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With all the different options available in where to play lotteries online, it’s important to look at what makes sites different. PlayHugeLottos makes a difference with some of its cool options. It’s not just a site to find those big international jackpots but also some ways to make play more comfortable for serious lottery players, including discounts and added value. So, what makes them different?

Learn more about PlayHugeLottos in our review’s Intelliplay

Some players only like to jump on the bandwagon when jackpots start to grow. PlayHugeLotto’s ‘Intelliplay’ lets players set up their automatic entries to occur when they want. It can be based on a specific amount of rollovers or when a jackpot gets to a certain level. Their system will automatically purchase your ticket whether it is your favorite number or a quick pick. What a way not to miss some of those gigantic jackpots available.’s Intelliplay

Bundle at

Sometimes it’s hard to decide which lotteries to play and/or playing a variety can add up in cost. offers three ways to ‘Bundle’ quick pick entries for some of the biggest lottery games available. These bundles are discounted depending on how many weeks or months a player subscribes. They do not accumulate LottoPoints (more on that shortly) as they are discounted already. A player’s ‘Bundle’ can be for one week, a month, 3 months, 6 months, or a year.

Bundle at
The ‘Standard Bundle’ includes 1 EuroJackpot, 2 Mega Sena, 3 France Loto, 2 SuperLotto Plus, 1 El Gordo, 1 Oz Powerball, 1 Oz Lotto, 3 SuperEnaLotto, 2 US Mega Millions, 2 US Powerball, 2 EuroMillions, and 2 UK Lottery. That’s a whole lot of games all packaged up together for one week of lottery play for a cool cost of £63.00. Players save £6.80. The longer a player subscribes, the more that is saved!’s ‘Big 5’ include 1 EuroJackpot, 2 EuroMillions, 3 SuperEnaLotto, 2 US Mega Millions, and 2 US Powerball for a cool cost of £33.00 per week. Take this option for 4 weeks, and it is only £125.00.

The ‘Super 7’ at allows players to bundle their own choices which include all the games in the ‘Standard Bundle.’ Simply choose the seven lottery games you’d like to play and then how long you’d like to play them.’s Rapid Play

Rapid Play is a great quick way to ensure that your choice of numbers is entered in your choice of draws over and over again. It has been suggested by many, that this increases the odds of winning. It would also be a real drag if a player missed one game and that’s when his/her favorite numbers came up. Just click on the ‘Rapid Play’ game that you want and whether it’s one week or one month. It’s fast and simple to get your online lottery tickets.’s Rapid Play

What About Extra Numbers

One of the systems that people seem to agree on increases the odds of winning is using combinations. makes this even easier to do. Just click on the game you want to play, pick your numbers and then decide how many extra numbers you want. It will automatically calculate the different combinations. Most of the various lotteries automatically come up with 6 ticket line combinations which can be expanded to include more.’s Extra Numbers

Tell a Friend at

One way to play even more for less is’s referral program. It’s pretty straightforward. Simply type in your friend’s name and email address, and they will receive an email from The first time any of your friends initiates their first cash transaction, you get a thank you email and five free SuperEnaLotto entries.

Tell a Friend at

Hang on – What about LottoPoints also has a reward system for regular players. Play any of the lotteries (excluding Bundle) they offer online and earn ‘LottoPoints’ for each ticket line. Though different lotteries accumulate different ‘LottoPoints’ they seem to average that after purchasing 8 ticket lines, a player hits silver and can redeem points for free tickets. Points accumulate over 30 days with multiple tiers (basic, silver, gold, platinum, and diamond) that offer free tickets for decreasing amounts of points the higher you get. Each time a tier threshold is achieved, the 30-day period resets itself for you to get your free tickets.'s LottoPoints – The Bottom Line has moved to the front of the line with the different services that it offers to players. Its website is easy to move around and find answers and play lotteries online. I particularly like the Intelliplay that allows players who don’t want to play all time, to make sure they don’t miss out on those mega jackpots!

  1. I wanted to cash in a small amount of winnings and was told I had to provide scans of documents and a photo of me holding something such as a driving licence with my photo on it.
    I do not want to provide personal and confidential information but I was told that rule 6.2.2 stated I had to.
    I have searched their web site and cannot find any reference to such a rule or any reference I have to provide such information before the winnings are paid

    • Dear Jack,

      Thank you for your comment!

      We may request that our customers supply us with certain information in order to ensure the recipient of a payment made is indeed the same person as the account holder on the website. This is part of our diligent work against fraud and money-laundering, which is in our customers’ best interest.

      If you would like to review this, you may have a look at section 7.1.1, as well as section 3.3, in our Terms and Conditions where we mention our verification process.

      You may also speak to any of our customer service representatives in case there’s any continued concern which we can help address.

      Best of luck with your future entries, and congratulations on your win!

      Emma –


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