TheLotter bundle promotion

Both land-based and online merchants are frequently offering significant discounts for those who purchase more of the items they manufacture and sell. TheLotter makes no exception and runs the bundle promotion which is aimed at rewarding those players who have high expectations when playing the lottery. If you are serious about maximizing your chances and making lottery games more convenient, purchasing a multi-draw package is the ideal way of saving when you buy lottery tickets.

TheLotter bundle promotion

TheLotter bundle promotion for the players with high expectations

TheLotter will enable you to save as much as 25% off the standard ticket price while giving you the certainty that no matter how busy your schedule might be, you won’t miss a single draw. This is not a regular international lottery promotion that can easily be dismissed as a fad, because the savings are considerable. They start at 15% for a five draw package and players can add an additional 10% if they go all the way and choose the 52 multi-draw package.

Most players who give the bundle promotion a chance will also choose to open a subscription to their favorite lottery to cash in on the free tickets. For every nine lottery tickets that you purchase you will receive one for free, not to mention 25 VIP points that are immediately credited to your account. The more you play, the more points you accumulate which makes this campaign vastly superior to any UK lottery international promotion that you could stumble upon while browsing the Internet searching for a lottery purchasing service.

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