The Striking Similarities between Being a Champion and a Lottery Player

The Striking Similarities between Being a Champion and a Lottery Player

Just by Playing the Lottery You Become a Champion

Being a champion of any kind certainly feels good. The recognition people give you, assures you are doing the right thing the right way. A pat on the back not because you’re feeling down, but because you actually achieved something feels as if you’ve won millions of dollars. While we’re at it, how about winning millions, getting a pat on the back and feeling like a champion? The combination certainly looks overwhelming. It is! Being a champion and a lottery is rather similar even without winning millions. People who have the slightest idea about lottery and what it takes to become a winning lottery player will appreciate you. Then again, there are those who will undermine your success whenever they have the chance, but that’s a story we’ll tell in another occasion. For the time being, let’s take a look what are the similarities between being a champion and a lottery player.

Both Have Faith and Are Determined to Succeed

The definition of the word “champion” is a victor in a challenge, contest or a competition of any kind. It doesn’t matter if the competition involves physical activities, mental pressure, knowledge or anything else you can think of as long as there’s a competition. To put this in lottery terms, lottery players compete with the random number generator. The odds are not in the player’s favor that’s for sure. This just makes the challenge that more attractive.

Both champions and lottery players are in a position where having faith is mandatory, faith as in believing in themselves that they can succeed. Even after failing again and again, I never thought of quitting. I consider myself as a champion as today I win on more occasions than I did several years ago. It’s the first prize that keeps me going forward. The story of a champion and lottery make the journey significant and valuable. The destination is just the reward that rightfully belongs to the victors. The journey is much more valuable. How I struggled to increase my odds of winning and perfect my number combinations bringing them as close as possible to the optimum.

Both Lottery Players and Champions Don’t Actually Know if They Will Reach Their Destination

You see I like puzzles because I know there’s a solution. I like crosswords, Sudoku, solving puzzles of any kind because I know there’s a solution. Whenever I find myself struggling to find the answer I remind myself that there must be a way, I just can’t see it yet. However, playing the lottery is not a puzzle per se. I don’t know if this week’s draw will be solved. As a matter of fact, it can’t be solved as the solution changes with every drawn number.

The same applies to their counterparts. Say for example a marathon runner. One marathon is approximately 27 miles long or roughly 43km. Do you have any idea how long this distance actually is? I took this as an example since I’m preparing for a half a marathon. It’s excruciating! The worst part is I’m not even sure I will reach the finish line, the destination. Then again, playing the lottery is not physically demanding, but mentally it is. Once again, as a lottery player I can’t rely on the fact that I will win. Instead, I think that I CAN win. Marathon runners start the race with the same thought, I can finish the race, but they’re not for certain.

True Champions Don’t Show Off – Down to Earth

For the most part this is true for some of the lottery players. Jackpot winners just can’t get away from the media’s attention, but those who win large secondary prizes usually remain down to earth. Humility is the feature both champions and lottery players share. Being humble is a virtue only self-sufficient people have. Lottery players clearly fall in this category as they share the joy and the happiness with their closest friends and family members and when they lose, they pat give each other a pat on the shoulder and they move on.

It’s more difficult to remain calm while I’m at my best with a winning ticket in my hands than it is when I’m on a losing spree. Let’s say Bill Gates is a champion. He is and you can’t deny that. Have you ever seen him bragging about his wealth? No. And he will never do it.

Lottery Players Are the Champions by Default – One of Kind Champions

Just by playing the lottery you become a champion, in a way. Well, don’t take this literally since everything is relative. But, this is a huge but. By embarking on this voyage full with uncertainty and mixed emotions the title of champions is granted to them. When I meet a fellow lottery player I immediately have a positive opinion about them. My expectations can change 180 just because they’re playing the lottery. Why? Because they have no expectations yet they hope for the best. It’s confusing, I know, but once you make the distinction between expectations and hope you’ll realize what I’m talking about. As I mention earlier, the journey is what matters, not the destination. It sounds poetic and in a way romantic. They’re moments when I’m left with bare hands, but the excitement makes me feel like a winner, ergo I’m a champion.

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