Formula 1 Lotto

Formula 1 Lotto

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Price: $39.98
Trial: 12 Months
Guarantee: 12 Months
Description: Formula 1 Lotto claims it "uses a unique formula derived from studying and analyzing mathematical progressions and the probability of reoccurring number to eliminate the millions of number combinations that won't win and removes the bad numbers out of all the equations".

Formula 1 Lotto System Exposed — Really Something That’s Worth Your Attention (In a Bad Way!) Check This Out!

Formula 1 Lotto Exposed

Formula 1 Lotto System Review

Sometimes I wonder if I’m going to get royally screwed for opening my mouth (well, not literally) to review these insane products… and when that thought comes to my mind, I imagine a cartoon getting so pissed that I can’t help but laugh! Oh, and why a cartoon? Well, there are many reasons for that actually, 1. Cartoons don’t exist, 2. Cartoons aren’t real and 3. There’s no face behind this software… which technically makes me think that the promoters aren’t confident about their own merchandise.

So if they do come after me, well, I’ve got one thing to say, prove me wrong. On AIR. LIVE. With someone random. I can’t believe why people come up with software without even showing the public why they should trust them. These software products advertise themselves without even showing us, proving to us that they really, really work. Unless it’s an ad for a condom, in which case, it can’t be on AIR, LIVE and with someone random! You can’t really do much, but just guarantee that it won’t lead to bumps, but lotto software? Why do I get the feeling that your ads are similar to those for condoms?!

Digging Up Formula 1 – With Facts and Practicality

Right, so it’s become my passion to kind of see what the site looks like and what it claims to do… obviously, it’s all the sweet talk, but what’s beneath that? Sometimes you just need to dig in a little deeper to uncover the true meaning behind it and I’ve found it, but you’ll have to wait and listen to me first! So I headed over to open their page and their first statement threw me off my chair,

“If You’re Fed Up Wasting Money Playing Lotto Week In Week Out and Never Winning Anything, Then Your Fortunes Are About To Change…..”

I was like whoa! This definitely is something, right?

I mean it was straight, to the point and precise, but then this happened,

“A 64-Year-Old MIT Professor Has Spent The Last 27 Years Of His Life Perfecting a System That Will Win Lotto 8.7 Times Out Of Every 10 Games You Play… And Now He’s Giving YOU A Once In A Lifetime Chance To Own This System Before He Takes It Off The Market Forever… The Best Part Is YOU Cannot Lose With This System, Because It Comes With a 12 Month 100% Iron-Clad ‘Win Or You Get Your Money-Back Guarantee!”

Excuse me, but did you say a 64-year-old? So for 27 years of his life, he spent perfecting a system? Which means that at the age of 37, when he should have been doing something even better with his life, he started spending time on lotto… okay, granted, but if he spent 27 years of his life making a software product, why in the world would he take it off the market forever?

Has it failed so miserably that he’s trying to make up for the lost time with people’s money? Or are you trying to push people into buying something quickly without having them think twice? I smell a cheap marketing stunt… If it claims to work with a guarantee, why not show it live for people to see and applaud for your hard work? Forget the money-back guarantee, who is this 64 years old anyway? How many jackpots did he win? What is the reason for launching this software? If it really works, why in the world would he want to sell it when he can be the richest old man on the entire planet?!

Formula 1 Lotto System – Still Digging…

When I scrolled down I saw some images, possibly taken from Shutter Stock or other image license sites, I don’t know. But this caught my eye, “On the following page I’m going to show you the exact secret weapon I’ve used to win over $425,576 with lotto in the last 10 years…” so, in order to win half a million dollars, I’ve got to wait like 10 years… why shouldn’t I just play the lottery instead, without using the software? There are lots of lottery players who have won millions and millions of dollars WITHOUT the use of software… I’ll take my chances without the software thank you! Oh, and just to confirm, you’ll see lots of testimonials and I searched all of them… none of those names exist! They don’t exist! So it’s all fake! The people are real, but those names… nope. Probably his people…

Then I must point out this, “Here are just a few of the hundreds of emails I’ve received from people just like you…” wait a minute! People like me? People like me would want you to get on TV, choose a random participant, I can volunteer (!), and show us live that the “weapon” really works. That’s what people like me would email you about! And I bet they have received emails like this and have they done anything about it? Nope. There’s not one video that shows how this thing works, there’s not one video that gets us a winner, so how in the world, in this 21st century, believe you?

