Surprise, I Lied to You! This Video Reveal Will Make Your Jaw Drop!

Father revealed his lottery win to sons

Creative Way to Reveal Your Lottery Win to Family

Lottery fans have always dreamed of what they would do if they won the lottery. Some even fantasize about how they would reveal the incredible windfall to their loved ones.

Back in 2011, Poul Hjortbol from Denmark won 15 million kroner (approximately USD 2.7 million). Instead of keeping the news from his two teenage boys, he sets the boys down for what appears to be a quaint celebration dinner.

The video starts with a bit of alarming news, as he tells his boys that he quick his job and, understandably so, the boys are a bit shocked to hear the news. A few moments later, Poul explains that he has won a bit of money and proceeds to give the boys a few gifts—5000 kroner (USD 900) and a new Apple iPad, each. Of course, the boys are ecstatic and in utter disbelief; one keeps repeating “oh my god” at one point. When they ask how much Poul has won, he says, has only won about 200,000 kroner (USD 35,000).

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Of course, this news sparks some excitement, but three minutes later after he and his teenage sons have a bit of celebratory champagne, Poul reveals that he has something more to tell them. He admits that he has lied to them. After a momentary pause, he reveals that he has won more money. When one of the boys asks how much, he says he has won over a million (kroner).

So it is no surprise when the boys can barely contain themselves when Poul hands them another 5000kr for themselves and then throws two more stacks of cash equaling 50,000kr (USD 9,000) on the table, stating that they will go shopping the following day!

The Big Reveal

Another minute passes and the boys are back in their seats. Poul is still calmly sitting opposing them, and he is not done yet! He tells them that the winnings are a lot more than a million kroner. Instead of telling the boys how much he won, he hands them what may be an award letter. When they scan the paper, they read in disbelief that the amount is a whopping 15 million kroner (USD 2.7 million).

The video was taken in 2011 and has only recently been uploaded to the internet. When he is asked how he feels seeing how overjoyed his children are, he says he still gets goosebumps on his arms when he views the now-viral video.

Life After Lottery

After such a suspenseful reveal, you may wonder why the public is only now learning of the video and the win. When Poul first won, the 50-year-old middle manager decided to keep things quiet. However, now he is featured in a Danish book, Tænk – Jeg Vandt (Think – I won) by Ole Stephensen. The book details the lives of several Danish lottery winners, and Poul is one of the stories.

Taenk – Jeg Vandt (Think – I won) by Ole Stephensen

Since winning the lottery, Poul has invested some of his winnings into a Danish website, but he has since declined to comment further.

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