Online Lottery Complaints – How to Find them?

Lottery complaints

Checking Out Lottery Complaints

You got your numbers and wanted to play a lottery online but where and how are you going to do it? The amount of lottery online concierge sites is incredible. It seems everyone has jumped on the bandwagon. So where to start? It’s your money and your details that you are about to share online. With the number of scams that we hear about on the news and online reading, it’s essential t check out lottery complaints.

Google It! Google it!

So many people immediately go to Google to for lottery complaints. It’s a relatively user-friendly website to find out what’s being said, at the same time there are other options. When we’re talking about your security and your money, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Our team uses a variety of different search engines, regular sites and monitors other publishers to get to the bottom line. Lotto Exposed believes it is essential to be thorough in finding out info. It’s not easy when so many of the lottery concierge sites choose names to scam people.

Google for complaints

The Name Can Be the Game

Our teams have spent hours sometimes trying to get behind the noise of the name of a site.  Scammers are smart and know how to use these systems to make sure even when there are lottery complaints; they are hard to find.

Where to Start?

Choosing the place to play and/or the lottery you want to play can be a real challenge. Lotto Exposed has several approved and trusted sites which offer all the big jackpots with some different options on how to play. If you want to go your own way and find someone different, make sure you are very clear on the terms and conditions.

Check It Out

There are a bunch of different places you can search for lottery complaints on a lottery or lottery concierge service to check them out.,,,, and are a few that we use. Many of the official (government run) lotteries have their pages that summarize the latest scams targeting them. If you’re choosing to play a specific lottery, make sure you check out their site. At the same, you can simply check Lotto Exposed to what our team has tracked down. That’s what we’re here for.

Complaints Board

Technical Stuff

There are websites like that give you the lowdown on the technical side of how a site operates. Our team uses Alexa. This is a site that helps Lotto Exposed to investigate online lottery providers and lotteries on their statistics and popularity. But this isn’t enough. Our team has to dig deeper.


Using Legitimate Lotteries to Be Illegitimate

Various scams operate using legal lottery names to gain credibility. The FBI refers to them as mass marketing scams as the scammers send out hundreds and hundreds of emails at a push of a button. There is almost no cost to them so even if they get less than 1% response, they are making money,

Back to the Name Game

Then, there are the scammers that use legitimate lotteries and people through emails and snail mail to convince people they’ve won a jackpot. They are either after getting a person to pay fees upfront or we’re talking identity scamming where they get sufficient personal details to clone you- and then take all you have. No lottery will contact you to advise you you’ve won – especially if you haven’t bought a ticket. If an online concierge service is going to contact you, they certainly won’t use a Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo account. If you do receive an email saying you are getting money and the email address does look legitimate, check it out independently or send it to our team to check it out. We’ve got some amazing people that do understand how to get to the bottom line and protect you, your money and your identity.

The Bottom Line

If you are going to play online lotteries, be very careful who you play through. Check out the small print in the terms and conditions. Do your research! Scammers have found this a very lucrative exercise. Once they have your details and/or your credit card details, it can be tough to reverse the situation.

The most important thing is to ensure you use a reliable, trustworthy online concierge site. Whether you do the research yourself or use us, do your research. Playing lotteries online is great fun – so make sure you can enjoy it confidently.

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