Irish Lotto

Irish Lotto

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€3,000,000 00:00:00 UTC
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Winning Numbers for 2024-02-24
Numbers to Pick: 6/47
Days of Draw: Wed., Sat.
Average Price: €4 for 2 lines
Odds of Winning: 1 in 10,737,573

Irish Lotto Exposed — How to Play the Irish Lottery Online?

Irish Lotto Exposed

Irish Lotto Review

Lucky four-leaf clovers and other charms – sign us up. Ireland is known for its good luck symbols and yet another cool thing – the Irish Lotto.

This national lottery has a couple of cool characteristics that make it worth giving a try. And if you’re asking yourself, “can I play the Irish lottery online?” we have you covered! It’s possible to play Irish Lottery online, even if you live in another country. The following guide will give you a good idea about the rules, the prizes, how to play the Irish lottery online, and other important stuff. Let’s get started.

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Irish Lotto: A Quick Overview and Some Rules

This is a straightforward lottery game where players choose six numbers between 1 and 47. To win the big jackpot, a player has to guess all six numbers.

The game is played every Wednesday and Saturday. Each play is a minimum of 2 lottery lines. The two lines cost 4 euros and anyone who wants to choose an additional line will have to spend 2 more euros on the purchase.

Irish Lotto is a game with a well-established history. The first drawing took place in 1986. Initially, there was only one drawing per week. Due to the game’s popularity, a second drawing was added in the middle of the week. Originally, Lotto was a 6 out of 36 game, but the format was changed in 1992 to 6 from 39. In 1994, it became a 6/42 game, and the current format was chosen in 2015.

How Much Is Irish Lotto’s Big Jackpot?

Irish Lotto has a guaranteed starting jackpot of 2 million euros.

In the case of no winner for the respective drawing, the amount will roll over towards the next one. This way, Irish Lotto has produced some pretty spectacular jackpots through the years.

In 1992, a syndicate attempted to abuse the system because a 6 out of 36 format enabled them to test out all numerical combinations. The syndicate did win a jackpot of approximately 1.16 million Irish pounds at the time.

A syndicate also claimed the largest prize in the history of Irish Lotto. The sum of 18.96 million euros fell on June 28, 2008. The lucky group consisted of 16 quarry and concrete plant workers from Bennekerry.

Is It a Scam? How to Play Irish Lotto Online in a Safe Way?

The biggest and probably the most crucial question that needs to be examined before moving on to anything else is whether the Irish Lotto is a scam. You can rest assured that the opportunity is legitimate, regardless of the playing method that you choose. You can play Irish Lottery online or buy your tickets from authorized retail venues, and there will be no risk for you.

The game is the first one in the history of the Irish National Lottery. The Irish National Lottery is an entity established in 1986 after the passing of the National Lottery Act. The new establishment aimed to generate funds for good causes. Ever since its inception, the Irish National Lottery has raised over 4.9 billion euros for good causes.

Today, the national lottery’s portfolio consists of multiple games on top of Lotto – Plus, Daily Million, All or Nothing, Millionaire Raffle, and Telly Bingo. The Irish National Lottery is also responsible for the organization of EuroMillions in the country.

As far as playing the Irish Lottery online is concerned, this is possible, but you have to keep a few things in mind. These will be discussed in one of the next sections of the guide.

The Odds of Winning Irish Lotto

The odds of winning the Irish Lotto jackpot are 1 in 10,737,573. The odds of hitting the lowest prize tier are 1 in 72.

Numbers MatchedPrizeOdds of Winning
6Jackpot (minimum of €2 million)1 in 10,737,573
5 + Bonus BallEstimated €100,0001 in 1,789,596
5Varies (3.22% of Prize Fund)1 in 44,740
4 + Bonus BallVaries (0.81% of Prize Fund)1 in 17,896
4Varies (5.24% of Prize Fund)1 in 918
3 + Bonus BallVaries (3.49% of Prize Fund)1 in 688
3Estimated €91 in 54
2 + Bonus Ball€3 Scratchcard1 in 72

For an additional small payment, you can participate in a bonus game called Lotto Plus. Lotto Plus offers two additional drawings on top of the main one. Lotto Plus 1 comes with a maximum additional prize of 500,000 euros, and the bonus for Lotto Plus 2 is 250,000 euros. The numbers chosen for the main drawing are also the ones that participate in the Lotto Plus game.

The odds of winning the top Lotto Plus 1 prize are 1 in 10,737,573. The odds for the second category are apparently the same. The smallest Lotto Plus prize comes with odds of 1 in 54.

Can You Play Irish Lotto Online?

