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MadLotto Exposed — Collect Points, Win Prizes but After How Much Time?

MadLotto Exposed

MadLotto Review

What would you think about an online lottery that’s free to play, and that offers you a chance to win some pretty luxurious items? If you’d say that such an option is too good to be true, we’d agree with you 100 percent.

MadLotto is an opportunity that’s supposed to give you access to all of the perks mentioned above and then some more. Is that the case, however? Can you trust MadLotto and its promises? We’re on a mission to investigate this opportunity and determine if it’s worth a try.

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MadLotto: Introduction

MadLotto is an online lottery and sweepstakes website. It is operated by DreamCentury Group, a French company that was set up in 1999. The company specializes predominantly in the creation of online gaming opportunities.

As per the company’s official claims, their platforms have more than four million registered players. MadLotto is one of these platforms.

MadLotto is advertised as a free lottery website. To participate, a player needs to register. That gives them access to two free daily grids. There are weekly prizes in the form of different items, as well as one year’s worth of concert attendance.

How to Play MadLotto

The gameplay is pretty simple. You choose six numbers from a range of 49. Next, you click on a banner to validate your selection.

Keep in mind that when registering, you’ll see that MadLotto isn’t available in all countries. There are geographical restrictions that apply, so make sure your country is included in the list. Having a valid address will be required later on so that items can be shipped to you in the event of winning.

Apart from playing the main game, you can activate bonus games that can result in additional points.

The first one is the color bonus, and it becomes available for colors that have been drawn and that match yours, even if your numbers haven’t been selected.

The even or odd bonus is an obvious one, and there’s also a final bonus section that rewards you with points for each number that belongs to the section of the grid that you choose, even if it doesn’t correspond to your numbers.

One thing we have to say is that the interface of the website is pretty outdated and confusing. Making sense of everything right from the start isn’t easy because MadLotto is not a user-friendly platform. If you participate in the game time and time again, however, chances are that you’ll get much better at completing the required tasks to collect points.

MadLotto Prizes and Odds

The MadLotto website suggests that each day, players win awards worth 10,000 dollars by filling out their free grids. We did try the opportunity for a few days, but unfortunately, we didn’t come even close to winning. Looking for online reviews, there were no accounts of people who have claimed the big rewards.

Players win awards whenever they match five or six numbers out of the selection of 49.

As per the website’s FAQ section, matching five or six numbers will result in a cash reward. For other matches, players will win points. As the points accumulate, they can be turned into actual items.

A simple check reveals that 9,800 points can be converted into a cash reward of five euros. To get 15 euros in cash, you will need to have 63,800 points in your account.

There are also items. A computer mouse can be won if you have 104,700 points in your account. You can also win books, watches, accessories, and luggage.

We did go to the MadLotto forum to check out whether people have managed to collect the points required to get either a cash award or an item. Most users complain that they’re being given a tiny number of points for each grid round played. As a result, one player complained that it would be impossible to win anything in a foreseeable amount of time.

At the same time, there are accounts of people cashing out their points and receiving cash. Whether these reviews are genuine or not, however, is a question we cannot answer.

Some Information for MadLotto Winners

For an award to be cleared and sent to the player, it will have to be checked by the MadLotto validation algorithm. According to the website’s FAQ section, anywhere between one and eight weeks will be required for this process to get completed.

As far as items are concerned, MadLotto is the entity that will cover the shipping charges.

There have been some complaints about the validation taking way too long and players experiencing severe slowdowns in receiving their prizes. If you want to learn a bit more about the experience of actual members, you can join the MadLotto forum. It is quite informative and paints a comprehensive picture of the experience.

Things get a bit more complicated when it comes to cash awards.

Cash prizes are sent via a wire transfer to players in France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Monaco, and Andorra. Players who live in other countries can request the transfer via PayPal. Those who do not have a PayPal account or who cannot create one due to geographical restrictions will need to choose one of the items that can be shipped to them rather than cash.

Can You Play MadLotto Lottery Online?

MadLotto is entirely internet-based.

This is the only way to access the games and the sweepstakes the platform has to offer. You need to register as a member with your email, and once you do, you will start collecting points.

One thing you should keep in mind, however, is the fact that country restrictions do apply. MadLotto registration isn’t possible for people from all parts of the world. And you do need a valid address to have your prizes shipped to you.

Why You Should Play MadLotto


Free to join

Available for playing online

Accepts players from many different countries

There are daily opportunities to win awards and collect points

MadLotto has a large community and a forum you can use to interact with other players

There’s a good diversity of available prize items

Prizes are sent to players with free shipping regardless of their location

Some cash prizes are also available

Cash prizes are paid out via wire transfer or a PayPal transfer

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Why You Shouldn’t Play MadLotto


You are exposed to tons of banners and advertising messages because the site is free

You will have to collect points for a long time before you become capable of receiving any award

MadLotto’s website has a really outdated (and somewhat annoying) design and functionalities

There are country restrictions – not everyone can join

There are multiple complaints on the forums about long delays in sending prizes and an inability to cash out/collect items

This is a game platform launched by a private entity and not a national lottery operator

Is MadLotto Legit?

MadLotto doesn’t appear to be a scam, but there have been member complaints through the years about the quality of the customer service and people’s ability to claim prizes.

This isn’t a standard lottery in the traditional sense of the word. MadLotto is not operated by a national entity and is governed by betting laws within the respective jurisdiction. Instead, the online platform is the creation of a private company. Hence, you cannot expect to benefit from the protections that are typical for nationally-operated lotteries.

We did go through the registration process to check out the gameplay. The annoying thing is that you’re being asked whether you’d want to sign up for DreamCentury Group’s other websites like MadWin, WonderZ, and ZooValley. You have to make a conscious effort to deny such auto registration.

When you fill out the daily grind, you’re also exposed to links for the company’s other websites, and you’re taken there. Ads would be a part of the experience to offer players something for free. Still, the whole ordeal can get quite annoying.

If you are looking for a little opportunity to spend some time on and collect some points, you’ll probably be ok with MadLotto.

This, however, isn’t the platform you should opt for if you want to win big prizes and cash awards. You will need some time until you become capable of receiving anything via MadLotto.

MadLotto appears to be safe, but it doesn’t offer an optimal experience as far as online lotteries are concerned. The best thing you can do is check the platform for yourself and decide whether you’d like to give it a try.

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