6 Dumb Lottery Criminals — If You Ever Feel Dumb, Just Remember These People Exist

Dumb Lottery Criminals

It’s everywhere. I guess it’s human nature to try and trick the law. Some manage to do the criminal act and get away with it, whereas others are not that lucky and get caught. In the past, there have been quite a lot of criminals that have been directly or indirectly related to the lottery. These lottery criminals as I like to call them, do not deserve to have any contact with the lottery whatsoever. Why would someone want to trick the lottery operator? Yeah, I know it’s about money, but they can pull their tricks elsewhere. Lotteries are one of the most carefully regulated. One way or another, you’re going to attract a lot of attention. Somebody’s going to start digging up some dirt from your past rather sooner than later. Some of these are borderline legal. In some areas they are illegal. Regardless, let’s take a look at these annoying dumb lottery criminals.

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Leah Sumray – In Jail for Not Showing Up in a Court Hearing

Leah Sumray - Dumb Lottery Criminal

I guess Leah really wanted to go on that family holiday. Meet Leah Sumray, a £1m scratch card winner. She was charged for not appearing in a court session. The reason why she didn’t show up was foolish. That said, she was notified about the court hearing in a timely fashion. Miss Sumray confirmed her attendance, but she forgot about that family trip. The interesting part about this whole situation is that she was a key witness. She had the evidence that might’ve changed the whole court decision. For your information, it was a trial based on assault charges.

The judge was ruthless. Once she appeared in court, she wasn’t charged with jail time, though, she was charged a pitiful £200 administration fee. This is just plain irresponsible. I wish she ended up in jail. At least a night!

Errol Active – A Lottery Winner Convicted of Assault

I mentioned earlier that there are certain people who don’t deserve to be lottery winners. Take for instance Errol Active from Bradford. In 1995 he won £1m. But this didn’t stop Mr. Active to assault his now ex. Sadly, he was charged with £250 only, plus he was to pay the amount of £5 per week. This is hilarious. Domestic violence should be taken a lot more seriously. Fortunately for Errol, the judge gave him a light sentence. Send them to jail. Send all of them! Let them learn the hard way so they never repeat the bad deed, ever again. Lottery should be played by good, kind people. I get nervous when I realize there are these kinds of people who don’t deserve to win. Lady Luck doesn’t consider the character and the past of the player. If only!

Ronnie Music Jr. – Drugs Possession, Weapons Possession

Ronnie Music Jr. - Dumb Lottery Criminal

Our good old buddy here called Ronnie Music Jr. wasn’t creative when he decided to become a criminal. That said, besides being a lottery winner, he decided to run his own drug trafficking operation. He had meth on his premises with the intent to resell it. He also had 10 assault rifles to back his drug trafficking operations. You don’t have to be an expert to know this guy is a criminal. This is not white-collar stuff. This is a street criminal. Ronnie won $3m in the Georgia Lottery. He didn’t owe money, he was rich. Why risk your freedom, your money, and your time for a small amount of drug money? Why?!

Don’t do drugs kids. Also, weapons are bad, very bad.

An Oregon Lady Is Charged for Buying the Winning Ticket with Stolen Card

Her identity is not revealed by the authorities, however, there are people who are rather shortsighted. This lady had the audacity to buy lottery tickets with a stolen credit card. The stupidity is beyond my expectations. I guess Albert Einstein was right when he said that there are only two things that are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and he wasn’t sure about the first one. The credit card belonged to her mother-in-law who passed away a year ago before she won the lottery. The prize amounted to $1m, which to be honest is a hefty cash prize.

This lady took only the 1st installment of the prize of $33,500 and ran away. In the beginning, the lottery officials were confused about why would someone run from money.

Learn your lesson boys and girls. When you’re buying lottery tickets in the local lottery shop make sure you use cash.

Amanda Clayton – She Was Just Plain Dumb

Amanda Clayton - Dumb Lottery Criminal

There are people who just don’t deserve to win. This is criminal 101. Why would anyone do this? Amanda Clayton made history, that’s for sure. Her case was a precedent for many others that might come, how unlikely that is. So what did Amanda do wrong?

Well, I’ll be as straightforward as possible. She stole from the ones who needed the public money the most. Clayton was receiving food stamps, in other words, she was living off of welfare. That’s not a crime, but it is if you don’t report your income to the authorities to stop the welfare funds. She was charged with Welfare Fraud – Failure to Inform, which is punishable by up to 4 years in prison.

Fortunately for Miss Clayton here, this has been the 1st ever case of this kind. Because of her, the DHS had to change its legislation. Now lottery operators must notify the authorities if there are any winners on welfare that have won $1,000 or more. Well, she will be remembered, one way or another. Amanda Clayton will not be remembered as a lottery winner only. Huh, $1m and still collecting welfare.

Patty Bigbee – The Human Trafficker

Patty Bigbee – The Human Trafficker

When it comes to criminals and people undeserving of winning the lottery, few can compare to Patty Bigbee. This regular Florida resident had only two vices in life – an intense passion for the lottery and… well… human trafficking.

Patty’s life changed when she won a Powerball prize of one million dollars. The money, however, was apparently insufficient for the 45-year-old grandma. That’s when she came up with the brilliant idea of selling her grandson on Facebook for 75,000 dollars. You’ve read that correctly – she intended to get rid of the kid via Facebook! Having a trail of bad debt, Patty quickly wasted all of her lottery money. That’s how she came up with the amazing scheme of monetizing an 11-week-old.

There’s one more person to blame in the story and that’s Patty’s daughter. Immediately after giving birth, she left the child with their grandma because she had to move away and pursue a relationship with a man. As we all know, a casual relationship comes on top of taking care of your child every given day of the week.

Because Patty’s plan wasn’t the smartest one on the face of the planet, the cops were eventually called. A trial took place and Patty was sentenced to five years in prison. The sentence came into effect in the summer of 2011. As a result of this entire ordeal, the grandson has now been placed for legal adoption. I really think that’s the best thing to happen in the life of a kid.

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