Excitement As Pennsylvania Lottery Announces Launch Of PA iLottery Games

Pennsylvania Lottery Announces Launch Of PA iLottery Games

More lottery companies are becoming aware of the need to up their game (if you’ll pardon the pun) when it comes to offering more interactive and online ways to play their games, particularly offering options to buy and play on different devices such as tablets and smartphones, regardless of their operating system. Many players want lots of different options to be able to win sums of money on their favorite games.

Customer demand is such that those who don’t have the time to go into grocery stores or gas stations to buy tickets or want to be able to play online sometimes only have limited other places they can buy and play. Until now, there haven’t been many options for people to do that. States that offer other options to play lottery games are few and far between at the moment.

There have been murmurings in the press for some time about which states in the USA would go ahead and launch such projects, and one of them has just been revealed. It seems there’s much excitement as Pennsylvania Lottery announces the launch of PA iLottery Games and here, we’ve got all the lowdown and info you need on it!

The PA iLottery

The Pennsylvania Lottery has gone ahead and launched PA iLottery. An innovative new system of interactive lottery jackpot games, that can be played online on a computer, tablet, or mobile device. The games won’t (at the moment) have the option to win big jackpots in the same way Powerball or MegaMoney do, but players can still stand to make a cool $250,000 if they win big.

Ahead of the launch, Lottery Executive Director Drew Svitko spoke to the press and said “PA iLottery games are a fun, new way to play and win from home or while on the go. iLottery is a big part of our effort to meet our players where they already are while generating new funds to benefit older Pennsylvanians.”

There won’t be any option for Online PA iLottery games to include draw games, Fast Play games or Scratch-Offs sold at other Pennsylvania Lottery retailers at the present moment, and it’s not known if this will ever become an option, but it hasn’t been ruled out.

What PA Ilottery Players Can Expect

Included in the all-new iLottery games are titles such as:

  • Big Money SLINGO®,
  • Bigfoot
  • Cash Buster Towers
  • Cash in the Lamp
  • Crossword Cash
  • Foxin’ Wins
  • Monster Wins
  • Robin Hood
  • Super Cash Buster
  • Super Gems
  • Volcano Eruption

There are multiple different prize money options and the chances of the amounts players can win will vary game to game.

Players can begin to play games for as little as one cent an entry.

Trial and demo versions of all the interactive games on offer can currently be tried out for free at Pailottery.com.

How to Play PA Ilottery Games

At the current moment, players can sign up and play iLottery games for money. All that is required is that customers create an account and then register to pay with either a debit card or a linked-up bank account. At this time, unfortunately, credit cards are not accepted as a method of paying for entries. If a player wins a prize, then the money is automatically paid back to the player’s account.

Anyone who wishes to register to play must be aged 18 years or over. Identity and age must be provided when you’re signing up for an account.

Again, Drew Svitsko spoke to the media and said “By law, PA iLottery players must be physically located in the state of Pennsylvania to play for money and win prizes. As with all Lottery games, we urge players to play responsibly and always within their means.”

There will be a real push to promote safe and responsible play with these games, with features such as time limits, and spending and deposit limits to try as far as possible to encourage people to have fun, but think twice about how much time they devote to playing and how much money they spend.

There will also be options to allow players to take periods of time away from playing, known as ‘cool off’ periods, and even the ability to exclude yourself from playing for a set period of time. This could be anything from one to five years.

Using Your Devices to Play PA iLottery Games

To be in with a chance of winning and enjoy playing the PA iLottery games on a mobile device or tablet, simply install the PA Lottery Official App.

Anyone using an Apple device can download the app from the Apple App Store.

Android users need to visit palottery.com/android or text APP to 54187 to receive a special Android download link. Google Play does not offer the PA Lottery Official App.

Drew Svitko comments: “We’re partnering with our more than 9,400 Pennsylvania Lottery retailers to encourage players to sign up for iLottery. Lottery games sold in stores will continue to be the foundation of our business and produce the majority of proceeds to benefit older adults.”

PA iLottery Demo Mode

Once you’ve registered for an account, visit the pailottery.com and have a go at playing the games in demo mode.

Any players wanting to join must be located in Players the state of Pennsylvania to play for money and win prizes legally.

All game rules, chances of winning, and terms and conditions should be read and reviewed before creating an account or purchasing gameplay.

About Pennsylvania Lottery

Pennsylvania Lottery is the only state lottery that continues to direct all proceeds to programs that benefit seniors.

When the first tickets for the lottery went on sale forty-six years ago the organizers could not have predicted that they would have contributed nearly $28 billion to fund property tax and rent rebates, transportation, care services, prescription assistance, and local services including senior centers and meals.

The Launch of New Offline Games to Come Soon

It’s also rumored that alongside the new online games there are going to be some new offline games too. It’s reported that games like real-world keno and virtual sports are set to go live as well over the next couple of months.

PA Lottery is reporting that they are starting recruiting retailers to host daily keno games. These function like their own mini-lottery and run every four minutes. Keno is set to go live sometime in May or June.

It’s hoped that later in the month of June, there will be virtual sports terminals starting to roll out at bars and taverns all across the state of Philadelphia. It’s been reported on Philly.com, that these games will be operating at some four hundred different retailers and that until 2023 it’s hoped that a further five hundred retailers will be added each year for the next five years until 2023.

Not Many Details On How the Games Will Work As Yet

At the current moment, the Pennsylvania Lottery has not given away a lot of detail on how these virtual sport monitor games will work. But curious players can actually go online and look at this unlisted video published on the lottery’s YouTube channel, to get more of an idea. This link and the little film reveals the games will be powered by Inspired Entertainment. Inspired Entertainment is already active in the legal markets in Michigan and New Jersey.

Here’s what an Inspired Entertainment virtual sports game looks like in action:

Lotteries Really Starting to Move with the Times

It’s clear that more and more lottery operators across the USA are starting to move with the times now and recognize that more people want to be able to play games on the move, whether that’s online, on their phones or via other outlets, rather than only being able to play by going to visit a store or a gas station to get a ticket. Offering players as many options as possible to win sums of money is always going to be popular and as technology moves and changes, it looks like lottery operators are trying to do that same too.

In the future, it’s hoped that more states might begin to see the benefit of this. Of course, there will always be concerns about people who may become addicted to playing, but the mechanisms that have been put in place to help with this should give players a choice to opt-out of spending time and money on a game if they feel it is going to become a problem further down the line.

These moves also show that more people are willing to take a chance on winning smaller amounts of money over a longer period of time, rather than trying for a huge jackpot every single week. With lesser jackpots, but more opportunity to win smaller sums, the PA iLottery might just be onto something that becomes extremely popular and helps to serve worthwhile causes in the long run and that can only be a good thing.

  1. Pennsylvania ilottery is holding my winnings hostage. Their terms state typical processing time to be from 72 hours up to 5 business days. I requested a withdraw on a Sunday a week ago, and withdraw is still pending. They say it’s because of the large volume of requests. I call BS, it shouldn’t take a week.


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