Lottery Winners That Claimed Their Winnings Just Before the Deadline — Check Your Ticket Right Now!

Lottery Winners That Claimed Their Winnings Just Before the Deadline

Lottery players try to win the lottery their entire lives. That’s the objective of the game, to win. There is a rather distinctive group of lottery players. Once they win the lottery they don’t rush to the lottery operator to claim their prizes. Instead, they wait to claim the prize days or even hours before the deadline. There are players who have failed to claim their prizes just because of this. Some forget to claim it, others lose the winning ticket, third simply fail because of X reasons.

Here are 5 cases when the lottery winners successfully claimed their lottery prizes days and in some instances hours as you will see, just before the deadline. The standard is 180 days, that’s 6 months. However, I recommend you double check with the policy of the lotteries in which you’ve taken part.

A Lottery Player from Sligo, Ireland Claims €8,200,000 before the Deadline

This is the typical situation, the story you’d mostly hear whenever a deadline is mentioned in conjunction with a lottery prize. This mysterious case took place in Ireland, in Sligo to be precise. As it turns out, the ticket was bought in a “Stop and Shop”. The winner waited by the end of the deadline, or days before it expired. Both the lottery community and the lottery operator were hyped about who the winner is and if he/she will appear. Fortunately for our mystery winner, the jackpot of €8,200,000 was claimed in time, without the given time limit.

I must also point out that this suspicious action caused a delay in the payment of the jackpot. The winner remained anonymous.

Mystery Man claims £4.6m 3 Days before the Deadline

I’m stunned by the actions of these people. I mean, how could they?! Why would you wait so long to claim your life changing jackpot? I know that certain players want to be informed about what awaits them once they get the jackpot, usually they reach out to accountants, lawyers, etc. The bottom line is, it’s 6 months!

Here’s another mysterious lottery winner that waited to claim his jackpot of £4.6m. He scooped the prize only 3 days before the deadline. I tried to find more information regarding this particular case, but I failed. As it turns out, most of these “late” lottery winners prefer to remain anonymous. Personally, if I was to claim my lottery jackpot so late, I’d prefer to remain anonymous myself. The backlash of enviable lottery players would kill me!

It appears the British are fond of being late, at least in regards to lottery prizes.

Joemel Panisa’s Lottery Adventure – Don’t Play with Deadlines

Who says cleaning one’s office cannot be lucrative? Joemel from Oregon bought the ticket in the beginning of 2016, on the 13th of January. The decisive moment took place two days after the purchase. However, Panisa lost track of time, became unaware of this ticket. He didn’t check the results! Crazy, right? Well, it gets crazier. Joemel was lucky enough to find his ticket during office cleaning. It was snowing and he didn’t have what to do, so he got the idea to clean the mess in his office. This decision brought him to his rightful prize of $1,000,000. It was there, in his drawer the entire time.

I know that this can’t happen to me because I keep my study clean and neat. Plus, I keep my tickets altogether, separated, past and upcoming.

Ireland Strikes Again – Midleton Players Claims €381,863 an Hour before the Deadline

So far I’ve shown you players who have won the lottery and have claimed their winnings only days or hours before the deadline. This particular case is distinctive because it doesn’t involve a lottery winner, but winners. As it turns out, a lottery syndicate from Middleton, Ireland, decided to wait a bit longer than usual before they claim their jackpot. Now, this is nothing like the previous story. This was done on purpose. It intrigues why would a whole lottery syndicate want to delay so long?

I brainstormed for a while with one of my friends and we got to some rather interesting ideas. He argued that they might have had internal problems, or they were looking for the most effective way to avoid taxes. Tax avoidance is cool with the law, tax evasion can take you in jail.

Whatever their idea was, it almost put their jackpot in jeopardy. €380k is not a lot by any standard when it comes to lottery syndicates. Did I point out that they claim their winnings only 90 minutes before the deadline? Imagine if they got caught in a traffic jam. Boy would that hurt them!

Mystery Iowa Lottery Prize Finds its Rightful Owner Hours before the Deadline

This is a story that takes us to Iowa a few years back. According to the Hot Lotto’s policy, winners have up to 1 year to claim their lottery prizes. On top of this, the entire situation raised a lot of issues. According to my source, two attorneys showed up with the winning lottery ticket to claim the prize. They were entitled to claim the prize. At that time, once the word was out, many people called the lottery stating that their ticket was stolen. The operator was willing to conduct a thorough investigation to confirm that the ticket was rightfully purchased, possessed and presented to the Hot Lotto.

In my perspective, the law firm is the rightful owner. Whoever presents the ticket, if not signed, is the rightful owner of the lottery prize. This is exactly what happened in this situation. Perhaps the law firm bought the ticket, or simply another person found it.

Oh, and the jackpot was worth $14.3m, that’s US dollars!

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