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Lottery Looper

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Price: $49.99/$29.99/$34.99
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Guarantee: No
Description: Lottery Looper is software that helps predict lottery numbers for upcoming draws based on their previous performance.

Lottery Looper Exposed — Are You Loopy If You Buy This Software?

Lottery Looper Exposed

Lottery Looper Review

Looking at Lottery Looper software, for once the site isn’t covered with all kinds of guarantees that you are going to win big using it. This is a software program that predicts what the best numbers would be for the next lottery based on past performance. That’s frequencies of different combinations for different lotteries. They say it will work for any of the lotteries played internationally. Is that really it?

Lottery Looper & What They Offer

This is predictive software based on prior results of lotteries. You can change the range of what you are analyzing. They do say they offer a few other key things. Why would you want to “explore your data on the fly”? There is color coded numbers that identify “what’s hot and what’s not”, an auto calendar that you can check your tickets through, a single display and something about a built in browser which makes it easy to enter data.

Numbers, Numbers and More Numbers

Someone put a lot of work in inputting all the different combos for lotteries at Lottery Looper but how does it update? They say this is a one-time download. So what happens a month from now? I guess maybe that browser info means you are the one who is going to be updating the data information. Okay, they say that this software is already “extremely feature rich” but that they are “not done yet”. But there is no information on whether any changes will be a free upgrade or simply cost more.

What Does Lottery Looper Cost?

Ah, the million dollar question! Lottery Looper is currently offering a launch special of 40% off the “final price” of $49.99. So theoretically that’s $29.99. But – yes the big but – there is an additional “Regnow service fee” which is not explained. Click on “order now” and the price is actually $34.95. We asked the question on what is the actual “Regnow service fee” and they said that it depends on where you are ordering from plus there are taxes applicable. Purchases can be made online “instantly” or you can place your order by telephone. Not sure why anyone would do that given the software has to be downloaded.

Get in Touch with Lottery Looper

There is a toll free number for calling in North America and an Issaquah, Washington State regular number for calling from the rest of the world. There is an email address and they do get back to you within twenty four hours. There is no snail mail address and there is no information on who these folks are or who actually designed this software. It is owned by who also advertise another program called “Lotto Logic Lottery Software”. It doesn’t look like it offers anything more.

Check Out Lottery Looper’s Demos

Looking at their YouTube demo video, I did like all the colored balls blinking all over the place, but it certainly didn’t give me a better understanding of how it worked. It just seemed to be more confusing as I was the one that would have to decide which ranges would give me the best combinations.

Would you mind rating Lottery Looper?

Would You Buy Lottery Looper?

Seriously? If you’re into playing with numbers, then Lottery Looper might be the software program for you. But it’s pretty agreed that with any lottery that uses bouncing balls, the randomness of the numbers means that there is as much chance as the same numbers coming up two times in a row as software that can tell you what the best numbers are. The other thing is just how good is this? If it was so good, why isn’t the designer laughing all the way to the bank with his or her amazing wins.

Final verdict: 3 out of 10 stars.

  1. I agree with the others who state this Lottery Looper software is nothing but a scam…..the person who sells this system is definitely posting all the good reviews on it, they all look and sound the same. This system is a Huge Red Flag now, plus on other lottery forums there are many bad reviews on it and that speaks volumes. There are better systems to use by far, even free systems work better as others have reported. Yes, you are loopy in the head if you trust this system, it’s been busted as a scam!

  2. I noticed this product in the Recent Reviews on the right. Luckily all the activity this product has instantly brought to my attention, all the THUMBS UP, and thumbs down.

    Only the best products generate this much activity.

    So, without any hesitation, I bought the Complete Collection, who wouldn’t, such an amazing deal.

    Thanks everyone for all the activity which brought this product to my attention… cause I won $101,029, I KNOW RIGHT? Like huge OMG.

    I am still in shock, it’s no wonder Lottery Looper has so much attention with all the people winning like this. All the other products here are like decades old and no activity.

    I would have totally passed right over it too if it weren’t for this much attention and i would be out 100 GRAND!!!! and yeah just the thought of that hurts lol 😊

    Only the best products generate this much love hate, and yeah that wisdom totally came true and PAID off!!!!!!!!! HUGE!!!!!!
    OMG i’m still in disbelief, this is a lot of MONEY!!! 🙂


  3. Yes indeed ….. all the votes in favor for the system in a day or so jumped sky high which just screams Scam!!! Looking at most of the reviews in favor of the system, they all seem to be written by the same person, so again looks very bad for the system. The seller is most likely posting false reviews, I will not trust any of those good reviews, the negative reviews clearly seem to be the honest ones.

  4. OMG! in one day……I will say that again, in one day many of the negative reviews got hit with obvious fake votes, in some cases as high 61 votes against the negative review. This has never happened ever which now very clearly shows the SCAM this system is all about. All the negative reviews on this system are obviously the TRUTH and the positive reviews in favor of the system are ALL FAKE!

  5. My rating for this system is very poor! If you were lucky enough that it did ok for you then that’s great! I find no luck with using this method, plus the support is very poor to say the least. Just looking at all the bad reviews makes me feel like I was scammed, as did not know obviously how bad the system really was. Oh well, you live and learn!


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