Lottery Systems that Get You Closer to the EuroMillions Winning Numbers

Lottery Systems for EuroMillions

Winning the EuroMillions lottery is the dream of millions of people, people from  all over the world, not just Europe. Since its introduction in 2004, billions of tickets were sold, and hundreds of players became  millionaires. I bet that you also want to become part of this elite community, to become a winner of the EuroMillions. Numbers that are drawn are your ticket to wealth and fortune.

As you know, there are lottery systems that can get you one step ahead of your competition. Now, it’s not going to come easy, but it’s definitely worth the effort.

What Is a Lottery System – The Ultimate Definition

A lottery system is a preconceived approach, similar to strategy, which involves mathematics, statistics that are tailor made to bring passionate players like you closer to the winning numbers. A strategy is one thing, a lottery system is in a way, an advanced strategy that’s polished for a specific lottery. Lotteries come with different rules that have a strong impact on how you should come up with the numbers.

For example, the Powerball has two drums and this is highly rare. This little twist changes a lot! Lotteries have different number ranges, different number of balls need to be selected, and much more. In my personal and honest opinion, without experience, without any knowledge in the lotto you’re pursuing, a lottery system goes a long way. I kindly recommend you using one. For what it’s worth, I prefer personal strategy with a special touch of experience and dedication. But  hey! That’s just me.

Why EuroMillions and Why a Lottery System?

Duh! EuroMillions is the most  prestigious European transcontinental lottery. It’s only the highest paying lottery on the grounds of Europe. This lottery has made more millionaires that you and I have fingers, both on our hands and feet, multiplied by 10. Well, not that many, but still, it’s a lot.

Why a lottery system? Because it gives you the edge you need to have viable chances of actually winning the jackpot. It’s not just about playing, it’s about winning. In my view, players who are randomly picking the numbers, without any idea why or what they’re doing, is simply plain futile.

Without further a due, here are 4 seemingly ludicrous, but quite useful lottery systems.

Lottery Number Counting – Similar to Blackjack Card Counting

Although it doesn’t work exactly like blackjack card counting, I like to use this comparison because it attracts the attention of lottery players. However, in spite of the huge differences, my very own Lottery Number Counting can work. So, to get to the point, how it works?

Basically, you go through the past numbers, and you select the 25 most frequent numbers. It’s a lot easier to select 5 numbers out of a 25 number range. Bear in mind, I’m assuming you’re already playing with multiple number combinations. This is essential.

You turn the EuroMillions lottery into a 25 lotto. Sounds better, right? It sounds easier, right? Well, kind of. It’s more of a hit and miss, but at least you have to deal with the 25 most frequent numbers. Even if you don’t win the jackpot now, you still have higher chances of winning any of the secondary prizes. This lottery system usually results in winning multiple secondary prizes, because the numbers  from the 25 number range are clumped. Compile a list of the most frequent numbers, and follow your intuition.

If you have some knowledge in coding, it’s pretty easy to create a software that will do this automatically for you, however, you still need to input the numbers yourself.

Maintain a Balance Lottery Number Sum

The basic principle of the lottery is that every number combination has the same odds of appearing. However, there are ways which eliminate the highly improbable number combinations, like sequences, focusing on lower numbers, focusing on higher numbers, etc.

Now this isn’t worth to be put into computer software, although it’s possible. It’s pretty simple, and I apply this as a viable checkpoint. Regardless of the strategy I’m testing or simply putting into practice, the lottery combinations must meet the requirements brought forward by the mandatory balance.

Every lottery has it, an average, a median of sums of all the lottery numbers that drawn from the drums. For example, the EuroMillions has a number range from 1 to 50, and an additional set of numbers, 1 to 12. Now the main draw, the 1 to 50, needs to have a sum of numbers averaging between 130 to 140. You should regularly check this average amount, because it changes in time. If, and I say if, it’s significantly higher, change a number or two. If it’s lower, you’ve obviously focused on covering low numbers. Remember, this works with other lotteries as well. Go through the past results, add the numbers, and see what the average is.

Lottery Wheels – Probably the Best Lottery System for EuroMillions

Lottery Wheeling, or Lottery Wheels, were first introduced back in the 1970s. It’s based on mathematical permutations, and this lottery system requires some  knowledge in combinatorics and permutations. The EuroMillions lottery numbers are in my opinion, perfect for Lottery Wheeling. This is an advanced lottery system that guarantees prizes, not the jackpot, but secondary prizes. Furthermore, you need to buy quite a lot of lottery tickets for this system to work. Some lotteries offer their software to their players. Unfortunately, the EuroMillions is not one  of them, and you will have to find the software yourself.

Over the years, Lottery Wheels evolved, bringing forth different types of wheels, like the Full Wheel, Abbreviated Wheel and the Filthered Wheel.

I recommend using the Lottery Wheel system with large number of tickets, maybe you can team up with your friends, or recommend it to your lottery syndicate members.

With the objective not to confuse you, I will not go into details, because you’ve already digested a lot of information on EuroMillions lottery systems. Be thorough, because Lottery Wheeling takes time and dedication to master.

Although I don’t recommend them, I still have to point them out. Lottery players have also tried to win the EuroMillions listening to their inner self. Many players try to interpret their dreams, hoping that their alter ego will give them the winning combination. There are number combinations, which, as the creator says, you should play depending on what you’ve dreamt.

Since I can’t put a finger on it, I’m very suspicious of this. Nonetheless, it has worked in the past. There are more than a dozen lottery winners who have won the lottery because they’ve applied a system similar to this one. And these are the lottery players the public knows of.

The Pyramid System has also seen a lot of attention, however, I personally am not a fan of it, because even if you do win, you will share the prize with thousands of players. It’s such a common lottery system amongst passionate lottery players, who have just discovered the thrills of the EuroMillions. Moreover, the Pyramid is best for pick 4 lottos.

In addition, another great mistake, which apparently many lottery players still do, and even the operator itself recommends, are dates. Maybe some lotto with a shorter number range makes this viable, but not the EuroMillions.

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