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Did you catch the cool €25,543,227 that was won in Euromillions last week? One person won the big jackpot. That lucky winner chose the 5 regular numbers and two stars (bonus numbers). Now that must have made a pleased Valentine’s Day for someone. The winner hasn’t been announced, so we don’t know whether he or she simply walked into a store and bought a ticket or did it online through many of the concierge sites available. Speaking of concierge sites, I took some time today to review It’s a very clean site that offers players the opportunity to participate in one game bi-weekly – Euromillions. Now, note the term participate. It wasn’t until I got into the small print that I realized this is not a place to purchase lottery tickets but to bet on the outcome of lotteries.

How Does Work?

Betting on lotteries is almost the same as buying lottery tickets except for the company that is operating a particular website can make up their own rules. offers betting on the bi-weekly lottery draw using the published results as the decider. No tickets are purchased, though the numbers you chose are noted in your account. Any winnings are transferred into your account and can be withdrawn through a personal bank account or credit card as long as it’s over €25. The only restriction is that for withdrawals over €100,000, players have to wait four weeks. There is no information on what they charge. and Winning

The prizes at are the same as if you purchased a ticket. The difference here is they offer double the prizes for their syndicates. They can do this because they insure themselves with a German Insurance Company, Emirate AG. So if the big jackpot is €15,000,000, they offer the prize of €30,000,000 to syndicates.

Syndicates and

Three different syndicates are offered, including Lucky 50 lines (250 shares), Premium Eurosyndicate with 100 lines (80 shares) and VIP Highroller with 200 lines (50 shares). The numbers are automatically generated using a random selector to “maximize your chances.”

Customer Support

Though offers a direct Skype link, I found it hilarious that there is a recording that says their service lines are all busy so contact us through our email support. It didn’t matter what time of the day; there is never an answer. Their direct line is to Malta, and it’s always busy with the same message.

Who Are

Kootac Trading Ltd. based in Malta owns It is registered and operated by Kootac Gaming out of Curacao. But it is linked through for support.

The Bottom Line at

I’m not sure about the rest of you, but I prefer to know that I actually have the lottery tickets. This whole concept of betting on lottery numbers makes me a little nervous. The other thing is the money paid in is going to a private company and not supporting government initiatives and/or other causes. These guys are making money on my money. Though it looks like they are legally registered, if they didn’t pay, I wouldn’t even begin to know what to do about collecting my big jackpot.


Double Jackpots for Syndicates

Straight Forwards Site

Clear Rules & Regulations


Only One Lottery Offered

Private Company

Fees on Winnings? gets a thumbs down. When it comes to playing lotteries online, I want to know I’ve got my ticket and I think I like the idea of actually going to claim my big jackpot myself.

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