the odds of winning. Some of the biggest lottery jackpots have been won by lottery syndicates both private and online. Online lottery syndicates do provide a good safety net to ensure that you clearly own your share.

Online lottery subscriptions are a great way to win! Just make sure you use a reliable online lottery provider. If you are going to play with friends or co-workers, make sure you are clear on the rules and get it in writing!

  1. Which of the USA lottery syndicates is the best to join with better odds to win. Should you join for one month or for six months. Seriously considering joining but want the one where the money will go the farthest. Do not just want to jump in without checking it out.

  2. Correction florida lottery in paid in USD, so even less in euros

  3. So it would be more honest for the lottery ticket seller to specify The maximum winnable amount per share or participant…

  4. Just some thoughts and simple math: Lets take wintrillions italian superenalotto syndicate, if, if… You get the 12 million jackpot (very difficult odds), you Will have to share it into 250 shares, that means 48000 eur per participant… Always most welcomed but certainly not dramatic… Lets take Florida’s Lotto syndicate, jackpot say 8 millions, divided by 80 shares, that is 100000 eur, less 30% us tax, that leaves 70000 eur, to be paid in 26-30 years, unless you opt for lump payment, then you are left with 35000 eur, also very welcomed but not dramatic… Etc, Australian Lotto syndicate is even worse, divide 2 million jackpot by 100, you have 20000 left. To me, it seems only huge jackpot are really worth a go, or smaller sharings for smaller lotteries


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