If I Were a Screenwriter, I’d Write a Screenplay About Frane Selak. You’re About To See Why.

Frane Selak

Frane Selak Gives a Whole New Meaning to Lucky Number 7

There is something about true life stories that appeal to audiences of all walks of life. We gravitate toward the stories that we can relate to and that also give us hope. These stories serve as a glimmer of hope that there are forces of nature out there that does reward individuals for being good people. This, of course, goes without saying that there are some stories that are so incredible that leaves you to wonder if there is any truth to them.

A Man Who Cheated Death

If you were to hear the life story of Frane Selak, a music teacher from Croatia, you wouldn’t believe it. Selak’s story begins in 1962 when he was on a train going from Sarajevo to Dubrovnik. The train derailed and fell into an icy river. Although the accident killed 17 passengers, Selak was able to escape the wreck and swim to shore, even while suffering from hypothermia and a broken arm.

As incredible as that is, the teacher’s luck continues to worsen. Only a year had passed before he escaped death once again. Selak was on a plane when the door of the cockpit was ripped off and he was sucked out of the plane. Luckily for him, there was a haystack waiting to break his fall. He was taken to the hospital where he sustained minor injuries.

In 1966, Selak was on a bus that veered off the road and crashed into the river! In that accident, four passengers met their demise while, again, he only sustained minor injuries! Are you sensing a theme yet?

In 1970, Selak’s car caught on fire and he was able to get out of the car right before it exploded. In 1973, he was in another car when the fuel line doused the engine in gas and flames came bursting through the air vents. Selak was able to escape (again) and the only injury he retained was the loss of his hair!

For the next 22 years, he was able to breathe easily. He had managed to avoid any dangerous situations and he didn’t have to fear for his life. That changed when his luck ran out in 1995 when he was hit by a local bus, but again, he only sustained minor injuries. A year later, he was on a mountain road in his car when he saw a large truck coming straight toward him. He steered his car through the guardrail, he leaped to safety and watched his car explode only 300 feet below him!

If there is one man who has cheated death, it is certainly Frane Selak! Oh, but for all his efforts, Lady Luck decided to reward him for being able to evade the Reaper for 39 years. For the first time in 40 years, Selak purchased a lottery ticket.

At the age of 74, he escaped death an astounding seven times and he lived to win $1 million!

Frane Selak is one man whose love affair with cheating death and flirting with luck has definitely proven to be one that screenwriters could only dream of.

Oh, his story doesn’t stop there though. Selak again amazes by giving away $600,000 of his winnings to family and friends so that he could live a frugal life with his fifth wife, Katarina. He sold his luxurious home on a private island and relocated to a smaller home in Petrinja. He only kept enough money so that he could have a hip replacement surgery and also create a shrine to the Virgin Mary so he could give her thanks for his incredible fortune.

Only one word comes to mind when I think of Mr. Selak: AMAZING.

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