Great Luxe Innovations for Lottery Winners – Time to Spoil Yourself a Little

Great Luxe Innovations for Lottery Winners

Dear Lottery Winners, It’s Time to Show Us Some Taste!

Winning the lottery is a dream of many. However, only a tiny fraction of all lottery players will ever get to be in the shoes of a lottery winner. If I ever win the jackpot most likely right after the excitement wears off I’ll go on a crazy shopping spree. Lottery winners deserve to spoil themselves a bit with some awesome luxe innovations. I’ve been dreaming of some of these since I was a kid. Of course, back in the days, the only place where we could see something like this was in a sci-fi movie, Star Trek for instance. Not only are these innovations fun and exciting, but they can be very useful at times. Show them to your friends and your guests, they’ll be amazed by your taste and that you’re not just another common lottery winner. They make you special!

It’s Time for an Upgrade – The Brand New BMW 7 Series

Before you start the witch hunt thinking “yeah, I knew it was going to be something about cars”, bear with me, please. This is not your everyday car. This is not a common person would buy and drive around. The new BMW 7 Series is fully automated, comfortable, using state of the art technology that’s never been seen before in a car. Having one of these in your garage is a statement that you value innovation. You’re not the Bugatti or Lamborghini guy; you’re one of the few lottery winners with sophisticated taste. The new BMW 7 can be taken out of the garage with the BMW Display Key. You can actually drive the car hands free with simple hand gestures. It follows each of your moves. Furthermore, the car can be controlled with voice commands. How about a HUD panel on the windshield? It looks and feels like a space shuttle. What was that about super expensive cars being better? The back seat allows you to comfortably stretch your legs and be in a comfortable position during longer rides. Charge your phone wirelessly while you enjoy the ride. Everything is spot on! Lottery winners, I recommend you to seriously consider the new BMW 7 as your next upgrade.

Fantasy Becomes Reality – Become Invisible with Invisibility Cloak

I’m 100% that you’ve seen the movie, Harry Potter. There was one element that was wanted by every single individual, the invisibility cloak. Well, a few years later, this mysterious item is real. That’s right, there’s a real invisible cloak. UC Berkley scientists are responsible for this invention. Currently, you can’t find the invisible cloak, duh; I mean you can’t buy it commercially. The project is still underway, but there are good signs that it will be completed by the end of 2016. If you’re a lottery winner I can already feel the anticipation on your end. At the moment the “invisible cloak” can hide objects such as keys and objects with that size. However, there’s already a coat like a cloak that does make the person wearing it invisible, but up to a certain level. With a bank account such as the one lottery winners have obtained one of these shouldn’t be an issue.

Make Your Home Smart – Automate and Integrate Your Home

I’m not talking about small upgrades or making minor changes to your home. I want you to think big, tap into your wildest dreams. Yes, it can be done. Technology has advanced so much that the only limit is the person’s creativity.

Once the whole package is implemented and installed in your home, your house or apartment will become seemingly alive. That’s right, but, not in the Terminator way where computers and robots dominate the world. There will be a ton of sensors that keep your home safe from all sorts of external influence, including burglars, rain, snow, low and high temperatures etc. The system tracks your behavior and your schedule and it can preemptively adjust the setting in order to have the interior matching your needs. All electronics can be connected, allowing you to control almost anything with a simple control pad. Now, as a lottery winner yourself, you probably already thought of doing this. I can say only one thing: just do it!

Experience Reality in a Different Way with Microsoft HoloLens

So we took a look at a great car, a great home, a great fantasy item that became real and now we’re going to take a look at something that even I couldn’t think of. You probably know what’s Oculus Rift. Now the Microsoft HoloLens is similar to the Oculus, but instead of showing you a totally new virtual reality it shows elements, objects and people in your surroundings. To the person wearing the lenses, it looks as if they are holograms so to speak. I don’t have the cash to get my hands on one of these, but if I were a part of the lottery winners’ family I’d buy one immediately. Most likely there’s an opportunity to connect this amazing gadget with the smart home system. Imagine the possibilities!

Who said that money can’t buy happiness? Money may not be the source of happiness, but they sure can help. Once you start following the tech trends and latest innovations, I guarantee you will become a tech junkie. Every year new and improved inventions are offered on the market. Make sure you regularly check for any updates.

  1. I love, love, love dreaming of winning the lottery and spending all that hard working money 😀
    My first stop after winning – some crazy expensive travel to land far far away 🙂


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