Want to Get Lucky and Win the Lottery? Should You Consider Going International?

International Lottery Odds Comparison

Should You Stick Only to Your Local Lotteries?

Do you think your country has one of the best lotteries with one of the best jackpots? Think that the odds are entirely in your favor? Think again (unless you live in Spain)! Hundreds of lottery games exist in all parts of the world. Each one has its specific rules and specific chances of winning.

If you’re thinking about relocating and getting another citizenship in an attempt to become a quick millionaire, you’re probably not having the best strategy. Though the odds may be somewhat better for certain games, you’ll still be competing against millions of other players. Many factors determine lottery odds, and we don’t think that anyone has truly cracked the code yet. Otherwise, there’ll be rich and lucky lottery winners walking around everywhere (or at least in one country).

So, how do different lotteries compare, and are there certain games that feature much more attractive lottery odds than others?

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Lucky, Lucky Spaniards!

When it comes to lottery odds and jackpots, few people are luckier than Spaniards. The country’s Christmas lottery has the very descriptive name El Gordo (the fat one). This lottery has such great odds that nearly one million people end up being at least a bit richer than before buying a ticket.

In 2011 alone, El Gordo handed out generous awards, reaching a total amount of 2.5 billion euros (2.7 billion US dollars).

Here’s why the game is so great – you don’t have to choose numbers, you buy a ticket that already features five numbers on it. Anyone who has these five numbers will win a share of the grand total. Great way to make things simpler, Spain! We salute you!

The system is created in a way that many tickets featuring the same five-digit combination come in a series and are sold at the same place. This means that the lucky winners are quite often from the same town. How cool would it be to live in a city of millionaires, right?

A simple explanation does exist for generosity. El Gordo is held just once per year, during the holiday season. The whole idea of the lottery is to give people something cheerful and exciting before Christmas, which is why the odds of winning are so high.

Live in the US? Do You Know Which Game to Play?

If you’re a proud US citizen, you have a wonderful opportunity to increase your lottery odds by choosing the right game. Do you know which one it is? We’re not giving the information out yet. Come on, take a guess!

No? Ok, we’ll give you the information since we’re quite friendly. The answer is Mega Millions. It ranks among the world’s lottery games that have some of the best winning odds.

All that you have to do is spend just one dollar on a ticket. You can end up walking out with more than 300 million dollars. To participate in the game, you’ll have to choose five numbers in the range from one to 75 and a mega number in the range from one to 15.

The amount will be heavily dependent on the number of people that have got the winning combination. If several people have guessed the five winning numbers, the jackpot will be split among all.

UK Lotto

We don’t know whether the Queen has anything to do with it, but the UK is one of the countries having the best jackpot-winning odds. People that play the national lottery have a one in roughly 14 million chance of winning. In comparison, people playing Mega Millions have a one in 258 million chance of winning (which is still considered quite high in comparison to what other people have to through).

Keep in mind, however, that this system is set to change in October 2015. That’s when the odds are expected to change… for the worse. Instead of having to guess six out of 49, the enthusiasts interested in winning the jackpot will have to guess from 59 numbers. The simple change in 10 numbers will decrease the odds from the current number to one in 45 million.

So, if you want to win the UK lottery, the time is now. Once October 1 comes, the situation is going to become much, much different.

Honorary Mentions

In essence, the smaller the number of options you have to pick from, the higher the odds. This is why a few honorary mentions are due at the end of the article.

Australia’s PowerBall lotto features having to guess six out of 40 numbers for a maximum possible jackpot of 50 million Australian dollars. In Australia and Belgium, people have to guess six of 45 numbers. Canada’s Lotto Max has the candidates for the jackpot guessing seven of 49 numbers. Israel’s New Lotto is even better – six of 37.

So, if you feel discouraged about your lottery odds of winning – here are some of the worst possibilities. When it comes to having it bad, people in Italy are at a serious disadvantage. They have to guess six out of 90 numbers. The situation in Brazil is quite similar. Quina Lottery’s terms state that the jackpot will go to the person that guesses five out of 80 numbers.

No matter where you live, it’s still all about having a hunch. Don’t give up, even if you’re Italian. There are things you can do to get a few million euros.

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