Record Interest in Japan’s Paralympic Lottery – Can You Still Participate?

Japan’s Paralympic Lottery

Japan’s Paralympic lottery has proven to be a significant success. If you’ve never heard anything about it, the time has come to gather all of the essential information.

The lottery opened in August, and there were 2.3 million tickets available. The demand, however, happened to be unprecedented. This is the main reason why a second round of the lottery has already been announced.

What’s the Paralympic Lottery?

Tokyo will be the host of a Paralympic event in 2020. The games are expected to bring together more than 4,400 athletes competing in over 22 sports and 540 individual events.

The Paralympic lottery is open to anyone who is in Japan. Initial ticket sales began on August 22, and they will continue until September 9. When you hear the word lottery, you’re probably thinking about monetary prizes. In this case, however, the rewards come in the form of attendance for specific Paralympic events.

Residents of Japan can apply for the lottery via the official Tokyo 2020 Paralympic website. Lottery results will be announced on October 2.

Unfortunately, those living in foreign countries cannot participate in the Paralympic Lottery. They will need to buy tickets for the Paralympic games through authorized ticket resellers in their own country.

Massive Interest

Japanese announce that since the release of the tickets, the interest in the Paralympic Lottery has been exceptionally high.

According to official sources, the demand for lottery tickets is at least ten times higher than the currently available supply.

When applying for lottery tickets, players have to specify their first choice of event to attend. If they didn’t win, there’s a cascade service allowing them to move down a category and acquire tickets for another event of the Paralympic games.

There’s also an option to apply for a second choice ticket when entering the lottery. If they do not get their first choice, this functionality may give players a functionality to get attendance for their second choice event.

It is a little bit complicated, but the official Tokyo 2020 Paralympic event website provides additional information about the lottery rules and the options that can increase the chances of success.

One More Round of the Lottery Expected

Due to the incredibly high-interest rate, the event’s organizers believe that not everyone will be capable of participating in the Paralympic Lottery the first time around.

A second lottery is scheduled to take place early on in 2020. The tickets will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis. This time, however, the Paralympic Lottery will be open to participants from all parts of the world.

Details are to be announced later on in 2019, giving interested parties a better idea about what it would take to participate and get tickets for attendance of the 2020 Paralympic Games.

Keep in mind that limits apply to both the domestic and the international lottery that will be organized in 2020. One individual can acquire up to 30 tickets, and there’s also a four to six tickets limit per one session on the event’s website.

How about the Rewards?

The Paralympic Lottery aims to offer event tickets at competitive prices. The regular prices can be quite steep, especially when it comes to the opening and closing ceremonies. Ticket costs for some of the most prominent sports events are also quite high.

Ticket costs for the opening and closing ceremonies, for example, are currently set at anywhere between 8,000 and 150,000 Japanese yen (75 to 1,411 US dollars). According to the lottery organizers, it will offer affordable seating options to participants, and the costs will remain within the 900 to 7,000 yen range.

Once the results are announced on October 2, the acquisition and payment for Paralympic tickets are to take place by October 15.

Organizers revealed their primary goal is to make the Paralympic games accessible and family-friendly. Apart from the lottery, the organizers also plan to ensure the affordable distribution of tickets (approximately one million) through schools.

Children need courage and passion to grow, event organizers revealed, which is why affordable ticket opportunities like the Paralympic Lottery have been made available. Some of the lowest prices ensured through winning the lottery will apply to children under the age of 12, and seniors aged 60 or older.

About the Tokyo Paralympics

The size and scale of the Tokyo Paralympic event are expected to be unprecedented.

The number of athletes will be higher than ever before, and new sports disciplines have been added to the competition for the very first time. Also, the Paralympic Games feature several disciplines that cannot be seen at the Olympics.

Tokyo is the first city in the world to host a Paralympic event for the second time. It first hosted the competition in 1964.

If you’re interested, but you don’t live in Japan, there are still opportunities for the acquisition of affordable tickets.

Keep track of the information posted on the official Paralympic Games website. This is where you’ll see the announcement about the second round of the lottery that will occur in early 2020. As already mentioned, the second lottery will be international. Since tickets will be distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis, it’s essential to know precisely when the event is going to open. Otherwise, you could miss out on an inspiring sports event in a cool city that everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime.

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