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EuromillionsLive Exposed — Aka

EuromillionsLive Exposed

EuromillionsLive Review

Do you sometimes wonder why an online lottery provider uses multiple names and sites? I guess they are trying to figure out what is going to get them the most traffic. Let’s take – they also operate under the name claims they specifically target “tax-free” lotteries and those that are available in one lump sum – versus the lotteries that are taxed, paid out annually, or reduced by a 3rd when taken as a lump sum. Looking at the eight lotteries currently offered, I guess maybe they expanded what they do without going back and looking at the terms and conditions. I’ll get into that in a sec.

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Games at offers players eight international lotteries – UK Lottery, EuroMillions, US Powerball & Mega Millions, Irish Lotto, SuperEnaLotto, Oz Lotto, and Aussie Powerball. Players can subscribe for their tickets from 1 week through 52 weeks. They can also play their favorite numbers or opt for a quick pic.

EuromillionsLive’s Bundles Options

Instead of the usual discounts for multiple draws and multiple ticket purchases offered by some of the other online lottery providers, EuromillionsLive offers what they call bundles. This involves purchasing the right to buy a certain amount of tickets over a specific period for a discounted amount. The offers range from 5 tickets over a 2-week period to 100 tickets over a 12-week period but it is limited to specific lotteries, i.e., your 5 tickets over 2 weeks must be purchased for a particular lottery – not in general over the different lotteries they offer.

Getting Your Winnings

In the Terms & Conditions paragraph 25(i), it says “reserves the right to pay the winnings from any Jackpot to a player by means of an annuity.” So, you might get that mega jackpot all at once – or they – as in – might decide you get it as an annuity. There is no information on how quickly they pay out, but they will collect your winnings for you excluding the agency fee of 1% on all everything, and within 10 “working days” of receipt of the winnings from the official lottery.

Bonuses and Other Stuff by

New players get a 25% bonus added to their first deposit. Refer a friend, and they deposit into their account, and that’s an additional 25% bonus you can earn. There is also a posting regarding receiving free EuroMillions tickets for a year, but there doesn’t seem to be any info on that excluding five names of people who have won.

Who Can Play?

The only restriction on who can play at seems to be players have to be 18 years or older.

Who Is

Okay, this gets weird. Besides the two different sites noted before, there is an additional site listed as copyright – – of this site. But it doesn’t work. is operated by a company out of Cyprus. Under the terms and conditions, there is another company – – which is trying to sell its site – quoted as being responsible for acting on behalf of both EuromillionsLive and There is a snail mail address, but that is it. The only other way to get in touch is through the online form. There are no phone numbers, no email addresses, or live chat.

Why You Should Register with Euro Millions Live


Bundling Option

Eight International Lotteries

52 Week Subscription with Discounts

Why You Shouldn’t Register with Euro Millions Live


Lump Sum versus Annuity

Communication Options

1% Agency Fee on All Winnings

Would you mind rating

Is Euro Millions Live Legit?

Not a chance, folks. My bottom line is good contact details, and these folks don’t have them – and who are these folks? Add to this the bit about an annuity versus a lump sum – if I win a jackpot, I want it!

This site gets a thumbs down. At some point, hopefully, they will better review their terms and conditions to reflect the actual lotteries they are offering!

  1. I’ve always had no problems in the past but then again have never won a large amount. The little bits have always been received within a couple of days. BUT…this week I purchased a 10 ticket bundle and my credit card has been charged twice and no tickets have been issued? I have emailed 4 times and have had no response. Tried again today to purchase another bundle and the same happened. If there was just an email address to contact. The contact system on the page is ridiculous as there is no tracking any mail you have sent so cant keep a record. My bank needs some sort of record of my trying to contact the company in order to reverse the transactions which I cannot provide!! I’ve been buying bundles for a few years and this is the first time I’ve had problems.

  2. These guys state that they help themselves to a commission of 1%, but they in fact dip in and take 10% of winnings. I have emailed them twice querying this action, but received no reply. I will not be using them again!


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