Help, I’m Playing Lottery with My Mom — 6 Tips for Family Bliss and Harmony

I’m Playing Lottery with My Mom

Playing Lottery with Mama Can Be Fun!

Yay for moms, but boy, do they get controlling and let us face it – annoying – now and then. Playing lottery with mama can be fun if you do it occasionally and she listens to your input. Being a 30-year old man, however, and having mom dictating important decisions would be the same as putting a chastity belt around your waist.

And since this is our main thing, let’s talk about playing lottery with mom.

It can be a family tradition that you enjoy together, but you have to set things straight right from the start. No, we’re not talking about showing her who’s the boss. Playing lottery with your mom, however, should be guided by a few rules. Boundaries can also be helpful, especially if mom loves to splurge on lottery tickets and scratch-offs.

Don’t Tell Her What She can’t do

“Mom, you can’t possibly be thinking of buying yet another lottery ticket!” You know what her response is going to be? We’re guessing something along the lines of “watch me do it!”

Don’t ban anything, don’t set limiting rules or forbid anything. Instead, come up with some family ritual. It could involve one lottery ticket and one scratch-off per week. You can also occasionally break the rules to make her happy.

If you try to monitor everything she does and follow her around to check what’s in her purse, chances are that she’s going to be even more adamant about spending on various lottery tickets. Boundaries are ok, restrictive behavior isn’t. Be the adult in that relationship, but don’t treat mama as a kid. If you do so, chances are that she’ll respond as a rebellious teen and keep playing lottery insanely just because.

Get Help!

Mama can’t stop buying tickets? Mama can’t seem to be capable of buying just one or two? In this instance, you may want to utilize the big artillery. Organize a family intervention and curb irrational expenditure. She’s going to oppose at first, but chances are that by working together, you can put some reason in her head.

Let your siblings know that mom is spending a lot on lottery tickets and the family tradition is getting out of hand.

All of you coming together and talking to her calmly and rationally about it can deliver the results that you want. Many older ladies can develop a habit that will get out of hand sooner or later. It’s important to give her a hand and turn lottery into something fun. Sit her on the couch and learn what she feels. Once you have a good idea about why buying tickets is so important for her, you’ll also get to determine the best solution.

Have Fun with It

Come on, son, make your mom happy. Yep, you can participate in her weekly ritual and who knows – you may even end up hitting the big jackpot together. If this ever happens, you’ll probably get into other problems but you’ll fight about the money after you get it (and pay the due income taxes).

A little family fun can go a long way and you may end up hooked on lotteries sooner or later. Don’t resist and give it a try. It’s for a mutual benefit, plus you can win money together.

My Mom – the Lottery Ticket Hoarder

You’ve seen the TV shows (come on, it’s a little guilty pleasure that we all have) and you’ve seen hoarders and shopaholics. Does your mom qualify for one of those shows? Is she a lottery ticket hoarder?

Playing lottery together and being reasonable about the process is one of the ways to curb her spending, give her the emotional satisfaction and refrain from going broke over it. Some people experience a high by playing the lottery and earning. Your mom could be lonely. She could be in need of some excitement in her life. Lotteries are a fun way to get something thrilling, to eagerly await that big win.

So, if your mom is a lottery ticket hoarder, you’ll most definitely need to get involved. Alternatively, find her something else to do. Gardening, aqua aerobics or a reading club could all be a nice diversion.

Make It a Competition, Set the Rules

A little bit of family challenge can be an amazing bonding experience. Turning lottery ticket buying into a game that has its own set of rules can also simplify the process of staying in charge.

Tell your mom you’d like to test out who’s the luckiest family member. The game could involve the purchase of just one lottery ticket per week. If you make it an enticing and challenging experience, chances are that mama will embrace the rules.

There’s no need to act all strict or ban anything. There are more creative ways to get the results you’re hoping for. It would be even better if you get the entire family involved. They say that the more the merrier (we’re talking about lotteries, get your head out of the gutter) and when it comes to winning money, this is definitely going to be the case.

Have an Exit Strategy

Having a plan A is a good idea, but there’s always a risk of having plan A fail. What should you do in such instances? You need to have a plan B.

The big win is just not happening. Mom is more and more adamant on spending big. You’ll have to develop an exit strategy. Start with serious limitations. For example, give the two of you a chance to buy one scratch off ticket per week. If plan B doesn’t work and mom keeps on spending big bucks on those lottery tickets, you’ll have to make her quit cold turkey.

Playing lottery as a family can be a really cute tradition that everyone will enjoy. To avoid disappointments, misunderstandings, quarrels, sleepless nights and having your items thrown out of the house (we’re talking breakup style), however, it may be a good idea to set some rules in advance. Having a few guidelines right from the start will make the process smoother and give everyone enjoyment. Good luck and go get that jackpot! Mom has your back!

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