If you are an international player, you’re probably wondering whether you can partake in all of the fun. Can you play the Irish lottery online? As already mentioned, the answer is a positive one.

To buy your tickets, you have to go through an online lottery agent. These are websites that have local representatives responsible for the purchase of tickets on behalf of their clients. You will get an email confirmation and additional details that help you rest assured your ticket has been bought.

However, when you decide to play the Irish Lottery online, you have to do a bit of research. While there are legitimate and completely safe ways to play Irish Lotto online, there could also be some scams out there. If anything sounds too good to be true, it probably shouldn’t be trusted.

Some Info for Irish Lotto Winners

Whether you’ve decided to play Irish Lotto online or you’ve acquired your tickets from an authorized retail venue, these rules apply to you.

Winners have 90 days from the date of the drawing to make a prize claim.

Prizes of up to 100 euros can be claimed from any authorized retail venue. Prizes of up to 15,000 euros have to be requested from an Irish Post Company Office. All larger prizes have to be claimed from the headquarters of the National Lottery.

Ireland does not have income taxes imposed on lottery prizes. If you are an international player and decide to play Irish Lotto online, you will need to check the regulations in your country of origin.

Why You Should Play Irish Lotto


This Is a Game Organized by an Official National Entity

There Are Two Drawings Per Week

A Minimum Guaranteed Jackpot of 2 Million Euro per Drawing

Jackpots Roll Over If There’s No Winner for the Current One

There Are Bonus Games That Produce Additional Prizes

Many Prize Tiers on Top of the Jackpot

Lottery Prizes in Ireland Are Free from Taxes

International Players Can Acquire Irish Lottery Online Tickets

Why You Shouldn’t Play Irish Lotto


The Lower Prize Tiers Aren’t the Most Impressive Ones

The Odds Of Winning the Jackpot Aren’t Too Favorable

A Bit Expensive in Comparison to Some Other National Lotteries

Would you mind rating Irish Lotto?

Is Irish Lotto legit?

Irish Lotto is fun; it has some additional games and overall great jackpots.

Irish Lotto looks good for our team and gets a thumbs up. It’s perfect for Irish folk; it’s also great for those who want to play Irish Lottery online. Entirely legitimate and safe, Irish Lotto is worth a try.

  1. I’ve been doing 3x 3 numbers 2.7.23 – 9.18.21 – 11.16.20 and 8.13.31 on Irish lotto for 3 years every Wed and Saturday, and a haven’t won a penny, time to give up hope. Since they introduced extra numbers I think it’s fixed now.

  2. It was strange last night that you couldn’t buy a ticket later on and the system had crashed…….or is it the fact that the volume of punters wanting to buy tickets later doesn’t give time enough to rig the lotto so that nobody wins. If prize kept big more punters spend, more revenue.

  3. In my opinion, it has to be one of the best rip offs that looks legit in history. There is something not right when at least 4million +play the lotto in Ireland at least twice a week & nothing big in prize money has been paid out in months it certainly raises questions in my head. It’s not that long ago the lotto apologised to people who had bought scratch cards and found there was very little winnings on them. I never play it now however I have saved the money I used to spend on the lotto for last 6 months I’m amazed how much I have saved. My opinion 100% scam. Magnetic system springs to mind. Anyway, Good Luck to everyone that plays it.

    • I am really disgusted with the Irish lottery. They don’t want to promote Small prize’s on the lottery. They just want people spending on lotto lines and that is very dear as it is. Since the new crowd tuck over the Irish lottery a good few years ago. We are not winning anything. Also, I have noticed that when ever theirs a bank holiday, they definitely make sure nobody wins. They didn’t say much before about people winning big prizes. It was only when that TD was asking questions about the lotto not being won, because of the 6 month roll over that they kept putting up that this county here and there were winner prizes. This was just to keep people playing lotto.

  4. Scam. If you play a few quick picks and pay attention you’re given very similar numbers time and again. Numbers which of course don’t come up. I’ve frequently done 3 lines of quick picks online and each time a min of two of the same numbers are in all three lines. How do we know the balls are not tampered with? They could easily be magnetic. The prize money given out the last few months for lotto, lotto plus and daily millions has been atrocious. Less than a few million in three months and when you consider what they are making every day. I’m not daft or a conspiracy theorist. I am perfectly aware of probabilities but I’d like to see some transparency please

  5. I’ve been playing the same nos now for over two and a half years, ten pounds wed and ten pounds Saturday, I’m only looking for 3 nos 8,18,39, 3 draws wed and 3 draws Saturday, nothing is this even statistically possible these 3 nos haven’t come out, total fix, what a con.


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