Why We Investigate Lotteries, Providers & Systems

Why We Investigate Lotteries, Providers & Systems

Why Do We Do It – Investigating Online Lotteries

When I first started playing lotteries online, it was with a great deal of caution and fear. This was a whole new industry that involved sharing personal and credit card details with faceless strangers. It was talking to Florin one day that started the ball rolling. He had come across a ‘guaranteed’ lottery system being offered for sale online. He was laughing himself silly at what they had to say. I took a look at it and thought hang on, it makes sense to me. That’s when he started talking me through what the scam was. I thought – wow. I almost would have bought into it.

That’s when we started to pull a team together and look into the online lottery providers, lotteries, and lottery systems. Initially, it was just the three of us – Robert, Florin, and me, but we soon realized this was a lot bigger than just us. We were going to need a group of people who understood how to mine information online. We wanted to be proactive and not just reactive, so we also needed to talk to players out there.

Thanks from the Team

The team at Lotto Exposed would like to say thanks to all our followers who have provided questions and feedback on lottery issues. It has been a busy year with more and more companies launching websites for online lottery purchases and systems offered. With the growth in the industry, it is harder and harder to get to the bottom line on who these folks are and whether they are for real.

It’s not just the time involved in digging into the small print, online lottery providers write in their terms and conditions that takes time. It’s also fighting our way through what they say about themselves versus the truth. Many of the online lottery providers – especially the scammers – blog positive reviews about themselves. Our team understands the importance of digging behind these reviews and finding out whether these guys are legitimate.

It is indeed a nice feeling when we receive a ‘thank you’ from people that have been able to protect themselves better when playing lotteries online. It’s a great incentive to our team that toils behind computers for hours tracking through articles, blogs, official government investigations, and other complaint sites. This includes the legalities of playing with online lottery providers.

This is a new area that crosses many jurisdictions. With no existing global rules and regulations, it can become very complicated. We not only have to look at the company that is hosting a lottery, but also the country’s legislation. Players also have to be aware of their own country’s rules. Some lotteries are tax-free, and some are not. For some players, even if the lottery is tax-free, it might have tax implications in their own country. The diversity of the feedback we’ve received underlines the vast range of players out there.

Players Across the World

From Cambodia to London, India to Sierra Leone, Australia to Beijing, people are getting in touch with us to ask questions to help boost their confidence in what lottery to play and a provider to play it through.

Our team dodges threats, complaints, and comments from online lottery providers daily. We have had legal action and won because of our commitment to the truth. We go back through our articles and reviews regularly to ensure that they include the latest, up-to-date information.

Our team works tirelessly to dig deep and make sure that we provide reviews that get to the bottom line and respond to your questions and comments. We want to ensure playing lotteries online is fun and simple.

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