Lottery Rituals: Forget Luck, Give me Charms, Magic Spells, and Voodoo!

Lottery rituals

For many people, playing the lottery is more than a random game of chance. It is a game that involves a lot of praying, rituals, charms, and even magic! How far some people are willing to go to win the lottery is a little alarming, if not scary.

Lottery Rituals

If you know someone with OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), you may be familiar with rituals and how important they are to the person. They just don’t feel right unless the ritual is performed perfectly every time. These rituals can be as simple as checking the door to see if it is locked several times, to being more extreme like washing your hands multiple times under hot water.

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Lottery players have their own rituals they firmly believe in. Some people use a mild form of ritualization when they are playing the lotto. These rituals include placing a newly purchased ticket in a pocket-sized Bible and placing a golden cross on top before bedtime. Another carries a “God Rock” with them.

Non-religious rituals include having a beer before checking the lottery and placing the tickets under the bobbleheads of their favorite sports players. Some wear lucky shirts when purchasing tickets while others use lucky pens. Hey… If it works for them, who am I to criticize?

I Put a Spell on You… Powerball Machine!

Call me a skeptic, but relying on voodoo to win the lottery is a little far-fetched. I’m a firm believer in fate and destiny, so you would think that magic and voodoo aren’t too far out of my realm of belief… But, eh. Magic is a little… Out there?

According to Doktor Snake, you’d be foolish not to use a voodoo spell to play the lottery. He states that “you’re at a serious disadvantage,” and that you “need a helping hand—a powerful spiritual helping hand.” But, isn’t that why many lottery players turn to their religious deity for help?

I digress. Doktor Snake will send you a Mojo Hand (a voodoo amulet that the mighty Doktor with a K makes themselves). This amulet possesses a powerful voodoo spell that is created to guide your lottery dreams into reality.

Here’s a snippet from the voodoo Doktor’s site and tell me if you believe it’s legit.

MOJO: The main thrust of the spellworking is to create a spiritually charged Mojo Hand, a voodoo amulet made by me, which is a material manifestation of power working on your behalf to bring your lottery and gambling dreams into reality.

POWER: In order to divest the mojo hand with this power I perform a specialist hoodoo ritual in a cemetery at midnight at a specially chosen grave – an old time gambler’s grave. I call up his spirit and give him an offering of rum and cigars, which he is as rabid-crazy about in death, as he was in life.

LIFE: Then I petition the gambler’s spirit to enter the mojo hand, bestowing it (and the roots and curios inside) with numinous power. This brings the mojo hand to life, turning it into a living, breathing artifact that works 24/7 to bring you the winning edge when you play the lottery.

Oh, but it gets even better! Want to know how much this will cost you? A whopping £170 (USD 265 approx). Oh, but if you prefer, the Doktor can do the voodoo spell without sending you the Mojo Hand! Because, you know, who would want to spend almost $300 on a spell and have nothing to show for it?

It sounds like the good Doktor is trying to win a jackpot of his own creation!

Courting Lady Luck is a Tricky Game to Play

Maybe I’m too much of a cynic, but I’m not one to go all out on superstitious things. If Lady Luck is on your side, then that’s great. If she isn’t… Well, better luck next time. What are some of your lucky rituals? Do you believe in crazy gimmicks like voodoo spells or chants to with the lotto?

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