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LottoLooting Exposed — 19 Lotteries to Play Online

LottoLooting Review

Are you interested in playing international lotteries through an online provider? It seems a lot safer than heading to the local corner store to purchase tickets. If you’re shopping around for one, is an online lottery service provider. They offer single and multiple ticket line purchases. That’s it. There are no syndicates or subscriptions. It all looks very straightforward, and the site is easy to navigate. Maybe too simple?

Games at offers 19 games from around the world from the mega US Powerball through to SomosLotto Plus (out of Peru). You can use your favorite numbers or quick pic. Players have the option to play one or more ticket lines up to 25 within one ticket. But you can only purchase a maximum of 20 tickets in any order plus the total amount of any order can’t be over €1000. There are no discounts for playing multiple lines. There appears to be no facility for subscriptions or multi-play. There are also no syndicates. The site is available in seven languages, though the terms and conditions are only available in five.

LottoLooting and Watching the Clock

Make sure you check out the schedule for the close times for each of the lotteries. has cut off deadlines for each lottery – I guess to give someone time to buy the ticket in that country physically. The full list is posted in their terms and conditions.

Getting Your Winnings with LottoLooting

Any winnings up to US$2,500 (or equivalent in other currencies) automatically go into your account. If the amount is over the US $2,500, contact for instructions – they will email you. In some cases, you might be required to get the winnings yourself. They will advise on the procedure. takes 10% on any winnings over US$10,000. They say this is to cover the costs of getting the winnings. I wonder if they include your air ticket in that amount if you have to get that mega jackpot yourself? You can choose the method of withdrawing funds, including bank transfer, with a minimum of €10. I wish these folks would get consistent on currencies.

Who Can Play on

There is limited information in’s terms & conditions and FAQ on who can play lotteries through their site. The only clarification to this was, “Important is, that the billing-providers accept you. The billing-providers are strictly regulated”. Does anyone have any idea what they mean? I did go back to LottoLooting and ask, but they haven’t responded. They do have a KYC policy (know your client), which involves providing a copy of your passport page, payment card, confirmation of residence, and signed list of transactions.

Getting in Touch with has a snail mail and email address, UK telephone number, and online form. It is operated and maintained by a company registered in the EU, though owned by a company registered in Curaçao. They respond on a fairly timely basis through email though some of their answers can be a bit vague. The company runs a bunch of different online lottery sites, including and

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The Bottomline at

On the one hand, this online lottery provider is very straightforward and easy to more around. They offer some of the biggest international lotteries and a few of the more obscure. But – yes, the but – I prefer to see in black and white within the terms and conditions, who actually can play on this site. Plus, I’d like a few more options, including subscriptions. It would be quite annoying to miss a cut off time and not get my tickets, especially if you’re considering different times zones.


19 International Lotteries to Play

Straightforward Lottery Play

Fairly Good Customer Service


No Subscriptions, No Syndicates

10% Commission on Winnings over US$10,000

Who Can Play Here

This site gets a reserved thumb’s up. But, there is a heap of good online lottery service providers out there, and I think I’ll stick to the ones that offer other options. I love syndicates, especially where there is a good ratio of tickets to shares!

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