Holy Shit! Lottery Reunites 2 Family Members On Their Wedding!

Lottery Winner Marries His Granddaughter

I’ve heard of a lot of weird, strange stories related to lottery in some way. However, I haven’t come across a story such as this. The lottery certainly can do wonders. Sometimes these wonders are for the better, but sometimes these stories are rather cringeworthy. Whenever a lottery player wins a million dollar jackpot, that particular person is in the spotlight for a good period of time. During this time the lottery winner is exposed to the public media, gossips, in general word of mouth. This is the story of two unfortunate souls, one of them won the lottery. Despite winning the lottery, I still consider him as an unfortunate person.

Enough teasing. Here’s the story. Note, please keep the opinions to yourselves. I was stunned already.

Ground Zero – Florida and the Florida Lottery

First and foremost, let’s get the location clear and the lottery that made this lottery winner feel bitter about it. The 68 year old lottery winner won the Florida Lottery. By this point he was a loner and into a lottery. He enjoyed what he wanted to do most, playing the lottery regularly and enjoying in the lemons life gives him. Until he got the bitterest lemon of them all. Then again, he did get a good bag of sugar before the lemon was given to him.

So he won the million dollar jackpot, which then set the grounds to finally meet his long lost granddaughter. It took $7,000,000 and an online search for love to stumble upon his grand daughter.

A Little Background on the Rich Granddad

He is just a common man. Married twice, divorced twice. His first wife after the divorce took the children and run away. Our lottery winner here, searched tirelessly for years for his children. But, It’s only but reasonable to expect him to search for them. After all, they are his children. Regardless, his quest was a clear failure. I know from my experience that after a lottery player wins a jackpot, a lot of family members come out of the woodwork and try to contact the lucky winner. I’m totally against this. If you weren’t with me when I was broke, why would I take you back now when I’m in a position of power?

His two ex-wives didn’t try to establish contact whatsoever. The 68 old granddad was OK with this, since now he can enjoy in his wealth without any toxic people in his life.

The Floriday Lottery winner moved from an old house to a waterfront house  worth at least $2,000,000. Once he settled down and upgraded to his version 2.0, he started a quest online to search for a new love. The guy wanted to have someone by his side, nobody wants to die alone. I know that sounds morbid, but that’s the reality.

The Internet Does Wonders – And I’m Not Pointing to Online Lottery

Due to dynamic lives, having no time to go out and socialize by having hobbies, being passionate about, a lot of people have turned to online dating. I’m not here to judge, since I was into online dating a few years ago. However, I realized that online dating is just not my thing. It takes a lot of maintenance. You always have to be prepared financially and you need free time.

So our star of the show started looking for new love online. As miraculous as it sounds, it didn’t take him long before he met his new love. After all, he just won the lottery. That’s all he had to put in his description to find his new love and nobody would consider his age.

They started chatting online, felt a weird connection and decided to give it a try. Bear with me here, it’s absolutely OK to have a connection between two family members, especially ones related by blood. They knew something was special about their relationship. However, one thing led to another and they ended up in front of the altar with a priest.

The Truth Was Out in the Open – What Happened?

The truth was out 3 months after they got married. After going through some old photo albums, our bride here was stunned once she saw pictures of some of her relatives. She started asking her husband, or her granddad how and from where does he know all of these people. Once he opened his mouth, they were both stunned by what has happened with them. Fortunately, both of them were mature enough, as was their bank account, so they remained calm. Let’s be real, with 68 years of experience, you can’t have a nervous breakdown. He calmed down his granddaughter, his wife. Damn, I don’t know how to refer to her. I bet he didn’t know either.

Aftermath of the Sudden Realization – No Action Was Taken

Personally, I would leave things as they are. I’m happy to know that this newlywed couple decided to take the same course of action. What’s done is done. They decided to leave things as they are. They won’t divorce, nor will they let things flow naturally as they do in any other marriage. I wonder if the whole family got together after this. It all sounds like an episode from some soap opera. “My husband is my granddad”. Or how about “I’m my mother’s step-mother”. Sounds funny, right? No! It’s wrong!

Nevertheless, they didn’t know what was actually going on. It’s in their DNA to protect each other. The primal instinct does not have an expiration date.

At the moment, they’re still together, making up for lost time, catching  up with their stories, and of course, enjoying in the remainder of the $7,000,000 lottery jackpot.

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