Drugs and Lotteries Don’t Mix: Highlighting a Truly Dumb Way to Spend Your Jackpot

Drugs and Lotteries Don’t Mix

Every time we think that we’ve seen the dumbest lottery story out there, something new comes up to show us the vastness of human stupidity. As Albert Einstein put it briefly and brilliantly “two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.”

People have done stupid things after winning the lottery jackpot. One of the dumbest ways to waste all the money away is the purchase of drugs. Here are some incredible stories that prove the concept that lotteries and drugs don’t really mix well.

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The Crystal Meth Trafficking Ring

Not only did this lottery winner waste their money on drugs, but they also managed to get themselves arrested in the process.

Ronnie Music Jr. from Georgia became famous after winning 3 million dollars from a scratch card game in 2015. Instead of doing something with his life, our dear friend Ronnie decided to increase his price in a criminal way. He invested a large sum in crystal meth and attempted to set up a drug trafficking ring in his home state.

In time, other members of the drug distribution network were arrested and the police eventually knocked on Ronnie’s door. After his arrest, investigators came into the possession of crystal meth worth more than 1 million dollars.

In 2017, Ronnie was sentenced to 21 years in prison. And all of that happened after he told the press that he planned to save the money from his lottery win…

Getting Her Man Out of Jail

Marie Holmes is another lottery winner who has drugs playing a serious role in her life.

In 2015, Holmes won a lump sum Powerball jackpot of 127 million dollars. Many saw the millions as an opportunity for the single mom of four. Little did society believe that Marie wasn’t that concerned about the future of her children when she came into possession of the cash.

In July of the same year, Holmes was arrested on drug charges. This happened after she used several million to bail her fiancé out of jail. What was he arrested for? You guessed it – drug dealing charges!

The fiancé, known by the artistic name of Hot Sauce, was arrested for the third time over the course of 11 months. When asked about Marie’s decision to bail him out of jail using her lottery prize, Hot Sauce said that standing by her man was the right thing to do.

Marie may be trying to turn her life and her fortune around right now. Her attorney told CBS North Carolina that the single mom had donated 700,000 dollars from her Powerball jackpot to the local church.

A Coke Dealer’s Dream

At the age of 25, Dan Carley celebrated his 5 million lottery prize with friends and family. Little did his loved ones know at the time that Dan would eventually be sentenced to prison for coke trafficking.

Over the years, Dan made a series of poor investments with his millions. The situation was aggravated even further by the fact that Dan was a drug addict. The Ontario native who won from a scratch ticket lost nearly half of the cash within 3 years of winning. His addiction grew stronger and various people tried to take advantage of Dan in that state.

Eventually, Dan tried to make amends for the bad thing he had done. Ever since getting arrested, he’s been involved in volunteering and attempting to turn his life around. In the summer of 2016, Dan was sentenced to 2.5 years. Hopefully, after coming out of prison, Dan would manage to start a brand new life. Wishing him good luck!

The Unluckiest Lottery Winner Alive

This next story sounds like a bad comedy scenario, but we assure you that it’s authentic. This is just the proof needed to claim that real life is often stranger than fiction.

In 2013, a 23-year-old anonymous man won 75,000 dollars from a scratch ticket lottery in Wichita. Immediately, he had a plan. He collected the cash and quickly went to buy both marijuana and methamphetamines in large quantities.

Going home, our hero decided to reload his butane lighter. Nothing exciting about this decision, you may think, but you’re wrong. Potentially under the influence of drugs, our winner attempted to do so right next to the gas stove.

The good news is that the young lottery winner survived the explosion. The bad news is that firefighters and policemen found the drugs (still intact after the fire) in his home. As soon as the young pyrotechnician got out of the hospital, he was placed in jail for drug possession.

Drugs Will Make You Lose (Literally)

The final story isn’t related to a lottery prize spent on drugs per se, but illegal substances are still in the picture.

In the fall of 2016, a woman from Illinois called Tykisha Lofton bought a lottery ticket that eventually granted her a prize worth 50,000 dollars. So far so good, you may think, but the story gets uglier.

Police found the lottery ticket in Tykisha’s home after carrying out a raid. They busted her boyfriend who was later on sentenced to drug dealing. Tykisha was present at home while the raid was taking place, but she told the police that she had no idea about her boyfriend’s illegal activities.

The prize claim was already made at the time that the police investigators raided Tykisha’s home.

While our lucky winner told police that she used money earned through babysitting to buy the lucky winner, investigators believed that it was acquired with drug money. As a result, the court ruled out that Tykisha would not be handed any of the money that she was supposed to win.

The lesson here is simple, kid, if you plan to win the lottery, you better invest the funds in something smart (and legal). Apparently, drug dealers get caught sooner or later and they’re bound to waste all of the money acquired through the lottery win. Increasing the price legally may take some time, but at least the risk of going to jail is non-existent.

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