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Wintrillions VIP Loyalty Program

The most difficult thing is not convincing someone to become your customer, but to keep him loyal and this is something that WinTrillions is particularly good at. As a token of appreciation for choosing them over other British lotteries, they automatically enroll players in their VIP loyalty program. This means that each time someone purchases a ticket for any of the lotteries they feature, he or she will immediately receive an amount of loyalty points. Whether they play individually or through a syndicate, players can rest assured that they won’t be deprived of their fair share of VIP points.

Wintrillions VIP Loyalty Program

Are you ready to collect VIP points with Wintrillions VIP Loyalty Program?

Naturally, those who are placing larger orders or visit the site more often to buy tickets are the ones who will benefit more from the VIP loyalty program. The average price of lottery tickets is reasonably low with WinTrillions, which is yet another excellent incentive for shopping with them. There are no prerequisites or hidden conditions for becoming a VIP with this lottery vendor, all you need to do is to open an account with them and start playing.
Collecting VIP points is easy and for every two dollars the player spends on tickets, he will receive one such point that is stacked in his account. Eventually, players will own enough VIP loyalty points to redeem them and when they do, WinTrillions will award them with generous markdowns on lottery tickets and monthly subscriptions. Some of the most dedicated players will enjoy the results of this VIP loyalty program free and unrestricted access to Millionaire Raffles and lotteries.

Wintrillions VIP Loyalty Program

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