If you scroll further down, yeah, after those fake emails, you’ll see this, “Luckily, I met Professor R., the Math Statistics Genius from the prestigious MIT University…” what the heck happened to his face? Oh, yeah, I forgot… they probably didn’t get a decent enough picture of a professor! Then more fake emails, fake videos, more fake emails and then this,

“Some people that used this software emailed me like crazy in order to stop me from selling this software. Some of them even bribed me. That’s just one part of it… The truth is that… (I have to admit this to you…), in the beginning, I didn’t even want to hear about “sharing” this system with other people… However, Professor R. told me that he would only give me his method if I also offered his method to other people as well.”

Yeah, right. Yeah, just help us build your castle in the air. You can’t fool us you know… Scrolling further down, more fake emails, and I must admit, I’m tired of scrolling… I feel like my fingers have walked a few kilometers now.

What Price, What Bonus?

Ah, so the generous unknown person behind this scam is willing to offer four free bonuses to people who purchase this product ASAP. These free bonuses are supposedly worth $106.95 and they will expire 24 hours from now, I bet my a** it’ll say the same thing tomorrow! Here’s what it says,

“The FREE Bonuses will be removed in 24 hours. So if you don’t order now, and you come back here tomorrow, thinking that these valuable bonuses will still be available, you will miss out. I want to be sure that you have every advantage you could possibly need to guarantee your success — and so I don’t want you to miss out on this toolbox of FOUR SUPER ‘FREE’ BONUSES…..”

It will still be there, trust me. And what’s with all the full stops?!

So the software is priced at around $40 with a special 60% discount that’s only available for “today” (which trust me is pretty stretchable.) Then I came across a very interesting thing,

“Just last week I did my own investigation, and within a few minutes of searching, I was alarmed to find five different so-called ‘lotto systems’ that have suddenly appeared on the Internet. I know there are probably more out there, but finding five was enough to get the scam bells ringing in my head. I thought to myself……”how can so many supposed legitimate ‘lotto systems’ possibly be available” When I read the details about these so-called ‘systems’, I was horrified that there are people out there who are deliberately setting out to deceive people by trying to pass themselves off as being ‘lotto experts’, with a ‘system’, when in fact they have nothing of the sort… I’d love to tell you the names of these deceptive sites, but that might leave me open to some sort of legal action, so I won’t do it now. Maybe I’m naive, but I was just dumbfounded when I found out that people could do this. …. I don’t want to see YOU get ripped off by these people!”

Okay, I just laughed out loud! Why the heck are you trying to say?! We get scam bells from your site too, you know. I loved this line, “I was horrified that there are people out there who are deliberately setting out to deceive people by trying to pass themselves off as being ‘lotto experts’, with a ‘system’, when in fact they have nothing of the sort.” Well, that’s exactly what you’re trying to do sir, and with all due respects, we’re not stupid!

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My Thoughts on Formula 1 Lotto System

Please save your money! Go buy yourself a beer, don’t you love yourself?! Holy cow, this is unbelievable! Avoid this and play the lottery naturally instead!

This Lottery Software Is Closed

  1. Formulas don’t work, numbers are randomly generated, it’s a game of chance and luck.

    In the US, a 648 Mega Millions jackpot joint winner won playing combinations of family birthdays, including lucky number 7.

    In Australia, the first draw of the new Powerball 7 from 35 numbers, was won by a player using his own numbers from 20 years past.

  2. Formula 1 software has definitely got me thinking about formula one sports lol. Well, the mathematician in me is definitely going to try out this theory, perhaps the good prof was on to something. I mean, there’s no harm in trying now, is there?


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