Lotto Exposed Tips: Get Rid of Email Lottery Scams Once and For All!

Get Rid of Email Lottery Scams Once and For All

Over the past 20 years the lottery has experienced a huge growth in the player base. New lottery operators have emerged, a range of lotteries has become so popular we regularly see them mentioned on the news and in the tabloids. However, this advent brought a malady of its own. Lottery scams are a risk that can’t be overlooked. More importantly, you can’t allow to become a victim of them. All your efforts are futile if you play a fake lottery. You are a loser from the get go. I’ve come up with a range of preventions that will keep lottery scams at bay. Just follow them and you will never become a victim of email lottery scams. By the way, sharing is caring. Share these tips with your friends who play the lottery. Enlighten them!

Be Careful What You Click Online – The Internet Is a Breeding Nest for Scams

People who play the lottery online are aware of the benefits of it and the convenience it comes with. You can sort the past results, buy tickets from the comfort of your home, check the results, get notified when you win, etc. However, lottery scams are a dark cloud that puts a shadow over these benefits. At least for the people who get affected by the cloud. Most of the online scams usually start with one simple click at the wrong place. This link takes you to a shady lottery that won’t pay out the prize regardless how hard you try. They might trick you with some sort of a special deal, such as free starting lottery ticket. It’s a bait that lures unsuspecting lottery players. If it’s too good, it usually isn’t true, not always, but usually.

Question Everything and Everyone – A Little Bit of Curiosity Can’t Hurt You

Legit online lottery operators proudly advertise who regulates them, to whom they report and how they spend the revenue they generate. Some of them go the distance and provide the signed and sealed documents. In the online world, trust is everything. One tiny misconduct and the reputation of the lottery goes down the drain. In the past, there’ve been several occasions when a lottery operator failed to deliver. These pitfalls resulted with the determination of the aforementioned lotteries.

So what should you do to avoid lottery scams? I know that nobody reads terms and conditions, but you should. A faster way to know if a lottery is fake or legit is to search for the a review of a given lottery. There are people like me who are familiar with the online lottery. I guess you can call us lottery experts.

The reviewer states what organization operates the lottery, what organization is the regulator along with what the complete offer is. It takes only a few minutes, but you’ll be safe for a lifetime.

The Email Filter Is Your Best Friend – Don’t Open Spam Mail

There’s a very good reason why certain messages end up in the spam folder and never see the light of day. It’s safe to say that there’s a large group of people who were tricked by the sender and reported it accordingly. If you feel that a given message looks shady or you know for a fact that it’s phishing, report it immediately. The authorities may not do anything about it, but you can report it as spam or phishing yourself. The provider, be that Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or any other, will record your report. Future mails that contain that similar message or that are sent by the same sender are going to be blocked and sent to the spam folder.

On the other hand, websites that are legit like Lotto Exposed for instance, can be trusted. The emails we send are of no danger to you. In fact, people like me try to get you one step closer to a jackpot that will be paid out. I have zero tolerance for lottery scams. Whenever I get across any of them, I report it immediately and let my friends know it should be avoided at all costs. I care for them, ergo I share with them.

Do Not Subscribe or Sign Up To Every “Join” or “Sign Up” That You Stumble Upon

If you doubt that you will find any information useful regarding a given site, don’t join that community, if there’s any. Once you provide your email to a person that operates and promotes a lottery scam you’re doomed for life. Your email address gets shared with hundreds of other scammers. You will be flooded with messages coming from various sources. And not just any messages, but messages that contain harmful, malicious information. They are not dangerous per se, rather the destination where they take you. As long as you don’t click on them, you’re safe.

The first line of protection is simply to not join or sign up for their newsletters.

If You Have a Good Thing Going, Don’t Take Unnecessary Risks

In other words, don’t play with fire. If you enjoy the lottery you’re currently playing, why poach the sleeping beast? On the other hand, if you want to try something new, look for recommendations from a reliable source. Nonetheless, the best way to get rid of email lottery scams is to not test the waters. Pay no attention to them. Just report them and carry on.

All other preventions can only reduce the risk, but they can’t negate it completely. Curiosity killed the cat, don’t let it make you a victim of cheap email lottery scams. Scams? I’d say it’s singular, as if you get burned once, you’ll definitely be more careful the next time. The bottom line is, email lottery scams exist and we can’t ignore them in general. However, you can just leave them be in your spam inbox.

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