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Description: Lucky Day is a free online gameplay and lottery app that promises rewards with no risk and no commitment. The reputation of the app, however, isn’t too great.

Lucky Day Exposed — There Ain’t No Such Thing as a Free Lunch

Lucky Day Exposed

Lucky Day Review

What could go wrong with an app that offers free games you can play and win some actual cash? Nothing, right? Before jumping on your phone or keyboard to sign up, we may have some news for you. An app that makes such claims exists. It’s called Lucky Day, and it’s being promoted as a lifestyle app. Reviews from people who have actually given it a try, however, paint a completely different picture.

The lottery problem is that you actually have to spend some money to get your ticket. Some people don’t want to do that, but they’d still like to experience the thrill that comes with games of luck.

Opportunities like the Lucky Day game capitalize on such desires.

It all sounds fun and exciting. There’s even an Instagram account dedicated to all of the Lucky Day actual winners. Unfortunately, that account seems to be publishing solely generic memes, and there are whatsoever no real people who have won anything there. Such marketing strategies do very little to enhance the credentials of the opportunity in question.

Is the Lucky Day app legit? That’s what we’re about to find out. Given the fact that the Lucky Day app has a rating of 1.7 out of five on TrustPilot, we’re not overly confident.

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What Is Lucky Day and What Does It Do?

If you’ve been around the internet for some time, you probably have a pretty clear idea about Lucky Day already.

The app gives its members access to free games. To view those, however, they’ll have to go through a slew of annoying ads. That’s how Lucky Day makes money by utilizing the captive audience it has generated.

As of now, there are two games – Lucky Night and Lucky Day Blackjack. There is also a Lucky Day jackpot lotto that occurs daily. If you match one to three numbers, you’ll be rewarded tokens, and if you match more than that, you’ll be rewarded with cash.

Finally, there are scratch card games. These are available for a limited period of time. You have a certain number of daily scratchcards you can play before new ones become available.

How Much Does It Cost?

As already mentioned, the Lucky Day app is free to download to your phone.

How Does Lucky Day Work?

A quick note before we actually move on to how Lucky Day works – because of Apple policy updates, the app is no longer available for iOS devices. Your only opportunity to download Lucky Day and play games is to use an Android device.

In essence, you have to play the daily games to win virtual tokens. There’s also a piggy bank that could eventually generate cash prizes. Unfortunately, many members have tested this opportunity out, and they’ve never gotten a cash prize.

One Reddit user did communicate with the Lucky Day team on the topic. All they got is a pretty generic non-answer that suggests Lucky Day isn’t committed to actually getting its members to win anything.

In essence, you complete tasks, watch videos, and hope to win some cash eventually.

Out of all Lucky Day reviews we have examined, we did find a couple of people who managed to cash out some money via PayPal. In most instances, the amount is slightly over 10 dollars (which is the cashout minimum). Numerous members complain that they never actually get to this minimum, which means they are not monetizing their online playing.

Before signing up for Lucky Day, you have to ask yourself one fundamental question. Is this opportunity worth your time? True, you’re not spending money on it. But you could be spending hours on small tasks and watching ads. This way, you’ll be making money for somebody else. Your own ability to cash out, however, will remain limited.

Lucky Day App Terms and Conditions

Always, always, always go through the terms and conditions, even if you’re being promised opportunities to win free cash.

The Lucky Day terms and conditions state you need to be aged 16 or older to access the lotteries and raffles.  You also need to be in the US, Canada, or the United Kingdom to access the service.

Most games, as per the terms and conditions, offer virtual tokens as a reward. These can then be eventually exchanged for gift cards. The exchange rate for tokens can be modified at any given time, which is more than concerning. Eventually, all the playing and scratching you do online could end up giving you access to nothing.

Also very important! If you don’t play for 90 days, a charge of one million tokens will be applied to your account. This means anything you’ve won will be offset if that happens. This is Lucky Day’s way to twist your arms and force you into playing mindlessly every single day.

Some other important terms and conditions about the personal information you share with the website. Please review these stipulations to decide whether the Lucky Day App is a scam or not. We reserve judgment and believe you’ll exercise caution and intelligence to judge the opportunity.

Who Is Behind the Lucky Day App?

As per the terms and conditions, the entity behind Lucky Day is Lucky Day Entertainment Inc. The company is registered in Delaware, and it does provide an actual physical address for its headquarters.

A company listing in the Better Business Bureau (BBB) suggests that the Lucky Day app is the only product under the corporate umbrella. Lucky Day Entertainment has been BBB accredited since 2018, but the company itself is in operation for more than five years now.

Lucky Day Entertainment has had 77 BBB complaints over the past three years. Most of the complaints are written by people who have never gotten to cash out their rewards. In fact, some complainers have created multiple accounts. All of them accumulated just shortly under the 10 dollars required to cash the money out.

The company has been known to change the rules quite often, which is why many additional complaints stem from it. People are also very unhappy about the availability of gift cards and other opportunities to redeem virtual tokens. In many instances, there’s absolutely no way to turn the tokens into something useful.

Why You Should Register with Lucky Day App


Lucky Day is a free app that allows users to play games and potentially win cash prizes

There are multiple games available, including Lucky Night, Lucky Day Blackjack, and scratch card games

There is a daily jackpot lotto with cash prizes for matching numbers

Why You Shouldn’t Register with Lucky Day App


The app has a low rating on TrustPilot, with many users reporting a lack of actual cash prizes

Users have to watch ads to access the games, which can be annoying

Some users report that it is difficult to reach the minimum cashout amount

The app is only available for Android devices, not iOS

The terms and conditions state that users must be aged 16 or older and located in the US, Canada, or the UK to access the service.

Would you mind rating Lucky Day?

Is Lucky Day App Legit?

You can easily carry out a quick investigation on your own. Going for a Lucky Day app download is the last thing you should do.

There are tons of Reddit publications, and the number of TrustPilot reviews is humongous. Acquaint yourself with the experiences of others. They will have a sobering effect and show you that playing lotteries for free and cashing out isn’t as easy as the Lucky Day team wants you to believe.

Also, be critical of positive testimonials that sound generic.

Lucky Day offers referral bonuses. In other words, people who get others to sign up are being promised rewards. A genuine positive review should sound as if it’s written by an actual person and not a marketing team. Some proof of actually cashing out money will also come in handy.

The consensus is the following – Lucky Day is a scam. People are getting spammed with advertising numerous times per day. They fail to reach the cash-out threshold, and there’s also limited availability of gift cards or products that can be bought with one’s tokens.

Playing the real lottery isn’t that expensive, and there’s actually a genuine chance of winning. And remember – your time is the most valuable resource in your possession. You shouldn’t be handing it over to somebody else for free.

Because of its reputation and the shady practices outlined in the Lucky Day official terms and conditions, we give the app a final rating of one out of 10 stars.

  1. I have never downloaded a Luck Day App nor have I ever heard of it until somewhere in the wee hours of this morning eight back to back charges totalling $370.00 was charged to my debit card. All I’m seeing on the above complaints are broken promises to payout their gamers that use the app on the winnings. Now, I assume they are stealing from people who don’t know about them. Hacking into bank accounts. What? I don’t see that anyone has had fraudulent transactions actually show up on their bank statement. I filed a claim on the pending charges with my bank and hopefully all will be reversed.

  2. Not a trustworthy app – don’t waste your time or get any hopes up. It is virtually impossible to cash in any tokens you earn, and there are ads at EVERY turn. You waste a lot of time and get nothing. I don’t believe that any of the “winners” exist – I searched through social media to find some of the winners, and none of the names or photos match up – a clear sign of fraud. When you attempt to cash in on a prize you want, they all say “sold out” – they supposedly release the prizes once a day – are you going to stare at your phone constantly for 24 hours to see if they maybe post a prize which you’re bidding on with countless other players? Go watch a TV show – it’s more rewarding.

  3. Where to start? I unfortunately was sucked in to playing LD and LN. I guess i was lucky to actually win 10 bucks. Once. Im glad i came upon this because I’m deleting BOTH!!! Lucky Day used to have some fairly nice items that you could trade tokens for. Thats how long my DumbAss has been playing. I’ve won the $100 daily winner 6x. Never saw a penny. I was 1 of the people who have contacted the BBB…Also told them about the countless “”ads” that advertise more games that are scams. Ty 4 the platform and GL on games that payout. Rewarded play is good. Gift Cards only BUT they actually pay out..and never run out. Peace


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